Fembot here, what do you guys say when they ask you about your hobbies or "tell me about yourself" during job interviews?

I have a second job interview tomorrow, I aced the first one but struggle to think of things that are acceptable for me to say as a hobby.

The two I thought of are cooking, and exercise.

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you're a woman and most likely in muttland so you'll most likely get the job, also you're asking for help with this shit on the modern version of Jow Forums most of the answers you'll get are 'fuck off dumb roastie' or something similar, but those hobbies sound like they'd work, just don't mention any of your more obscure 'robot' activities assuming you are an autist like the rest of us

>I aced the first one but struggle to think of things that are acceptable for me to say as a hobby.
No, you didn't ace the first one. Hobbies is one of the most important questions. It's a loser-filter.
Google "hobbies" or something like that a memorize something off of the internet.

I don't know I've been NEET for 4 years now

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Those are fine, dont say anything weird but do take the chance to geek out about it. They wanna get a feel of what gets you excited and if your personality will fit with the team.

Usually for me i answer with "im from city, been in current city for x years, i love reading nonfiction and watching police tv dramas in my spare time. I love eating more than cooking and im a bit of a foodie as well, so if you need any recommendstions for places to eat around town then im your guy haha."

Also a signature move of mine was whem the interview ended and i ask my all legist questions and they ask if i have any more, i say
>yeah, when do i pick up the company car?
Pause for 1.5 second, then laugh. Kills the room every time

Good luck on your interview. Remember to research the company thoroughly on glassdoor and google, ask about why the last person quit, their turnover rate, training, vacation policy, and resources available for development/growth within the company.

Why would I get a second interview if I didn't ace the first one? The interviewer was really seemed to be ecstatic about me that they said they will consider me for a higher position than what I originally applied for. Now I'm interviewing with the vice president of finance and higher level human resources director.

I think I'm qualified, I really need to sell them on my personality and try to seem like a fun person.

Guessing you're autistic if you asked about that in the first place... Literally just talk to them about what you're like, what are you hobbies and interests, if you don't have any then I feel really bad for you.

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Oh yea I totally forgot. Store managers are the biggest creeps and you get like a 60-100% of being hired if you're a female.

You really don't have to put much thought into it other than smile and look pretty. Always remember girls = easy mode

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I'm incredibly autistic, I don't think I have any hobbies honestly.
They are business professionals and have no reason to creep on me, they have the money to get whatever women they want.

This is what you're manager is going to be thinking while doing the interview with you.

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>fembot here
>a gender neutral dilemna
Why mention your gender at all? Just to get more responses?

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Who cares? I just need hobbies to say pls help
Gives context

>business professionals
>i'm incredibly autistic

Is this some sort of joke to you?

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Explain how your gender gives context on having an interview? If I were the person doing the interview I would have kicked you out for being a fucking retard.

I can make phone calls and email clients, but I am just shy and nervous for my interview because I have no way to sell the fact that I'm fun and cool to be around. I've done it before.

Because the hobbies for a woman are often different than men???? Think more next time.

>You really don't have to put much thought into it other than smile and look pretty.
>Always remember girls = easy mode
You make it sound so easy. You're close but only half right because you're assuming that the majority of the small amount of girls that come here are as pretty as instagram thots. You're right in assuming that even average looking girls have it easier than average looking men in general but also still delusional. I don't understand where some robots get the idea that in cases like OP is describing, vagina = you automatically get the job, or friends etc without even trying.

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Pick an activity that you do in your spare time or an anecdote from your past that has some relevance to the job you're being hired to do, especially if you have something in common with the people interviewing you. It's pretty easy to find shit out about people once you have their LinkedIn profiles. What they're fishing for is if they can relate to you personally and if there's something about the job that makes it more than just a paycheck for you.

Everyone saying that stuff that it's a guaranteed job for being women are stupid. I looked at lolcow and they are all pathetic jobless losers with no future, always struggling to get a job offer, going through dozens of interviews but not getting the job, or not getting any call backs at all.

