Post your dream bedroom

post your dream bedroom

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post ur dream bedrooms anons!!

Something like this. Just slot in a desktop setup somewhere and it's my dream bedroom.
It's not real though, just art, I'll never actually have my own private spaceship quarters.

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A brutalist flat with mostly metal and concrete furniture and big windows, and shelves built into the walls, ideally at the top of a building of the same design. I'd put up some posters and maybe add a few rugs, too.

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already have it. though i would like a bookcase but cant find one that matches my dresser

I don't like something about the room but I can't tell what. Somethings off. But in general its pretty nice user. I like the shade of green.
Very comfy user. We can hope for spaceships someday. And even if not I like how that room is set up a lot.

I want to live in a huge city in a futuristic dystopia.

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I knew saving this picture would come in handy.

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Is that... A college dorm?

Yeah, I think so. I saw it on some bedroom thread and I like how it's simple but has just enough features to be useful. All I need is a room to myself, a desk, some outlets a small closet to hang some shirts, and that's it. I don't care about a bathroom or toilet, I can use bottles and newspaper. And for showering, I could go to Planet Fitness for $10 a month. Lastly, the walls look thick enough to block sound and the bed looks decent. I don't like meme foam and that looks like a box spring but maybe it isn't. One thing I don't like is the carpet. I'd rather cement, porcelain, tile, or wood. Carpets get hair and bugs everywhere, half-hidden.

does this count? always wanted this shit since the first time watching it a decade or more ago

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just google "norwegian prison cell"
t. spic

>just google "norwegian prison cell"
I did. Pic related (Looks like a superior version of )
>t. spic
What's that have to do with anything?
t. halfspic, halfslav

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He definitely had the best room in that apartment building

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I've been mapping a design for a house if I ever have the $$.
Keep posting ideas anons.

for sure but steely phil had that great hidden bathroom to himself for a while

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its like my bedroom now only theres no other buildings or people within a mile or so of me

its not much but its humble and comfy for me

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Pretty much this, maybe slightly larger but I'm mostly fine with my current room

an underwater bedroom... to wake up every morning with a new look
its something on my bucket list.. to achieve
a fucking home built into the crevice of a cliff facing the ocean on the east coast. comes with a helo pad, underwater vault, home theater, etc.

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a home like this...

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this bedroom looks absolutely perfect. i agree with you 100%. i think it'd be so nice and i'd feel great waking up every day to something that cool looking.

Can I draw it in MS paint?

not op, but yes ofc. ms paint = god tier. you got this, you artist. woo

Will you stop calling me Phil?!

>he I put an empty frame on the wall, it is like I am framing the wall, frames are cool, not the art they support, so chic
Fuck off and buy some art
Also is this a showroom, why are their stickers on everything

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Ok, dont be upset

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I want to add a gondola to this

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To be honest if you just add a bed and a computer with a desk this would be maximum comfy for me.

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Certified Comfy

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my f1r57 60nd0la 0C, l0l

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Top tier user. Saved.

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ged de fugg out :DDD

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>tfw can live in my dream bedroom every day in VR
anons should take up 3d modeling

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Big room
Computer desk
Another desk for crafts or whatever
a fire place

Neat until your home falls into the ocean.

Neat until the ocean falls into your home.

imagine jerking off with this view

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