Ask the ex-stacey-roastie anything

ask the ex-stacey-roastie anything

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What does that even mean and how does one become an "ex-stacey-roastie"?

She's a different person now user, her past doesn't matter.

i wasnt riding that many dicks to be a roastie and i also was dumb enough to be stacey.

What would it take to make you mine?

Wanna fuck ? im 193cm tall

i dont want to be owned. im too depressed to care about other people
height doesnt matter, i fucked smaller guys too. they just got to be charming

Once a pig is cooked, it's cooked.

i dont even understand this. originally of course.

For fucks sake you're fucking dumb.
Once a roastie, always a toastie, there's no such a thing as an "ex roastie". You're a slut and there's no coming back, simple as that. You can't un-roast yourself.

where are you from?
to make this original i shall ask where do you live

why are you here? why are you even still alive? do us all a favor and leave. neck yourself too

Did you have some disfiguring accident or fall on your head and an idiot now?

why do your kind bully random shy people for no reason

so you're some post-wall used up ho? how about you do the world a service and fuck some 25+ virgins

yeah, probably. i used the word 'ex' meaning that i dont do that anymore. i dont doubt that im a whore. i know what i am
central europe.
>why are you here?
because i'm very bored with my life right now and i like attention.
>why are you even still alive?
i dont really know. i dont have a reason to live
>do us all a favor and leave.
it wouldnt change anything. one whore more or less, who cares. we'll always be around.
>neck yourself too
im already planning thanks

nope. i have 138iq. checked in mensa
lack of self-confidence. we fake being cool so we people admire us.
i cant fuck anymore. sex grosses me out a lot

>i cant fuck anymore. sex grosses me out a lot
wow you're even more useless than i originally thought, im impressed

>nope. i have 138iq. checked in mensa

Wait mensa estimate your iq? I thought they didn't but just checked if yours was above 140.

you guys are fucking retarded, its your fault shes here, cause you beta boys keep replying to this whore

Nope, your past and what you've done defines who you are

yeah, i know. i cant even work anymore. i just dont do anything at all.
yeah they do some tests here where i live few times a year

>yeah, i know. i cant even work anymore. i just dont do anything at all.
how many times have you had a dick in your ass?

3 or 4 times. all with the same dick though

central europe, that must be poland lol

nope. but i would visit poland definitely.

You must be a germoid or an austrian, am I right?

>nope. i have 138iq. checked in mensa
Then maybe you never were a stacy or a roastie but some girl that liked to fuck. You know a promiscuous girl but you can never resign from that, you can stop fucking but the first time you fuck again the meter is running.

Maybe he's simply lying.

Have you settled down with a nice beta bf yet

Look user. If any of us want to have sex it will be with a whore. Thats just life but the good thing is whores are easy so long as you don't try to reform the whore.

>ask the ex-stacey-roastie anything
Do you have an amazon wishlist

She settles down because she is ready :^)

How many times have you swallowed a thick, creamy load, you mentally ill degenerate?

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thanks that makes me feel better


Don't take anything these degenerates say seriously. Dont kys. Most of them are probably good people but just a bit fed up with society. They do make amazing memes though.

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What's your opinion on orbiting and can we orbit you?

Well, user. The truth is the following: The truth is too harsh for people to comprehend.
The actual truth of this world is the following: the only way to actually see the truth is to embrace exceptionalism.
Exceptionalism is the one and only Philosophy that defeats Nihilism in the open field.
But there is no way to study it.
No Philosophers to learn it from.
By definition.

And knowing this final ultimate truth I will just say the following.
RoastOp was Never going to kill herself. She is just going to go and get some fucking desperate guy who is alone and wants a gf and get herself knocked up.
After a few years it will stop mattering. As love fades after a while anyway. Honor and Love are delusions we chase because they are beautiful. But at the end of the day you are best off with someone who you can stand spending the rest of your life with.
The rest will work itself out. The idea that women Pairbond with their Partner is naive and idealistic. But it is just not what happens

lol fucking disgusting whore... why havent you killed yourself yet?

Why don't you filthy Slavniggers get the fuck out of my Japanese-American board?