User, I sprained my ankle. You have to carry me to the nurse's office

>user, I sprained my ankle. You have to carry me to the nurse's office.

How do you respond?

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Sorry but I'm 170cm/54kg
I can't even lift you up

Liar, whales dont have ankles.

Bitch you too big, maybe this will be a good way for you to lose weight.

Okay, but in return, you have to die a slow, painful death from sepsis.

*rapes her*

I could probably lift her to the office, depending on how far away it is.

I will accept this challenge, but you are a big girl.

Have her put her arm over my shoulders and hold her up so she can walk along with me on her good foot.

I'm way too weak to carry her in my arms

I'll get the wheelbarrow

Will need a truck to lift her up but whatevs

You can't lift a fucking cartoon you stupid fucking weeb cunt.

I should save this image so I can remember to use her as a model when advanced tactile vr comes out.

dont reply, just put the fat hog down while whispering soooie

She is a comic so I would draw her in a doctors office and draw her a primary care physician and a ortho

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Probably ignore her and go on ,you fucking retard

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I'm only 166cm there is no way I can lift her up. I'd try my best anyway.

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>That hand on his butt

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>You have to carry me to the nurse's office.
I "have to"? What happened to 'please' in this country? Is nobody else bothered by this?

Of course you fucking sprained your ankle you fucking landwhale.

Why don't you roll to her you fat fuck

I couldn't lift you dawg am too skiny

She's too heavy for me to carry so I'd tell her to hop it!

Why are you guys being so mean to her? She's not that fat and she carries it well. She was also swimming to try and lose weight.

Now that you are immobilized, there is nothing stopping me from feeding you further.

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based and fat fetishpilled

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>muster all of my strength, will adrenaline into my bloodstream and carry her to the nurse's office
>gain a chubster waifu for life and a fucked up back, maybe a hernia

source give it to me now

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I'll sprain my whole fucking skeleton if I try to lift you.

Okay, but in exchange you'll have to carry my children
Yes, all twelve of them

Who the fuck are you? Fuck no.

She's your gf, user.

A real man would do it and then assist her further

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