police knocking on my door i've done my time
wake me up at 7 just to fuck with my grind

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don't feel right at all, been annoying my only friend a lot recently.

any tips?

I would like a cheese and banana sandwich thanks

lets talk books

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anybody into crypto?

Popped 5 pills and about to smoke a nice doobie, hope I don't forget me fish fingers

nevermind, paint fucked up my epic rotate

you know there's a board dedicated to books right?

I read biff and chip once
>tfw still too lazy to read whatever

Came last at ghetto golf
Now at spoons
Really want to go home but trains have stopped and I can't afford an Uber
Just got to stay out until someone wants to go home
I think they want to go clubbing

anyone wanna be in my gang?

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@discord you cunts

You in Birmingham you say? And clubs still runnin all night today? mental

>25-28 year old women books
Heat magazine

>16 year old girl books
Complete works of Shakespeare

Lightning flash hurt my eyes :(

anybody worked abroad? currently doing helpdesk but I would like to get out experience the sun even bar work to help be more social

Your mum flashed me last night. That too, hurt my eyes.

>25-28 year old women tourist destinations

>16 year old girl tourist attractions
>Great pyramid of Giza
>Great wall of China

Ah that sucks, I thought you would have been good at golf tbf
Can't you walk home I don't think it's that far
Clubbing on a tuesday is gonna be grim afk

>25-28 year old women books

>16 year old girl books
what's a book? *checks snapchat*

not him but:
1. Yes and that board is filled with Jow Forums shitposting
2. This is /britfeel/ and people can talk about whatever they want

I hit my boob with the door frame :(

fraid not lad but that's my lifetime ambition too desu. Move somewhere lovely and sunny like spain or idk Malta

hear they're a bit racist in malta tho

you forgot
>my dong

>20 plus year old women cunt
>16 year old cunt

you got nice bobs b

12 year old cunt

why settle?

>25-28 year old women cuisine
Pizza hut

>16 year old girl cuisine
Home made lasagne
Home made scones
Home made baguettes
Home made casserole

I wouldn't if not for the law

Anyone remember toy story racer on the ps1?

>25-28 year old women pregnancy

>16 year old girl pregnancy
Folic acid supplements
Antenatal classes
Ultrasound scans

too tight, too bloody and no tits to free

the /britfeel/ nonce nest isn't even trying to be subtle anymore

Yes, cracking game. Went round a mates house for a sleepover and played it all night

>that board is filled with Jow Forums shitposting
Haven't been on /lit/ for years but that's sad to learn

I bet half those shitposts are you ya dirty nonce

I could walk home but it would be a long the canal and that's spooky af especially if LenLad is about

shippy's going off the rails now lads

>25-28 year old women television
X factor

>16 year old girl television
The sky at night
Geographic documentaries
News and weather

I'm not a wrong 'un, I'm Craig

How long on hrt?
You'll learn soon

I'm meant to be going to sleep but I'm just having so much fun forcing this new meme

Used to play the battle mode with me sisters all the time used to love the cinema level
Really good forgotten Kart racer and licenced too

don't listen to him he gets triggered by Peterson threads

>25-28 year old women beverages
Sweet white wine
Bacardi breezer

>16 year old girl beverages
Green tea
Cranberry juice
Fruit smoothie

ah fair enough best of luck with that.

Just out of uni so might be the best time I get to say fuck it no commitments and just go ey.

locals or expats is that lad?

busy this week?

15 months

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Lets be realistic lad, all larping aside, any adult man who fixated only on 16 year olds would rightfully be considered a weirdo. Knew a lad like you who got his head kicked in by this lassy's dad and two brothers

22 months here
Boobs on another growth spurt

Yeah you might get pushed in the canal
I wouldn't risk it tbf never know when LenLad is stalking the canals
Guess you'll have to go clubbing

I'm not specifically, it's just my experience that 16 year old girls are much more pleasant company that mid-20 roasties.

Most men are probably fixated on even younger desu, it's not weird at all

How many confirmed kills does LenLad have?

>25-28 year old women willy count
Big numbers
many chad
lots willy

>16 year old willy count
virgin capable of falling in love
not chad's slut

Why the fuck is neska posting here? fuck off you Spanish roastie

It's hard to tell the bodies are never recovered. We'll only know the true figure if they drain all the canals

Wheeey lads, just knocked Alien Isolation off me backlog! Pretty good game desu, good 15 hours out of it. Funny though, haven't even watched Alien so gonna go do that soon.

who the fuck is neska and is she cute?

