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Autist Bingo

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can I get a blank one?

OP here, these are my results.

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That's literally the blank one in the OP you retard.

then why the fuck are half of the boxes red

he means blank board you auts

Eh whatever; you can see all of the answers/text.

Guess I'm a retard (autism related)

Based aphex twins

an unused version because OP is clearly an ignoramus

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I do listen to far more Squarepusher/Tom Jenkinson, not much Aphex but his logo is far more recognizable (Just wanted to represent IDM in some way; not keen on basic stereotypical middle schooler EDM shite)

doube bingo bitch

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>Doesn't fap to non-live action porn

>Is a furry or fap to furries

huh? explain that?

(pic related, she is a semen demon/waifu material)

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This shit's fucking rigged wtf

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Mucho thanko anono.

>being against a cause that started america's fall is considered autistic
guess we spergs are smart and logical afterall

only uno bingo

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shit forgot to post mine, here ya go faggots

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Boy am I a loser

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Behold my triple bingo.

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I'm garbage at this game.

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I've noticed that female autists/spergs are hardcore SJWs/Leftists (MtF Trans autists aswell)

Gay/Bisexual/Queer autist males are mostly anorexic musty emo-raver-furry SJW/Leftist types with a vocal minority of hardcore neo-nazis/lolbertarians who drop LGBT identity politics in favor of edgelord right wing views.)

Why is it that hetero autists/spergs are almost made up of people unanimously right wing MRA types [And more extreme ones being PUAs/Incel/Redpillers?]

I have a gf and I'm actually autistic.

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the absolutely original BINGO!

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That was close! omg

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I managed to avoid getting a bingo

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Fuck, Not being a brony saved me

Fuck the feminism question though, that's retarded. Might as well make that a free space

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BINGO! got so many fucking close calls too. what the fuck even am i.

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On that note: straight male spergs/autists back in the day used to be disproportionately liberal/leftist/progressive (pre-obama years) and libertarian: but somehow the majority of them shifted towards the right wing. Obama's presidency was the beginning of the transition, and by the mid-10's were more supportive of boomer-grade republicanism than any sort of left wing politics whatsoever.

Like seriously: all the edgy spergy atheists (anonymous and Jow Forums included) were vigorously obsessively hateful towards/trolling and lolcowing republicans, bush, christians, etc more than anyone from before '09-ish. Remember the landover baptist church? They were all strongly supportive of democrats/liberals, even the autist libertarians were at least somewhat supportive of the left or at least considered them the lesser of the two evils of dems/reps.

SJWs/Feminists were kinda disliked/hated but were a second thought compared to the entire right wing by the weaponized autist internet types. They all were sorta irritated by hillary clinton and al gore but never bothered campaigning/fucking with those types unless the PC liberals tried to confront/provoke them.

>tfw I'm a moderately left wing sperg

>straight male spergs/autists back in the day used to be disproportionately liberal/leftist/progressive

Why does this line get repeated everytime?
I remember being on /b/ when I was younger and never during that time was /b/ in anyway talking about how much they fucking loved the Clintons
Nor do I remember old Newground ever going about how much they love progressiveness

Shitting on Right-winger American Politics doesn't make you a liberal, stupid

If you had to choose one - would you rather be a furfag or a brony? (Neither ain't an option - choose one of the two.)

As a mid-20's sperg; I was an extremely lowkey/hidden closet weeb/furfag for over decade - didn't open up about liking anime till like 2013 - but I told my friends/coworkers was just into the 'substantial/non pervy stuff' and only told people here and there about it that I like those things casually: then I straight up went out of the weeb closet as soon as normies making loli/waifu/hentai jokes and wearing ahegao hoodies became standard/accepted as of late.

I did out myself as being a furry very few times to some of my friends IRL this year. Car Seat Headrest and the normalization progress of furfaggotry that's been taking place since 2018 (starting with 'ironic' OwO/UwU/Bulge jokes) have admittedly made myself more open/revealing to my power levels.

