How can I find a fembot willing to use me like this?

How can I find a fembot willing to use me like this?

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That's easy, just be yourself and have sex, orginal.

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Wish I knew


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Please, I need to know desperately

No but like seriously, giving oral to a girl is fantastic, like almost as good as penetrative sex

i fucking love when my gf rides my face or when she pretends to be on her phone while we fuck

>like almost as good as penetrative sex
For her or for you?

I'll do it to all of you, anons.

How much will you charge?

Nothing, but it must be all of you at the same time.

I need to be squeezed by soft yet powerful feminine thighs. How can I experience this?

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How could that work? Do you just have a really big butt or something?

Make a line and each one will have you own turn, no talking, all quiet.

That sounds really inconvenient for you but I'm willing to comply with your demands.

The irony being the only femanon willing to do this will have a potato sack body.

Her physical appearance doesn't matter, just the idea of a femanon willing to sit on me is hot enough.

>tfw no femanon who humiliates me in public because she knows that the massive embarrassment will make me cum buckets lattter

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Name, age and location, now

>she'd use your face as a seat to vent her everyday frustrations
>completely out of the blue, she'd push you down and straddle your face, pushing her panties to the side before pressing her wet cunt against your face
>after some time she wouldn't even need to order you around or even say anything, your body would just go full automatic and you'd start pleasuring her

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Of this girl? IDK, we had a thread about this guy, check the archive. He's living the dream in Japan being humiliated by countless QTs.

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>shut up, you talk too much sometimes
God that's hot. Moments like that which make you feel like your safety bubble is pierced and you get a wake up call of "this girl is making you her bitch, what now?", like a bucket of cold water to the face.

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Why do you sick fucks have to lewd Chiaki

Have you seen her body? She was made for it

What about literally any of the other thits from the games? Aoi? Kaede? Even Sonia would be preferable to lewding Chiaki. Why cant the gamer grill just be wholesome. Smh

I fucking meant thots godammit

I feel you, there's nothing like a girl putting you in your place, especially if she takes you by surprise

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The same artist who drew the OP pic also does a lot of Kaede and Komaru

what the fuck isn't wholesome about this picture?
what the hell are you on about

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>lewding my precious kaede
>for face sitting
you are either of superior or inferior taste, my emotions cannot tell me which, for logically you are both.

>not wanting her to use you as a piano bench

She'll actually get off and I'll have the pride in pleasing her plus have my face in pussy

Not getting a special piano so you can put your dick where the pedals are

Exactly, it's the feeling of not being in control. When you are reminded that she is imposing herself over you. Like if she starts to bite you, which at first you find hot, but she gets too harsh, grinds her teeth, takes too long to let go and you are reminded that you are at her mercy. Or if she sits on your face and doesn't let up even after your instincts kick in and you start to panic wanting to breathe.

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Acth id ask led asch jsa

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Me (guy)

Why can't I enjoy a girl's crotch in my face without it reverting to some submissive kink?
Why can't I just enjoy the presence of pussy?

the smell. Any braphog gfs in here?

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My girlfriend has only done it twice during our five years together. She doesn't like being dominant.

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>This will never be you
I can't hold on anymore bros

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No. God I hate you people, ruining a perfectly sensible fetish with your stupid brap meme

Retards don't understand this, but you speak the truth

Danganronpa is the shit user

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Anyone who has actual experience with girls and knows how incredibly delicate they are no longer has these strange fantasies about them dominating. Also pussies are nice, but definitely not something you want to have near your face. It's gross

i unironically want to face sit my future boyfriend but i'm single right now

My ex used to do that to me

Used to

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My bf said that since I don't work or study I should do pic related. Then I can just jump on dick and play vidya.

I'll let you know once I have prices figured out.

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Please sit on mine!

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he doesnt mind you fucking other dudes? the fuck am i reading

I want to bully a cute nerd and then force him to eat me out

maybe if youre a male sub who needs to be kicked in the nuts to get hard

He would mind but not if I do it for money.

Also doing it the way pic related I could continue my current lifestyle that's the joke...

absolutely gorgeous asshole and beautiful face sitting. i already have that picture saved, jacked off to it so many times

Oh god yes
I would eat out any fembot no matter how ugly or disgusting she was down there

We need more of these threads.
Less tranny threads. more facesitting and femdom fembot threads.

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Pls be in burgerland

Fembots like that don't exist, unfortunately.

Only uggoes and landwhales, and even most of those aren't fembots but just doing it for attention.

Tfw nerd but not cute
Fuck life

>Only uggoes and landwhales
I'll take them

Big thing for me. Love it when the gf sits on my mush

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Im a cute nerd, whats your discord?

i think its sad that ive seen all of these before

I thought for years I was into all of this stuff. But when I finally got my first gf it turned out I only like clothed facesitting and when they're facing away like in the OP. Feels weird man.

Nothing wrong with clothed

I am married, have a wife, and she does this to me if I ask. but she also gives me a handjob while she sits on my face.

That sounds fun too but personally I prefer if she sits on me while paying attention to something else instead.

My only problem with those playobey videos is how never seems to let him take a breath, facesitting is fun but smothering to death is not.

Some people get off to the smothering, and it obviously isn't to death

The problem though is that the woman isn't being pleasured which makes it a lot less likely for her to be into it

>he doesn't want to be forced to eat pussy
>he doesn't want her to look down into his eyes when he does so
are you sure you're not gay?