>16 year old girl
no fuck you

I remember the buzz lightyear game where you had to chase the bad guys through different levels. Could never make it past the third one lmao

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:( some are let me believe

>Edgbaston allegedly seeing a girl
>in the pictures she appears to be very young
>Repeated shitposting on why it's ok to fixate on 15/16 year old girls
What a strange coincidence!

>Jow Forums filename
yeah that isn't you lol

Would any of you say no to Billy Eilish? NO? FUCKING SETTLED THEN.

I honestly think there is a real Norf/Souf divide on this. One you get south of Nottingham people just don't care about noncing

All these noncehunter videos are up Norf. You have to live on a real rundown estate before people will literally shout 'paedo' at you in the street

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post feet Spanish slag

A Spanish slag who larps about being raped for attention and no not really.

was that picture him with those pitchers of drinks. that looked like a mature hand desu

Wahey it's nekdka
22 months here
Picture didn't load
I'm sure BF would prefer you not to post bobs on britfeel

They want to go to McDonald's now
Just take me home so I can VC bf

The amount of times I get accused of being edgebaston is unreal

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Its been a minute since I had to learn to smoke. This just some midget boy you got some nerve to choke. Might be mistaken but I swear to god she chose. My time is value so I had to swerve them hos!
will she love me?

Probably would tbqh, hate her aesthetic

>the ignorant yourkshire
>the enlightened banbury

Buzz lightyear of star command? Yeh that was a fun one too, every level was chasing the boss to the end and then fighting it
The actual toy story 2 ps1 game is good too its just like a 3D platformer
I played the shit out of all 3 of them, weird that 3 toy story games are so high on my nostalgia as well as the rugrats games

Get me a mayo chicken and a double cheeseburger please

Tbh to the lads arguing, there are plenty of female virgins from 16-18. It's when they get to Uni they find shitloads more guys and start ploughing like whores, but whatever let them do what they want innit.

You're all nonces of a feather to me, yer filth

When I watch people kissing on tv/film, my front two teeth (top and bottom) tingle.

Am I alone in this?

Theres the moral fibre lads! AESTHETICS ahaha

I'm virgin
>larps about being raped
I was not raped

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Yep played that as well. That was when my dad got his first computer.

>he doesn't look at the floor and try to dodge the gaze of his parents that know he's a KHHV

Whys it so fucking hot and humid lads I'm sweating me fucking arse off
*downs a Coke zero vanilla*
why did I buy this shit it stinks!

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>>larps about being raped
>I was not raped
well yeah, that's why he said your larping.

No, she will pretend to so she can stroke her ego while dropping her knickers for drunken street chads on the side.

You could do alot better tbqh sp or host.

In Banbury, people literally brag about being distantly associated with Gary Glitter

My uncle lived next door to him over 50 years ago, my closet connection

Why are you larping as someone else? Spoilering the picture doesn't hide the filename on Jow Forums x you fucking dunce.

The toy story 3 game on 360 and PS3 is actually really good too
Fucking toy story and their good track record with games. Bit weird tbqh
Might go see toy story 4 this week suprised it's getting good reviews

When a girl I know was 18 she told me she's a virgin, it was doubtable then. She went to uni age 22 and has been there for 3 years. There is absolutely no chance she's still a virgin. I mean even with her hair that smells like garlic, hairy legs, hairy armpits and presumably hairy vagina she's probably been through a dozen chads

Banbury sounds like a fucking shithole

>No, she will pretend to so she can stroke her ego while dropping her knickers for drunken street chads on the side

the fuck is wrong with you lass
>post original filename
>get banned for attention whoring
that's why

>she will pretend to so she can stroke her ego while dropping her knickers for drunken street chads on the side.
isn't that what cola did?

Never played any of the later games. That's not a bad shout, I might do that as well tbqh lad.

I didn't enjoy the Metallica concert, the people infront of me where standing so I had to spend 2 hours of my feet

Post some more feet pics, there's a good lass

Annoying them how?

You admitted it was """you""" anyway fat mong.

*were standing
Learn the language Poley for heaven's sake

Is it quite a shithole desu, everywhere is though now

What's a good country with no extradition?