/sex toys/

/sex toys/
Obviously none of us are getting laid so why not have us much fun as we can on our own?

I personally like anal play, I'm sure there are people here who know a lot of onaholes and masturbators.

Let's share experiences, ask questions, answer them, and support each other becoming sexually fulfilled on our own.

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Why is peach so perfect?

I bought a prostate massager and have been using it on and off again for about a year. Only about 2 weeks ago I started smoking cannabis and played with the toy. It felt much much better and I definitely recommend it. The issue I have is how can I tell that I'm clean? I use metamucil fiber supplements and no poop comes out but there can still be minor traces found on the toy when I'm done.

Well I'm going to answer your question with a question.

How important is being clean to you?

To answer your question the only way to truly know is to use an enema and flush until the water that comes out is completely clear. The reason why I asked the question above is because you're just using a prostate massager. It's going to stay inside of you and only move internally. Because of this you don't really need to worry a lot about cleaning in my eyes. You aren't going to risk stuff getting everywhere and making a mess. It's just not a big enough toy to cause that kind of problem.

metamucil psyllium fiber? How well does it work for being clean? If you're gettnig feces on the toy you should do a small enema first anyway

i wish i wasn't too embarrassed to buy to a plastic pussy. anyone can tell me how worth it is to get one?

The importance of being clean to me is a psychological one. In the beginning when I just started using the toy I had gone into the experience as a total top straight arrow guy and so at first it hurt just putting it in. Then when it was in my body kept rejecting it and pushing it out.
Only yesterday did I achieve an almost 60% hands free orgasm and I'll try to keep going until I can get one 100% hands free.

It's working very good I used to play before using the fiber supplement and it was just gross. Now it's only a minute amount of feces but I will enema just before to make sure I am 100% clean

I've had one. First time was awesome, every time after that got increasingly less exciting. Eventually you forget about it because it isn't worth getting it out and cleaning it afterwards.

isn't playing with your ur butt kind of dangerous? i'm legit getting nauseous reading this.

I used to play WITHOUT using the supplement sorry

huh, I should try the fiber, that sounds interesting. Anyway it's really easy to do an enema just with a turkey baster or something similar

well, i guess i stick to my home made ones then

What's a good soft toy for p stim?

It's all just preference honestly. A lot of the time I can just slip a massager in and not even think about cleaning. When it comes to actual toys it's a definite must when it comes to prepping for me. Just do what makes you comfortable. Just remember it doesn't matter what you do to your butt, especially behind closed doors.

As long as you aren't doing EXTREME stretches without good practice then no. Your butthole is a muscle, you can work it out. Everyone is just afraid of it because of the stigma.

To add enema bulbs are really easy to use and easier to avoid a mess with.

Just know that my experience with them is really limited so I'm probably not the best to talk to about it.

I actually think that hard toys are better for prostate stimulation. At least if we're talking about niche toys. I get the most prostate pressure out of large traditional toys personally.

>I get the most prostate pressure out of large traditional toys personally.
That's probably true. Mine's glass, I might have to find a smaller one. I don't do it often but sometimes it takes a bit of warming up to it.

is it a standard dildo shape? Aneros plugs are very good, as is the njoy pure wand if you needed something new

Yeah my diet isn't the best so it really helped out. They sell enemas at the dollar tree so I can pick one up sometime. I think now that it's been feeling better I may up the frequency of playing with the toy

I think I need to specify my last reply.

If you're looking for small massagers that are made with the specific purpose of prostate stimulation I found that hard toys work better. I get more out of large toys that are for more than just that honestly.

Glass scares me even though apparently it's safer as long as you are careful with lube and holding it. Plus I like soft toys if I travel anywhere past the prostate.

i'm not seeing any cock ring love: cock rings are fucking awesome. figure out the right size (it's important that it's not too small, or you're going to have a very unfortunate situation in the emergency room and/or get your dick cut off) and then get a big steel one; i swear it actually made my erections bigger since i started using it

OP here

Aneros are great but the cost makes them "enthusiast only" in my eyes.

The more you do it the more comfortable it is. Just like with anything else.

I've never tried one. They seem like a power move rather than a submissive thing.

aneros is fairly expensive, but you can get them for $60-80 on amazon, which isn't really a lot if you have a job
I don't like them much myself anyway, they're too passive. Popular, though.

They're a muscle memory thing from my experience. I got into them for a while and it was more about laying there and slowly working up to the big moment. Definitely not for everyone. I like traditional toys more.

>i swear it actually made my erections bigger since i started using it
it does i think, i dont know how they work but constricting blood on the dick makes it bigger and veinier

cock rings essentially overfill the penis with blood, causing small amounts of growth over time. Basically the same mechanism as a penis pump

>want to buy a dildo or something to stick in my ASS
>Everything is fucking expensive
>Also have no privacy to hide it


you can get a normal dildo for like $20 on amazon

Hiding it is easy. You know the places that people don't go to. A lot of dildos that are good enough are fairly inexpensive.

$20 is too much for a neet in bananaland

not sure what you mean by bananaland, but if you can't easily spend $20 I feel sorry for you. You should seriously get at least just a part time job

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>is it a standard dildo shape?
Not really, it's this one. Page says it's about 7" long and 1.2" diameter at the thick point. There are a few different positions I can use it which is nice but the second hump is sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes absolutely what I need.

Which aneros? There are so many kinds. I'm not sure if it's for me and it's a bit pricey but I could pay

>Glass scares me
I really don't have anything to worry about unless I drop it. I like how rather hygienic and easy it is to clean.

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why the fuck.
y'all need kek

if you like that kind of dildo I wouldn't recommend aneros so much, the njoy pure wand is more similar and very heavy and sturdy. You can probably get knockoffs of those for $40

>paying 40 dollars for a dildo

The absolute state of fags

It was my first toy and I was trying to get the most bang for my buck lol. It's not like I have an allegiance to anything yet. The njoy looks like exactly what I want, more than the aneros so thanks for that. My biggest complaint is not getting the right amount of leverage with my current thing. And I'm not sure I'd have the patience for the aneros.

>not having a disposable income
$40 is nothing

That's not much money, consider a Friday night out. Also you don't have to be gay