Maybe if you're in the 1900's you stupid bitch. Nobody gives a fuck about gender stereotypes these days

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>have lots of hobbies and autistic niches

>women like me
>no hobbies at all

Yeah I'm sure it's the same thing

youre a woman
just show up to the interview or just show up without one and ask for a job
youll get one without qualifications an interview or anything

>men have lots of hobbies and autistic niches
you think I can tell my employer about my loli figurine collection or my platinum rank in some video game?
>women like me
What does that even mean? Are you too special to do anything?

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Just be my girlfriend and you won't have to work

From one social retard to another, I figured I can at least put in my 2 cents. When an employer asks a question like "tell me about yourself", or "What hobbies do you have"? They really don't wanna hear about what you do in your free time. They have no interest in what you do in your spare time whatsoever. Just tell them what they want to hear such as "I like to learn, I enjoy figuring things out, reading I volunteer at the animal shelter or with the homeless, I try to spend time bettering myself, learning a second language, blah blah blah". Just lie. I have a horrible case of avoidant personality disorder. I can't look people in the eye when I talk to them, I stutter, shake, and sweat like a pig.....but have somehow gotten quite a few jobs in my depressing life. People are always impressed with my lies during a job interview....go figure.

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>I aced the first one
>The second interview has more questions rather than just asking for paperwork
WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Imagine being so autistic you set off red flags even as a woman.

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But it's true men have to deal with toxic masculinity. I know it's a fucking meme but the concept is true. We shit on ourselves so fucking bad and compete on everything the losers are left behind and well for females that's not exactly true because there's always guys to fill in those vacant roles and holes a girl might have.

If you think you have it bad for being cat called by some faggot, imagine being treated like a subhuman and being berated your whole life. Women don't deal with that.

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Those are fine, don't worry

If you're not fit you can complement it with something that takes up in theory more time, like watching movies, reading fiction or whatever. Just don't try to pretend something you aren't (let's say, extroverted) as that shows insecurity and unreliability on you as an employee

you have hobbies outside of loli figurines and games
>becomes your gf
>break up
>have no resources anymore and got a lot older
Great idea..
They do sometimes specifically ask about hobbies outside of professional skills. If i can get away with it, i will only say my professional expereince. However, they ask what I like to do explicitly.

Extremely good advice though, thank you so much!

You have to meet with multiple people other than one HR person. That's typical. You work with multiple people and they all have to like you.

Show cleavage. You will ace the second test if the interviewer is a guy lmao

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That seems unprofessional, I'm not applying to be a secretary or low level office employee.

What the fuck I wrote this like it was a paragraph from cat in the hat

>The two I thought of are cooking, and exercise.
Nothing wrong with the cooking one. In case you're not really into cooking, be prepared to be asked what's your favourite dish or spice or some shit like that.
For the exercise, you might say you're training for a marathon or jumping on a trampoline or some fun sounding thing like that.
With both you need to to some basic research if you're going to lie.

To add: Last week I went to an interview and told them I like hiking in the mountains and reading books. Then they asked me what I like to read and I said what I'm currently reading. Two hobbies (one outside, one inside) are perfectly alright.

You're obviously more normal than most people. I'm sure you with your professional background can figure it out.

Unironically starting to feel like a humble bragging thread

>>becomes your gf
>>break up
>>have no resources anymore and got a lot older
>Great idea..
Just don't break up?

>even the foids are moving on with their lives and getting corporate jobs.

This is such a joke

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>if you need any recommendstions for places to eat around town then im your guy haha."

Jesus I've never cringed so hard in my life. Get the fuck out of here Rupert

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I need a bit more than two but thanks very much for the encouragement and advice

not at all, a lot of people here are educated and have good jobs. there are engineers and doctors here.
Robots don't seem like they're that loyal but not having a backup plan is kind of risky and irresponsible. It's not wise to gamble everything on a robot. I don't think you can support me anyway.
Why don't you as well? a four year degree in something useful and a bit of experience, even older anons can still go back to school.

Be honest.
Better be unemployed than lie.


Dude your getting a job. Nobody is gonna care about your resume. Show your chest.

