What happened to the modern man

what happened to the modern man

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I no longer have any joy left in me. You destroyed it. The last piece of me that could experience happiness is gone forever. I am now left to wander the Earth in complete agony for the rest of my life.

Im not watching it. What have you seen user?

Atrazine in the water turning the frogs gay

>What have you seen user?

An actually quite passable tranny squeezing hardboiled eggs out of her(his) ass then eating them

There's worse desu

Might try this lol. I'm not gay but it seems like fun

too much masculinity because of gender roles so men are going full circle instead of expressing themselves in healthy ways

>what happened to the modern man
the internet

this but unironicalIy and originalIy

I used to do the same thing with that and liquid cornstarch lmao

>what happened to the modern man
chemicals in the water

originally jews

>what happened to the modern man

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Promises of a bright future were given during my upbringing, instead all I got was loneliness and depression.

I still have hope, but who wants a boring social retard for a bf?

are you blind user? it looks like a man with makeup caked on that somehow still manage to look like a man even with a filter and clown makeup

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His body and his face makes him look like he plays football and is very good at it.

May I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Very funny. And original.

you know you didn't have to post that here. but you did, and my life is now considerably worse than it was before i saw that.

>what happened to the modern (WHITE) man?

He's like a gay cannibal chicken laying eggs

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Oh yeah, and it should also thrown into a vat of sulfiric acid