Why do we hate women for being whores...

Why do we hate women for being whores? If the roles were reversed and you could fuck any hot woman you'd like could you honestly say you wouldn't?

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I'll agree with you the day women don't get into clubs for free, and the day we don't have to pay for all we do with them, and the day they're not on a higher social strata than we are

Well a lot of people (although I can't speak about everyone), are into the traditional nuclear family kind of thing. Personally I don't give a fuck.

they're less attractive as mates because if she's very promiscuous, there's a higher likelihood she will cuck you and you'll raise someone else's children. hence natural selection has made men favor less promiscuous women

probably has something to do with the broader stigma as well

thats not how it works, if only. emotions dont work that way. men try to emotionally bond with a woman. foolish perhaps

I mean they dream with this.
What comes next after an usual moronic woman hate post is either
- Why am I not chad? I would rape all of them and they'll beg for it
- Remove women's rights and force them to be pure again, forcing all of them to be raped by me
The most amusing part of this shit is honestly them being puzzled fucking tranny spam ended up being more interesting

I stopped hating women for being whores once I stopped considering them human.
Women are dogs.
Thats the secret. They misbehave if their master does not lead them well. That is all.
I stopped dreaming about a girl who could be my equal.
As I could equally as well be searching in the Zoo.
Women are stupid and emotional. You just need to dominate them, do not go around thinking that they need to be respected or anything.
If you get cucked it is YOUR fault, because you mistreated your dog. That is the way you need to be thinking.

>men try to emotionally bond with a woman

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naw its true. what do you think "oneitis" is? men physically feel pain when a "bonded" woman is out cheating. i swear

I wouldn't fuck everyone
I would prob search for lonely neet girls or boys and make them happy

so you don't think women have oneitises too? ya ok

where did i say they didnt? ya ok

its not so much that they say 'yes' so much as it is they say 'no'.

Well, fuck me.
But I am chad by every metric.
So, do you think that makes it even slightly better.
It allowed me to see the full true picture.
90% of the gfs of my friends have tried monkeybranching to me.
I could have fucked all of them.
But guess what? I have fucking decency and standards. Something that you can not say for those whores.
A woman is no different then a dog in heat. That is all.
Once you know this, you know all you need to know about them

Because it's disgusting that they don't have any decency and fuck robots. Instead they all share the same Chad like used-up roasties. They could be happy with someone devoted to them, but they'd rather get tossed around like meat.

If I was a girl I'd take as many robot virginities as I could.

bro. Chad's a fun dude, i dont blame them. i hang out with him too.

>I'll agree with you the day women don't get into clubs for free
If you think that's the case you've literally never been outside your house

What you have is delusion, that's why your post is not original and just a tired variant of "why am i not chad"

>Why do we hate women for being whores?
i don't hate women for being whores (nor for any reason) but i couldn't see myself dating someone who has been promiscuous in the past due to retroactive jealousy and so on and so forth
>If the roles were reversed and you could fuck any hot woman you'd like could you honestly say you wouldn't?
i don't really have a desire for sex outside of a serious lengthy relationship so no, i wouldn't

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The problem is not that they share the same Chad.
The problem is that they pretend to have their good old robot gf and then blatantly flirt with chad in front of their bf.
I sometimes think:
Hallo, dude, dont you see the way your gf is with me? You fucking cuck, get some decency and slap her in the fucking face.
And you fucking whore, do you think I can not see behind your cute face and smile? Are you trying to insult my intelligence? If you are serious, then be serious.

And the strangest of all is that in her mind, there is literally nothing wrong with this.

Don't hate them at all anons. Feminism has fed them lies to produce more workers and spenders.

I feel like celibacy only exacerbates my fetish. I'm trying to rid myself of it, but at no point does the fever ever break.

Well, if I am delusional, then why is almost every girl I know flirting with me?
And why have I never once been turned down when asking girls out?
Why do I get hit on every time I go to a club or bar?
I am 6 3, I get rated a 8 out of 10 by AI facial looks Rating Software.

You dont need to believe me. I just come here to share my experience.