How fucked are robots if WW3 happens and we get drafted?

how fucked are robots if WW3 happens and we get drafted?

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>free gun to commit sushi with

Too old to get drafted

Join the military beforehand (preferably Chair Force) so you don't get drafted and already have a cushy office job while watching infantry cucks get slaughtered by shitskins.

>Chair Force

I served in the air force and this term is offensive, fuck off

Mentally ill people can't get drafted right? I'm safe.

I already served and I have almost no meniscus left in my knees. Ill be ok

>not taking pride in the term chair force
Fuck thyself man of little taste.

nobody ever got brutally murdered in the streets of america for SIGNING UP to shoot kids and protect jewish/corporate assets

I have based triple citzenship, I should be able to dodge. I have autismo, I should be able to dodge.

May is veteran month retard

The entirety of May is military month all you had to do was five seconds of research

i'd actually have fun killing some shitskins, sandmonkeys, gooks, etc. but if i have to betray my fellow man to become a slave for (((them))) then i'd kill myself with my free rifle

Kek I'd get dishonorably discharged in a day

I've got scoliosis so they'd pass me up. Have fun getting shot at I guess.

but nobody mentions this, retard. nobody ever celebrates it except for military families or veterans. the media loves their gay pride

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In WWIII? probably fucking die, man.

not happening, military these days try not to enlist people with mental illness, even if you're accepted you'll be stuck on base cleaning and organizing, never to move up in the ranks until your enlistment is over.
he slipped through the cracks and got in, it's why the military does have people with obvious illnesses but keeps them at a very low position

my whole platoon was mentally ill

I'm too old and fat to be drafted and even if they somehow accept me, I'll blow my brains out the moment they put a gun in my hand.

>the virgin vet
>the fag chad
did anyone else notice the vet with the virgin haircut and full virgin slouch and the chad homo with chad hair, in full manspread chad glory pose?

i have bone spurs so i cannot be drafted SAD

trannies will so we're fucked

I mean I don't know about us, but Jow Forums is going to have a fucking field day.

would service guarantee citizenship?

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what's it like to be in the airforce?
I don't know, I don't fly that low.
The only good thing about your branch is that you'll get to have space corps for like, 5ish years before it's independent.