Some dumbass almost hits my car forcing his way into my lane

>some dumbass almost hits my car forcing his way into my lane
>had to completely stop moving so this retard doesnt side swipe my car with his mini van
>be pissed all the way home, honking at people i wouldnt normally

some people shouldnt be driving

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You deserved it by not making him stop and beating him

>be pissed all the way home, honking at people i wouldnt normally
rude dude. kindness should be the only thing paid forward in this world

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im not trying to scratch my car. this driver was a complete dumbass. when you go all in vs a dumbass, nobody wins

people that make unsafe lane changes i honk at.

this van was a complete shit box. my car isnt great but its not worth risking an accident with somebody thats in "i dont give a fuck" mode

You shouldnt be driving too chink jk Im asian too. Fuck shitty drivers.

Can't you get past a fucking mini van? Do it then force him to stop and get out.

naw this dude was angled into my lane, if i moved even a couple inches forward we woulda collided. im not trying to get into an accident with some reckless driver.

Then why you didn't get out?
Nevermind you're a pussy

i was still processing what kind of low iq dumbass is willingly trying to cause accidents.

Did he cause an accident? Nope. He just made a beta shit his pants.

only because i hit the brakes. he was banking on it cus he had no way to reverse his lane cutting

He probably saw your face and knew you were gonna brake

and if i didnt, we woulda fucked up our cars. his shit box van and my relatively new car. fuck that

its not a beta/alpha thing. its a "he can risk his old mini van" and i dont wanna scratch up my relatively new car, thing.

But you did. That's all it matters. He successfully cut the lane. You got mad. That's it.

ya he "successfully" cut lane and almost hit my car. im pissed because he didnt care about safety.

Holy fuck you're retarded. Just go cry in your shitty "new" car

it would be like you driving a shit box van, and turning right into another car's lane while they were right next to you. thats not "alpha", thats "im poor and low iq, driving recklessly".

i know what happened, only a retard would think its "alpha" to drive a cheap shit box into another car's lane deliberately. that doesnt take courage, thats just knowing ill stop because i dont wanna scratch up my car vs your minivan.

>chink talking about bad driving
youre pajeet tier when it comes to spatial awareness and motor vehicle control, even niggers and spics are better drivers, whites are best, finns and germans are top tier

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try cutting into lanes with an expensive car like a high class mercedes. you wont because youre not gonna risk damaging it.

no way bud, im the better driver out here. some people have terrible driving "skills". whites are usually good but some whites are pretty shit and try to cut people off because they can do it last second. guess who has to prevent a collision? other people

you can be a good driver and drive fast without endangering people. reckless driving is a sure sign of low intelligence

>expensive car
Aren't modern high class cars equipped with cameras that alert of what they consider unintentional lane changes and can even brake or steer themselves back? It's great for shitty drivers but sucks for the rest of us.

i havent seen it. but im right, you dont see people in expensive cars drive recklessly an cut people off, its always poor subhumans driving old economy boxes

not a high class but I love my e280. I drive fast. Don't give a fuck about some whiny kid crying. If your car was worthy you'd have insurance.
>Pic related is my boi

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you can drive fast and swerve however you want. but you wouldnt risk your car like this guy did. think youre right next to me, you would be turning your car into my lane while your right next to me, and driving on.

he had his blinkers on, which i saw after he passed my car. but i couldnt see before because we were literally parallel to one another. trust me you would have stopped too and thought "what is this dumbass doing?" driving his poorfag van

>all of these betas trying to pretend that shitty driving is alpha
you did the right thing, just get less mad next time, fag

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dude i was PISSED. that just means it woulda been a bad accident.

I do risk my car. Actually I changed the bumper and hood multiple times because some retard wouldn't stop his car so I have to crash into them to make them get out. I'm fairly big so I can easily beat retards without problems. I don't give a fuck. My car is heavy enough.
Also why the fuck am I supposed to care about people like you? Do you even know what happens when they get mad?
They make a thread about it.

Been waiting for a shitty drivers thread
>those dumb faggots who will stay in the wrong lane during heavy traffic so they can cut ahead of the line
I'm pretty sure it's those retards which are why the traffic is so bad in the first place, and why there's an accident at least once a month on the interstate
I hate them so god damned much, america has a bunch of entitled niggers

ya right. if i get out of my car to fight somebody's getting shanked

yea theres been so many accidents lately. somebody is zapping people with the retard gun

Based. That's how traffic works.
I simply ride next to the emergency lane while blocking the faggots using that lane with my car.
I kind of don't like using two lanes but it's nice to hear the angry horns.
Please do this to help society. Thank you.
Kek. They would laugh at you.

anyway. only if it came to a real fight.

Had some faggot on a Dodge challenger nearly touching my bumper the other night. I was going well over the speed limit. Who do these faggots and their meme cars think they are?

looking for a thrill. i would be annoyed at that but thats not imminent danger. mini van guy was straight up a fuckin retard. i was completely still and amazed he didnt swipe my car.

>be pissed all the way home, honking at people i wouldnt normally
>some people shouldnt be driving
found one

fair. it was really bad in my defense. i was just tired of dumbasses driving risky

>>be pissed all the way home, honking at people i wouldnt normally

So your telling us that you did not follow the mini van driver
You did not wait until he got home
You did not slash all of his tires
What a waste

bro he escaped me, the light turned yellow right as he passed me. even in that state i dont want a ticket for his dumbass. but if that was green believe me i woulda driven right next to him and looked at his face

>if he didn't escape I would have looked at his face
You're such a maniac.

only to see what kind of dumbass he is

Take your anger out on bums. They make easy targets and police don't care if a homeless dies. Just be prepared for HELL though.

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nani the fuck?
seek help

no. i usually donate a cold drink or some change to beggars. not always but lets say 50/50.

i gave this cute girl beggar $20 once. yes its because she is a cute girl, i hope her parents picked her up.