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>all liberals love Clinton

Are you retarded

I'd kill myself
but if the option was taken away I'd be a brony, just on the simple fact that I've watched the show before and it's fine I guess

I fucking despise all fur faggotry, this shit has ruined the porn games genre, it's ruined all my favorite fucking MMO's too
I can't google a picture of anything without seeing some 0 iq retards shitty fucking fursona drawing
And the worst part is that it's a self-continuing ideology that continues to grow with an endless amount of cash behind it, So it continues to fester and corrupt everything I love

Furryism has ruined my perception of Human

Monster girls are garbage too

I hate all of it

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My point being:The Clintons/SJWs/Politically correct soccer mom dems were def disliked/hated but not nearly to the same extent towards the entirety of the right.

The majority of straight male 4channy autist types of the old days were more or less anti-pc/censorship progressives who were still strongly liberal economically/socially but 'told things how they were' without regards to feelings/apeasing those they defended even - similar to that of old school leftist punks of the 80's who threw around slurs like nigger/bitch/slut/retard for edgy/shock value or to get across their liberal politics without having others emotions in mind; despite having pro-social left intentions.

wew, had some close calls there. Good thing I don't watch anime or listen to dubstep

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Guess I'm a bigger loser than I thought

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Sort of close I guess.

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How the fuck can you be anti-pc but still be a liberal economically and socially?

The whole point of being a liberal economically is the belief that everyone deserves free shit, and gibs are good.
FBI crime stats on blacks have been passed around on Jow Forums since Day 1, and posting watermelon and grape soda memes have been a tradition. So how the fuck can Jow Forums types be economically liberal?

Giganigga is literally my oldest picture

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>Haven't visited this board in half a year after becoming a cyborg
btw is this board still infested with tranny shit or did it finally die out after reiko

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This is original you faggot bot

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The racism was primarily for shock value/edginess factor and milking lulz by those offended: just wasn't (commonly) sincere aside from Jow Forums - and admittedly alot of it was by apathetic/nihilistic /b/tards who didn't stand by any party too.

Now unironic/legit racism and fashiness have spread EVERYWHERE outside Jow Forums's containment thanks to the trump campaign

Thank you for declaring just how new you are. Before the now-defunct /new/ board racism on Jow Forums was mostly ironic. We literally went out of our way to fuck with right-wing radio hosts, for fucks sake. Then when pretending to be nazi was the best way to be edgy, they started needing a containment board. Then retards like you got internet access and it stopped being a joke.

I match all but 3 of these and im not autistic
Or am i

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>Muh shock value
Who were they fucking shocking? The people who wanted to shock /b/ back in the early days posted gore and CP for shock value, not butter baby shit like crime stats, those were posted as matter of fact posts

stop trying to rewrite history to match your weird fucking head canon

Well, I guess I'm ok

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Interestingly enough: I recall Glenn Beck renouncing the right and his conservative politics a few years back sometime after he lost relevance. Dude's vigorously anti-trump now.

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I just remembered that before Beck had his show on Fox News: he was on CNN before that.

Was he a liberal during the CNN days?

No you didn't you gay faggot larper
WE went around on Emo dating sites and posted gore and WE went on chatrooms for mentally disturbed people and spammed it with stupid memes making fun of them

And that's shit you won't find on Dramatica or Know your meemee because it came from the Daily Raid Thread

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i'm not that bad off, this thread really makes me feel good about myself
also, there are weeks where i don't fap at all, and there are weeks where i exercise regularly for the whole week

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>managing to avoid 4 different connect-5s by just one space each

close one thank god

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Lookit these fags skirting the bingo.

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I stopped going to gym about 3 months ago and I lost weight from not eating properly.

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its me the guy youre replying to, i am far right winging but not "nazi level" i was always bullied in school by leftists and raised by christian parents my hate for liberals grew over time and here i am

Lmao, nice.

I have all of those but not 5 I don't know if i should be proud or disgusted with myself

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I never win anything in life
fucking hell

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I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed in myself.

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I may be a fucking loser, but at least I'm not a degenerate furfag.

