This guy could get laid while you're still a virgin

>this guy could get laid while you're still a virgin

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Isn't he like a millionaire

Well at lease he will be once Jow Forums pays up.

nobody wants to be born like that, this is selfish as fuck. you don't have to be an antinatalist to understand how fucked this is. jesus christ I hate this world

This should be illegal, those kids are a burden on society,

all mongolids should just die out slowly without kids,

They are short not retarded. Dwarves actually use less resources.

I bet I could fuck a midget too.

>those kids are a burden on society,

No they're not, they were born into wealth.

They are like pugs, horribly deformed and living a relatively shit life, but they still have an urge to breed and people allow and encourage it.
They use less resources but produce less resources. Cam a midget do anything as effectively than an average sized person?

Put some respect on Willow Ufgood's name you cunts.

They look genuinely happy to me. Maybe you're an ignorant ableist who doesn't have any experience around disabled people because many of them are happier, kinder, more intelligent, socially healthier and better than us in every way.

Has it occurred to you that the wealthy are often a burden to society? That maybe their net worth in dollars is not actually proportional to what they've added to society? The contribution to the good of mankind by self-made millionaires would be replaced by the work of someone equally smart, ambitious, hardworking etc. if they never existed. Then they pass down the fruit of their labors to kids that just consume and consume while adding little to the system they leech off of. I'm not even really socialist, but it's obvious that the richest people really don't deserve everything they own.

even if they are happy they're intentionally passing on diseases. I'm not saying I'm perfect/that they shouldn't, I just question this

hopefully they do meaningful charity/investment work then

yeah with status you fucking retard. Do you see other midget fucks in the same scenario.
>Inb4 post peter dinklage
yeah another midge with status, and last time I checked he was pretty blackpilled with one of his comments

how hard to you think dwarves judge shorter dwarves? do you guys think its more or less than normal people?

He's an actor, he's rich you idiot. He's also with another midget, a significantly more limited pool of people.

he has a midget wife and still isn't taller than her

is warwick jacked? hes about to bust out of his shirt it looks like

just how midgets his height are like. Their stature being that small is the causation of the appearance.

>Cam a midget do anything as effectively than an average sized person?
Physical labour? Nah, but in todays age, which of your nerds actually does any? lol

used to live in the same apartment complex as a midge. would see him at the gym a few times a week. one night he was balancing on a medicine ball and slipped an just wiped out. it took all i had to walk nonchalantly out of sight of the gym's windowed wall/entrance and almost cried laughing. poor bastard

I would burst in laughter on the spot

it was close. i usually just side eyed him while walking past the gym and while i couldnt help whipping my head around to react to his fall i barely held it in together. also checked

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>they're intentionally passing on diseases.
so did your parents. what's your point genetic waste boy?

he found someone like him, find me someone like me, please

Through embryo selection in fertility clinics, it may be possible soon for such people to have children all their own without the genetic disorders they have. I have a genetic disorder that's likely due to a mutation of a single gene which could be very easily screened for in a fertility clinic before an embryo is implanted. You'll also be able to screen for high intelligence and pretty much any other trait that is genetic.

Remember, this is what they mean when they say a pizza can feed a family of four.

I'd love to kick Warwick Davis in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the full force of my steel capped toe under his chin, send that little faggot flying through the air.

As he lies on the floor, coughing and wheezing and chocking on his own blood, his jaw a mangled mess of bones detached from the rest of his skull, I stand over him and laugh wickedly. He looks up at me in fear and pain, his eyes searching, begging me for mercy. He finds none. I raise my boot then stomp down, splitting his skull like a melon and finally ending his pathetic life.