Holy fuck, is this sign for real?

Holy fuck, is this sign for real?
are wageslaves this fucked?

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>are wageslaves this fucked?

Yes in murica

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this gay little sign implies that the person in question has never covered for another person or that there is literally nobody available to cover for them. also nobody does breaks where I work

Jesus Christ, boomers really took all the negative stereotypes of Jews and fucking ran with it.

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This sign is clearly meant to be a joke

Does that mean I can work for 24 hours straight, once a year, and get a full year's wage? I'll do that. Hell, I'll do it twice to be generous.

Yes all it takes is some meme sign that relates nothing to you or your direct life to motivate you to post here and let them live rent free in your head

I'm pretty sure this math does not make sense. are they trying to say you work 120 hours per year if you don't take your vacation days?

The fuck is happening my math isn't enough for this

Some months ago I was working 12~17 hours a day. So yes.

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It's a troll logic joke that says you only work one day a year

You're shouting into the abyss mate

so they are trying to say you work 360 hours a year without vacation days 24 hours with?

Why would anybody think this is real

You can literally see an identical sign right behind it, it's a gag sign being sold in a shop

it fails to meet the basic definition of a joke. it does not subvert expectations in any way. theres no punchline.
I mean I get that normie jokes are this shitty, because I see dumbass signs with a weird pun phrase on them everywhere, but still.

There is a punchline, maybe you just didn't get it

As many have stated, it's a joke, but the fact that such a thing would even be joked about is still fucked up.
I'm so happy that I'm self-employed.

Even the normies can understand it

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"I'll be damned if you're going to take that day off" simply follows from the set-up. it's a phrase not a punch-line.

The punchline is that according to the boss's calculation, you only work one day a year and that's why he won't give you the day off.

that looks painful, poor mutt.

One of the people int that picture you posted pointed out why it's not funny. It would be funny if you could figure out where the math is coming from to see the fallacy, but even if you include 365 days of coffee breaks it's still only ~7 days, not 23

its threat disguised as a joke

That's what you get for moaning about people fighting for their rights, condescending attitudes towards your bootlicking

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>Holy fuck, is this sign for real?
This is the average yuropoor IQ folks. Dumb as hell.

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Hahahaha! I'm so glad I don't work! The absolute arrogance of these companies! How bout I take 365 days off Mr Schlomo!

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>You only do 24 hours work every year
This somehow doesn't add up.
Drop the employer. Brainlet mathlets are unnecessary in this world.

The eternal boomer
I have no words for such a stupid suggestion so here's a frog

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>subvert expectations
you're not funny, nor are you a good director.
Starwars is shit now because of you, and i hate you.
Also it was a joke and it was old-librarian funny. I love old librarians and it made me laugh.
with all the apathy I have in the 110 seconds it took me to type this, die in a fire.