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>I need a bit more than two
No, you don't.

So what did we learn from all of this Op? Maybe try posting threads that have similar topics or community like Crystalcafe or lolcow. r9k is the least helpful when it comes to females or employment

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they will say something like "anything else?" then i say no and they'll they'll think i'm weird
i only have these small b cups, literally half the population has boobs, and a lot are way bigger than mine. if he wants to see boobs he is a google search away.
I'd rather lie so I can get the job

>there are engineers and doctors here.
Yea that's right we're all doctors, and engineers here HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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There is a career thread on lolcow. Even crystal cafe I think.

I looked there, really excited, thinking I will get mentorship from professional women who are older and experiences. NO. All fucking pathetic losers who can't get a job. People there either have no education or worthless education. Even a master's degree in garbage. They are so pathetic, they can't get any call backs, the ones who do get interviews may go through hundreds but still never get a job offer.

I didn't find a single useful piece of information from them. Lolcow is more pathetic than r9k. I'm serious about that, they're lower than you guys and I respect your advice more.

Not all, but a few.

Come to Odessa Texas and be my interview-anxious GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on learning how to lie and making yourself appear neuronormative.

I don't know if this is a joke or true. I can't gamble my life away on that though, I stand to lose a lot by becoming someone's housewife. If we break up there's a huge gap in my resume and I will forget what I learned in my field. And, I don't know, I just fear men.

All breasts are beautiful. My gf has b-cups too and they feel nice.

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Yeah I suppose that's true but I can't ride on that. One of the people I'm interviewing with is a woman. I need to sell myself to her too, I can't do that with my unimpressive boobs.

Holy shit, you're way too dense in general. I'm sorry to say this but you will always be struggling, double-doubting yourself and everybody else.
I'm also like that and it made me unable to function in this society which works off facades and larping.

It's hard to change my autism.

Question: are thank you emails also appropriate or just too much?

If you aren't overweight, say one of your hobbies is yoga.

Older guy interviewing younger woman for job hears "yoga" and immediately starts picturing you contorting into different positions. I am not kidding about this. I'm thinking about it right now and I'm not even interviewing you.

I'm thin but I don't want to say yoga, I have little to no knowledge. They may ask: oh where do you do your yoga etc blah blah blah

>Question: are thank you emails also appropriate or just too much?

Holy shit anonette did you not send a thank you email after the FIRST interview? They're not just appropriate; they're obligatory.

Unless someone kicks you in the box in the second interview you absolutely MUST send a thank-you email. Don't think about it, don't procrastinate about it, don't think "I'll wait a week to send my thank-you email because then I can use that email to ask for an update!", don't do any of that. Get home from the interview and send the email.

>I fear men
Please come to Huntington Beach, California and be MY housewife instead. I make even more than that other guy and I live within walking distance of the beach. I have plenty of free time so I work out and we can try fun hobbies together so you will have stuff to say for your interviews. People say I look very young like a teenager, so I doubt I am scary looking at all.

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For my second interview I won't know the emails for them. It's the HR director and finance department vice pres. Maybe also the CEO. I think it's fine. It seems too machine-like and pushy, they are busy with their job and don't want to deal with that.

>They may ask: oh where do you do your yoga etc blah blah blah

No, they won't. The other reason yoga is a good answer is because it's a primarily female physical activity and they will feel like asking you about it (rather than just picturing it in their minds and getting stiff) will cross some kind of boundary. It's like if you said your hobby was being a breastfeeding coach. NO GUY ANYWHERE will see a way to ask a question about it.

I live within driving distance from there actually. But user, you know nothing about me other than i'm a woman and shy. I don't think it's enough. If it is, I'm concerned you don't care about me as a person.

Okay, I'll try it. Should I say I played some team sports in hs?

>It seems too machine-like and pushy, they are busy with their job and don't want to deal with that.

Nobody actually reads the thank-you emails they receive. They just register the fact that they received one and check the box off in their minds.

