Name a better country

Name a better country

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you autistis can't

anywhere else? (india is out of the list obviously)

Nope you already said anywhere else, you literally want to live in india, have fun

are the contenders limited to third world countries to keep it fair?

Hell l should open it up to other planets and galaxies just to even things up a bit

Brazil, it's three times better.

Ancapistan is pretty comfy.

i mean if you don't get raped, you're on the winning side. aka the man race

switzerland, luxembourg, and jordan

for what i've read, everywhere is shit including the US, with people trying to find where the grass is greener. of course many have it shittier like me in the third world, but after years of depression i finally resigned to the idea i could escape.

it only matters if you have money, not the country

kek, keke, and MEGA KEK

South Sudan

But seriously, Iceland.

You mutt, originally

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The blue and red areas have the same amount of muders.
Brazil is a second world, bordering on third world country.

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America from 1776 - 1941

>mutts look like this

Oh the horror!

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>Name a better country

Fuck """""""""United""""""""" (((States)))

we are you united, your lobsters are ours

Norway & Japan

fucking based
t. original

>not cringe

Oh boy



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Better dead in Brazil than living in those countries.

The Confederated States of America.

No fucking way, Japanese influence in America has turned millions into autistic virgins. Japan itself must be a million times worse

We have the best companies, the best military and the most freedoms.

>The Confederated States of America.

Ok maybe...

>and the most freedoms.
You cannot consume alcohol in public outside of a bar.
You cannot hire a prostitute legally.
You cannot possess or sell marijuana legally.
You cannot say anything negative about the agricultural industry without being jailed.
You cannot go to the hospital without accruing crippling debt for life.
You cannot work or travel without a vehicle when cars are considered a luxury in most countries.

Why is Brazil so good then? All the ones I've met with an IQ above room temperature are kept inside all day by their parents because of the crime rate

Yea just imagine how bad the other shithole countries are, yikes!

>most freedoms
>video is age restricted

The USA is a hellhole (how does a first world country not have healthcare lmao) but I don't think any country is much better right now, at best shitty in different ways

>You cannot say anything negative about the agricultural industry without being jailed.

The rest is libtard nonsense but what the fuck are you talking about?

Ooh boy near socialism where a big mac costs $18 USD due to 5 different taxes. No.
Ooh boy smog and paying $2300 USD/month for a 400 square foot apartment. No.

I've stayed in Canada for 2 weeks now, and although I've never been to US, I'm 100% convinced this place is incredibly better

Also FinlandNorwayDenmarkIceland

Why is Canada better at all?

Bruh we have healthcare dipshit. we just have to work for it un like the other lazy dipshits who just pay 18 bucks for a 5 dollar footlong

You can drink on your front lawn. It's private property.
You can in California
You can in some states
Fuck the agricultural industry
I have multiple surgeries and they are all payed off.

Tokyo rents are insanely fucking cheap compared to any near Tokyo-quality city in North America. Westerners just haven't updated their preconceptions of Tokyo since the Bubble (last time Japan was internationally relevant)

If we had universal healthcare, statistically you won't get anything out of it until you're over 50 or really unhealthy.

USA needs waiters and baristas and convenience store owners but if an American in a non-professional job gets cancer he just dies or goes bankrupt. Sorry, but that's some third world shit.

Because there are not americans

Nordic cucks can't even look their own countrymen in the eyes on the street though. A bunch of antisocial retards who only keep to themselves.

I just checked Quality of Life rankings and the USA is #17, just before Singapore.

The funniest thing is that it's from a US website too lmao

Yankee doodle dipshits on suicide watch now

The bankruptcy think is a myth that Elizabeth warren invented and has been debunked.

That's cause brown people are holding us down. In the Statewide Quality of Life rankings California is 50 and NJ is 49

This article is about bankruptcy given hospitalisation. I'm talking bankruptcy OR death given rare medical scenario AND lack of insurance. Not comparable stats in any way.

Any kind of statistic on USA healthcare expenditures (which are already grim) is gonna be skewed by the American poors who leave serious illnesses untreated because they can't afford it. In any other rich nation that just doesn't happen.

What are you talking about? Indian people commit less crime and have a higher median salary than white american anglocucks.

If your only argument is "we aren't as bad as black/hispanic people" then I kindly refer you to the 200 other immigrant demographics who are much more successful than your shitstain white trash families.

Your country was built by immigrants and ruined by social policies and domestic white/black retards.

Smog is more of a Chinese thing, but it's true that land in Japan is crazy expensive unless you're happy to live in the backwoods with only a DSL connection if you're very luck.

South Brazil is okay from what I've read, but the north has all the beaches so all the tourists go there.

another year getting near 4th of July
another year this place goes full retarded on both ends

how about you just be happy with your life?

america 2, earth 2

Most of those vary from state to state.

Texas when it was a country

Pajeets are 1 percent of the country. Now what other immigrants are so successful? Chinese earn about the same as average.

Mexicans? Haitians? Somalis? Come on dude.

Iceland or Norway because there's hardly any shitskins there to fuck things up, the cold keeps them out. Decent healthcare is a nice bonus, even if there's more taxes because of it. The south is borderline third world at times, I shouldn't need to carry a gun in this country while going downtown because some nigger or meth head might stab me over forty dollars.

Because it seems to have none of the problems USA does. Quite simple

Finland xDDD

...but unironically

originally ebin

With the education amerilards have i doubt you can name any

>more taxes
Man shit there costs too much if it isnt organic free range cruelty free plastic free sugar free fat free locally sourced government approved.
Big macs no shit cost like 20 bucks, shits fucked.