I've reached the end of my rope so here i am:

I've reached the end of my rope so here i am:
I want to buy an e-gf.

You must:
>Be 18-22
>Pretend to be my gf on text/discord/snap
>Not e-date anyone else
You receive:
>up to $400 a month in gifts/clothes/food/stuff
>whatever value I am as a conversation partner
please respond

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Why don't you just accept your fate that no one will ever love you?

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yikes, thats rock bottom alright

You've got to put a clause in the contract that she has to return everything if she ever e-cheats.

So, I just gotta indulge your rambling ass on discord and get 400/month? Deal

user, you seem like you need a friend.

Does the gf have to be a female?

Dude, go find a priest and talk to him,

I'm a NEET and could really use the money. I'd give you lots of validation when you need it and am a good listener. Also XX. How do I contact you?

I'll be your e-gf user just hmu on discord, 404#2077.

You don't want a gf, you just want someone to talk to. A fake e-gf with no love would basically be the same thing anyway

I'd do this if I had the money but I don't. I just wish I could feel what it's like for someone to care about me

Same user here, I'll drop my discord

I do have friends. I moved away from home this last year to start my career, but we still keep in touch daily. I have no shortage of people to confide in. They are all, however, dudes. And no matter how fulfilling having brotherhood and camaraderie with my friends are, it'll never replace the missing piece of my id; the acknowledgment of the opposite sex. It is a hole that can be covered, but not filled. It's true that I don't need women to 'be', but I do to be whole.
I've lived my life without the approval and assurance of girls, and I could continue to do it, but what's the point? To be human is to achieve. To charge forward through our lives seeing new and different things, the next day, the next mile. To strive to be complete, whole and fulfilled. If I simply lie down and accept that I'll never be complete, then my life has ended prematurely.
At least with this I'll know what it feels like. A pale imitation of love, of caring, of support, but it's better than nothing at all. Because it gives perspective, experience, and most importantly hope. Hope that one day love will manifest in my life.

>400 in trinkets for full time on call attention availability
smells like a lowball

You know paying someone to poorly pretend to love you isn't gonna be the same thing, right?
It's gonna be an empty, pointless relationship and a waste of money.

>hire e-gf
>get an e-bf instead
Better ask for voice and picture confirmation while you're at it.

Empty, perhaps. Pointless? It could save my life. Waste of money? Is anything spent in the pursuit of happiness truly wasted?

i can be your egf. #3877alica300. add me.

i'm not joking i can be your e-girl. i will listen to your problems and have meaningfull conversations. i'm 21 years old. i study computer sience and my hobbies are anime and games. alica300#3877

>Up to 400
What are your interests though

>I've reached the end of my rope so here i am:
>I want to buy an e-gf.
>You must:
>>Be 18-22
>>Pretend to be my gf on text/discord/snap
>>Not e-date anyone else
Can I be she?
20yo, and I won't cheat

Brilliant play OP. Proving that there are femanons willing to be e-gfs on Jow Forums and also confirming that all women are whores by showing that even these fembots will only respond to moneh

>anons ask for discordtags in standard threads
>"i'm not looking for a relationship"/*crickets*
>anons offer money to get to know them
>desperate contact info after contact info left
lmao, the memes about roasties are true

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damn. that's minimum wage in the third world shithole i was born in, and we have 70% unemployment. too bad im a dude.

He's larping user, don't add

Good Lord, OP this is genuinely sad man.

disgusting whores, why are you even here?

add me user ill help

Do you have a vagina and willing to share timestamped clothed picture?

What's your shithole?

If you just admitted it's empty it will not doing anything for you. You can try if you want, but I just wanted to stop you from wasting your time. Better time could be spent looking for an actual gf, no matter how endless the search seems.

not op but i do need friends user but the curse will never go away so i cant have friends. atleast ketamine is always here for me

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i think you're right. I'm just in such a bad state right now that my lizard brain is telling me that any bit of money is worth even phony feelings. Fuck me.

It's OK user, only advice I can give to you right now is just try your hardest to better yourself and figure out exactly why you can't get a gf normally. Good luck brother

>Spending money on e-whores when you could just buy an onahole and hobby toys or waste it on a therapist.
user, paying people to comfort you is only going to get you so far. You will want more, including during the whole experience. Please do not lie to yourself.

If op has been distracted or had a change of heart by now, are there any other robots interested in similar arrangements?

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jesus christ user.. what made you become this fucking desperate?
your worst than the cucks that donate their life savings to female twitch streamers just for a couple of seconds of attention...
what part of your physiology is holding you back from getting a real physical gf that can do the stuff you want out of a e-gf?

you're just going to break my heart
i wish i could just make a fembot happy

i'm personally at rock-bottom and i'm personally insulted that you associate with me

Don't do it, all fembots are whores, and even if you find someone who hides that fact well, you're just going to be miserable in a long distance "relationship"
Speaking from personal experience on both counts
t. 30 year old pathetic virgin

I can't imagine, as I've never been in a position to break someone's heart before or broken up with anyone in general. With a million distractions and egirls to talk to it would more than likely be me getting left behind

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i will be you e gf

Not the money part but I really would love someone to talk to, especially a girl since I've only ever had 1 female friend in my life.

What are you offering and what do you require?

