Isolate from society

>isolate from society
>feels comfy but lonely as fuck at the same time
>try to interact with people
>feel nothing but anxiety and want to be alone again

Autists are born to kill themselves, there's no other option

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You can learn to be happy with your life.

how do i get a job where i can avoid people bros. minimal interacton is fine but i can't share a space with coworkers all day. i cannot. they will eventually try to kill me
one that doesn't require years of training. i'll literally shovel shit with my bare hands

Nah, I had two shrinks who tried to help me but nothing worked. I was born to suffer for the rest of my life.

Or when you try to express your emotions or try something you never did before and people mock you, because they can all tell you feel awkward about it

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or you come across as insincere because your emotional tone can't match what you're saying, so they just get annoyed and think you're faking shit for sympathy

>share a space with coworkers all day
this is also my main concern right now, and unless you get to work at home, or some niche very hard to get job in alaska, i dont think theres a way out

being alone is always a lot easier and more enjoyable

>have been posting the same autism rants for about 10 years
>still a hopeless autist

Except that being alone you won't achieve anything in life and you will always be that creepy dude that every makes fun of

not alone user same page here

well it wasn't the fault of the lonely guy if society placed him there. Not everyone is a winner

the only thing that bring me solace is my rom com mangas

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You're just a wall of text user, you could be an AI and I wouldn't be able to tell, this site is worthless

it isn't, it hurts the same but at at least i know there are other anons sharing the pain

I'm going to doctor tomorrow.

Sadness and anxiety keeps you in a state of mental limbo.

>being a slave to validation

that's human nature though, we are wired to seek validation from others and if we don't get any it develops into mental illness, not an opinion, just science

> mental illness
you call it mental illness, i call it evolution, soon everyone will be so lonely that all the normies will kys and all that will be left are neet robots, and then we can have a massive gay orgy awating the final day of humanity

Lmao made me chuckle. Good job. Alsokys faggot.

There's no going back man. We will never be little innocent kids again. We fucked up and now we are adults and we have to deal with the consequences. You can either work your ass off trying to fix yourself and stop blaming others or you can just fucking kill yourself. No one will help you and no one feels sorry for you. This is coming from a total piece of shit.

Yeah, probably. Unless there's a schizoid autist GF (biological female no fucking trannies) in my future, self inflicted gunshot wound is probably it

Autist here. I agree. Either suffer or kill yourself. Life is hell.