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You should be proud.
My results

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guess who got a bingo boys

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3 tines per week
Nigga I rub 3 out every am

Low bar if anything

I actually have autism and I'll probably lose my virginity next week to my practice girlfriend so a few of these won't be checked soon.

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> all red is mine

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Wow, I sure do wanna die! (but barely missed the bingo :(

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some of these are kind of nuanced in appliance to me so i'll go over them so i don't look like such a faggot
>few irl friends
i have one i meet up with every few months whom i saw death grips with recently
>am atheist and argue
agnostic and engage in open-minded debate
>listen to edm
i only like a few electronic artists such as goreshit, aphex twin, oneohtrix point never, camellia, t-pazolite, etc

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Not too bad no bingo at least

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I got two bingos. :(

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Linux is a clap in my book and how is modern feminism not autistic? comics, manga and figurines are high forms of art, this board needs some fixing

I actually thought I was worst than this

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What's wrong with Linux?

Only one bingo here.

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The irony is that I am actually diagnosed with a form of autism.

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Not a single bingo. That's a nice change of pace.

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I have fapped to hentai before, and some questionably furry material as well, but that's not really something I do on the regular. I actually used to only jerk off once a week, and almost never watch porn, but working out made my sex drive go up.

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>similar to that of old school leftist punks of the 80's who threw around slurs like nigger/bitch/slut/retard for edgy/shock value

That's one of the reasons the media looks so stupid when they categorically say everyone on here is a nazi. There are those who believe in racism/nazism, those who want to get a response because they're generally discontent politically and so act edgy/racist, and those who do it because they simply think it's fun.

And there's no way to quantify who belongs to which group on here. I heard the reason Sid Vicious wore a swastika is because he and people like him were sick of the WWII generation going on about how they fought the Nazis and wearing that shirt was his way of telling them to shut the fuck up. He was depressed and angry and the older generation were using WWII to dismiss how he felt so that's how he hit back.

You see that with the National Bolsheviks in Russia too. They're not Nazis but their flag looks like they are. It's really about getting a response since they're angry with the current state of politics in their country.

So there's a legit political reason for acting like a racist asshole that has nothing to do with racism. I think that's what's happening a lot of the time on here.

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Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "modern feminism". If you mean stuff like the belief that abortion should be covered by tax money and the #metoo movement, then I'd say I'm against modern feminism. I still think that women should have the same rights as men have, though.



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Ironically, I'm an autist but I've always been right-wing to some extent. I had a slightly more libertarian phase but not very much compared to a lot of people.
Since then, my economic views have shifted far to the left, whereas my social views have gone farther right.

fuck me, I can't win on the autist retard bingo, the stacy/fembot bingo or the chad bingo
what do you do when you don't fit anywhere?

Not an autistic faggot, clearly

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Is this bingo for lonely young people???

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thinking of killing myself soon so the world would have one less of me around

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So fucking close to bingo but I dont know shit about Linux beyond basic use, and spend most my free time doing house chores so I dont get kicked out

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Triple bingo. Being a brony really screwed me over.

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Fugg idk how I didn't get bingo. And why do robots not shower or shave? I prefer feeling clean to feeling physically disgusting and it's a pleasurable experience

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hm i guess im ok

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if only you weren't a horsefucker...


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>Didn't get a full line in autistic faggot bingo
I see this as an absolute win! :)

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>all these non-virgins on MY virgin board.

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I missed the mark twice because I'm not mentally deficient, but instead bitter and angry

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Kek, almost got everything too.

I blame the straight white male talking point. Talk about how easy they have it over and over and over again and eventually you're bound to piss off that group of autistic straight white males who have had it anything but easy.

Dodging bullets like i'm in the fucking matrix

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Looks like I am normalfag now

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>Against modern feminism makes you an autistic faggot
Take your pilpul somewhere else

I fap to Mlp shit, breifly watched it but didn't like it much and don't watch the show anymore. Does this count as Horsefucker? i guess so

Also i can't really imagine NOT being bullied in school. everyone beyond chad was bullied at least a bit right?