Spending money just to spend it doesn't feel good. I have a thousand dollar animu figure collection. I have a steam library filled with games and a nice computer. I have things. I can buy things. It's an empty, corporate, commercial type of enjoyment.

i'm sure you'll find someone but i'm too autistic and my experiences with women are bad, i'm just a pathetic loser who happens to have his shit together
not op but i dont even want nudes or lewd, i wish someone would accept me just for who i am

>With a million distractions and egirls to talk to it would more than likely be me getting left behind
wouldn't really be an issue for me since I have nobody else to talk to, you'd have my full attention

>I can't imagine, as I've never been in a position to break someone's heart before or broken up with anyone in general. With a million distractions and egirls to talk to it would more than likely be me getting left behind
lol fuck off whore

OP, I genuinely feel sad for you to the point that if I was female, I'd probably sign up no homo. There's hope for you, don't abandon it.

>tfw 24
Hope someone makes you feel better user. I think there's better ways to cope with loneliness than to seek fake love, but if it makes you happy, I can't judge.
Worrying about you, user. Stay safe.

not going to orbit but I never understood caring about age
I wish anyone cared about me

not OP, but age isn't that much of a concern. Maybe he is young.

>Worrying about you, user.
I'm just going to pretend this was for me too.

>but I never understood caring about age
younger women are more attractive and tend to have cuter less serious personalities.

I just want a Christmas cake fembot to love and dedicate myself to tho
I don't care if they're young or cute

It might as well be for you, too, user.
I worry about a lot of people on this board.
So much self hatred and lack of belonging isn't good for mental or physical health.
I don't know you personally but I'm making a bit of an assumption considering you're also on this board.
Try not to let warped views of others cloud your perceptions on life. Live your own experiences. Even if they're not all pleasant, they'll at least be yours.
Idk I'm a bit tired sorry if I'm not making sense.

tfw christmas cake and cant apply

>Spending money just to spend it doesn't feel good.
I know. I have thousands of dollars in the bank, and multiple assets that could bring me thousands more if I offloaded them now. However, surely if you've paid money for all these things, you can imagine that using the same method to pay for nearly anything else is statistically likely to give similar returns on investment. Paying for attention is no different than buying more loli weeb figs, except at the end of the day, at least you have a fig or some new game that stays with you as a static object of value.
>It's an empty, corporate, commercial type of enjoyment.
Then change your environment. Don't invite parasites in to kill the local plant life and drain precious resources from every nook of its earth.
>not op but i dont even want nudes or lewd, i wish someone would accept me just for who i am
The only thing they'll be accepting is your money. The only time friendship or love are paid for is when paying professional funeral grievers or prostitutes. I don't think anyone's died here right now, so which of the two do you think is more likely?

I'm not giving up, this, in my brain, was just another form of coping. A way to stay sane. I'm beginning to have doubts though.
I am 21.

I'm not a qt or young and I don't know if I necessarily want to manipulate you and fake being your girlfriend but if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me.
Loneliness hurts.

But even fostering real relationships costs money. You buy dinners and drinks, when you're a couple you buy gifts and a ring and a wedding. I'm not delusional in that I believe an e-relationship would entail any of that or the emotion behind those actions, but I'm considering that spending money on a person and receiving affection in return may provoke feelings like those of a husband giving his wife flowers.
Or maybe I'm just stupid and going to far down this rabbit hole.

What's the fucking point? An e-anything can't hug you. You'd be better off buying a whore and some coke for that money.

Thanks user.
I'm just a lonely failed normie with not much to live for. I haven't turned bitter or anything yet so I don't think I will.
I hope you are doing well, and get some sleep.

I appreciate it, but I wouldn't say I'm 'lonely', just unfulfilled. I have some of the greatest friends in the world. They have my back and I have theirs. But they aren't lovers. They can't hold me in bed, or send me flirty messages at work, or build a family with me.

>I'm considering that spending money on a person and receiving affection in return may provoke feelings like those of a husband giving his wife flowers.
I really wish I had the pic of that Twitch mod who orbited some streamer and gave her like $20k. She made no mention or suggestion that she had a husband, and the guy was lead on. That is basically what you are setting yourself up for by doing this. Women don't respond to paid affection from people they don't actually care for.

Look at Delphine, the e-whore who's got millions of orbiters and followers. Do you think she honestly cares about the people giving her millions of dollars? No, she just takes the money and pops out a few pictures like the visual prostitute she is. Now she's making the next step into full-on pornography. She's not pure by any meaning of the word, and neither are any of the harlots that would take up your offer of material goods for paid interaction. They're not going to truly love you. They will not build a family with you or care for you when you're old. They're going to do their job that you gave them, which is to be an actress. That is why I do not think you should do it; it will fulfill nothing, and only betray your uneasy heart.

Try to keep your spirits up.
I'm gonna probably sleep early-ish tonight but don't want to sleep too early and get a bad sleep schedule going again. If I sleep too early I tend to wake up at 1-2am and suffer the next day.

I can understand that. I'm sorry things are unfulfilling for you.

One of you fembots should just do it. A bunch of you have probably already cat fished losers for money, may as well skip the fake bullshit and do an user a favor. You can just fuck Chad and laugh at him behind his back

Any time women claim to have it rough in dating I'm going to send them a screencap of this thread. How pathetic.

i wish i knew how to make money off losers online. but i'm ugly and nobody would want to orbit me. Stacy truly has life in easy mode.

Yeah, hate to say it, but 400 isnt nearly enough for what you are asking. Especially if you want them to be exclusive only to you. I paid 300 / week, just for a ten min phone call every night before bed (and she was also allowed to see other guys)

>people this needy for validation from females exist

you literally sound like a retarded incel schizo
get laid or neck yourself

I'll try user.
Why are you not sleeping?

Why do you need a gf for fuck sake? Love yourself.