It's like cover letters. Nobody reads cover letters. But if you don't send a cover letter, you're sloppy and unprofessional. You have to check the box.

you should actually do yoga, its good

why would the finance department want an email from me? might annoy them if it's a busy day. I don't even have their emails lol.

>Should I say I played some team sports in hs?

No, that's much more dangerous. You might run into an ex-jock (high school or college) who attempts to make every work conversation about sports. And that guy WILL ask you all sorts of questions requiring detailed answers.

Thats ok, I used to be shy too when I was younger. You just need to take some risks and get out of your shell. You will see the world isnt so scary. And realistically, you would be right about a person who has never met you not caring for you as a person, but since we live close to each other we could just try normal dating first.

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Please be my gf, we can train for your job interviews and have the hobbies of your choosing

I can say I played tennis a bit casually for exercise

I actually did play it before and have some limited knowledge about pros.

Come to Odessa Texas and by my fit housewife GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton so you can bail on the job and just cook for me.

No job interview has ever asked me about my hobbies.
When they said "Tell me about yourself" they wanted to know a general timeline of what I'd been up to the last couple years.
I just told them what I studied, what I got certified in, and then what jobs I went through.

>t. autist who cant small talk

I don't want to try dating! If you don't like me it'll crush my spirit and self esteem.
I fear rejection or even fear not rejection because we may break up
Isn't it a meme you just tell every girl honestly?plsno

Come to Odessa Texas and be my consistently responsive GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend all day appreciating people on Jow Forums.

I'm not pretty enough to be a trophy housewife

If you're so rich get an adjusted mega stacey

Im a drilling engineer at Halliburton in Odessa Texas faggot I make 140k and the OP should be my career driven GF.

Fuck. Huntington Beach California? Odessa Texas cant compete with that shit.

Come to Odessa Texas and be my meme savvy GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend all day tracking and spamming memes.

i would genuinely feel bad like i'm a leech

also i think even more now that you're joking

also i'm not pretty enough for you

Come to Odessa Texas and be my homely cuckquean GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on trying to improve your appearance while I cheat on you with prostitutes.

the only way it would work is if you become a neet and i support you, then i won't feel bad about having a successful bf

you'd hate living in california though

Come to Odessa Texas and be my self hating GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on therapy for your self image.

do it for the greater good of the robots. you guys have a chance being in driving distance. get to know him at least and give a robot a chance!

Ok, I'm drawing the line here. Please go away

I won't be a cuck :(

Hey OP
Do you have an amazon wishlist

Come to Odessa Texas and be my proud sugar mama GF. I wont make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton so I will spend all your money on diapers and toys to fully embrace your mommy/little shota fetish.

He will reject me or cheat on me or something

NO you cheating scum

You are the one who said you could never compete with Stacy. I learned my lesson about Stacy when pic related KEKED ME WITH A NIGGER

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you must be joking user

please don't, i'm not a leech
you already cheated on me and i don't even know you

>If you dont like me
See, this is the kind of negative thinking that traps you in a mental cage. What if I do like you and you like me and we live happily ever after? Even if it doesnt work out, it wont be nearly as bad as you think. Come on, I am a wealthy athletic young man, wont you give me a chance?

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It's not a joke, you seem like a really nice person based on this thread so I wanted to treat you to something

If you like girls like that you will never like me, I guarantee it
but you won't like me, i'm not even that pretty to warrant liking

and i have no hobbies

Stay NEET! Don't let these companies force you to jump through their stupid interview hoops! Don't become a wagie!

fembot here! haha just wanted to let you guys know im a girl! haha!!!

I dont anymore. Are you fat? I watch my fat neighbor walk around her apartment in panties and a bra and I jerk off in the darkness. She is fat as fuck and ugly

Thank you, the offer is nice enough. I really think you're nice, but please don't let people take advantage of you.

No I'm not fat, I'm pretty thin I guess

the only thing i have of value is a decent body

It's not taking advantage of anyone to receive a gift

>Fembot he-

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I would never cheat on you unless you had a cuckquean fetish

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i'm sorry, i can't accept it

i'd feel really bad

Aw okay. I hope you have a good day and good luck on the interview.