Why the interest?

Why do some men, mostly Jow Forums incel-types, love Rukka and similar autistic, LARPing Chunibyo girls?

Do you really want a childish woman that has obscure interests, does not care about fashion, her future, wants to devote herself to her man at the expense of herself (which will backfire in 20 years), etc., etc...?

What is even so great about her?

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I want a submissive devoted slave-wife

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>be childish man
>have obscure interests
>don't care about the future
>wants to devote himself to his partner like a clingy fuck no matter the consequences

can't you put 2 and 2 together? they are autistic shut-ins so they'll want a woman who is like them, not an outgoing social butterfly turbo - stacy

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If you need to question this, you dont belong on this board

>what's so great about her?
>obscure interested
>doesn't care about fashion or future
>wants to devote herself to her lover
All great qualities. Chuuni girls are perfect.

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You should look for a mature, adult woman. You can support her, her children, interests and feel proud for it.

Chunibyo girls are a mistake.

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I do not want a childlike girl because I'm not a fucking nonce

Nor do I want someone being dependent on me

But i am also not going to be a stepdad to someone else's kids and pay for their mistake

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If she's legally an adult then I don't give a shit about maturity as long as she's responsible. I could feel proud of supporting her, our children and her silly interests because I don't care what other people think. Chuunis are a gift.

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So what do you want? Unless you find the autistic virgin you incels crave, marrying a single mother is your only chance.

Chunibyo girls are still Chunibyo. Are you okay with her thinking she is the Magical Space Queen Lunamaria VII and Wielder of the Cosmic Glaice of Glamour? Will you aid her in her quest to stop the heinous Dark Lord of Orange from building a wall around the Earth?

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There is a lot of drama here, but yeah, I would date a chuni girl. Problem is they do not really exist. The few that do tend to be wiccans or furries.

As long as she's cute and likes to fuck I don't care what she calls herself. I don't hang around women for intellectual stimulation.

And that is why you are single.

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chuunis dont really exist in real life though.. right? usually that kind of thing gets bullied out of a person by age 12 in english countries and women cant handle peer pressure

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They do not exist in black/brown countries, so good luck finding one in America. Your best bet is glouriousu Nippongo

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to move to Japan so bad
I know like 25 kanji from watching animu surely I'm qualified

I like roleplaying, LARPing, and so on, but I do not live the Chuni life 24/7...

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are you a girl? will you marry me (male)?

>wants to devote herself to her man at the expense of herself
>has no future so depends on me
Sounds good to me

You must be an original Trump supporter.

You do not know me. Would not like me. Here for a reason. Just like you.

Just wealthy & want qt at home waifu to love. Are trad values a sin? Seems to work pretty good.

I have yet to watch the movie but I'd rather a Shinka than a Rikka.

let me keep my fantasies

I am not a fantasy. Short, brown hair, freckles, bad eye sight, 23 and still in college, shut-in, etc.

You know if anyone will relate it'll probably be here then?

can i lick all of ur orifices while you punch me in the gut

sounds pretty nice to me desu

>(which will backfire in 20 years)
A relationship with an average woman backfires in 4 years or less.

I know. Still know a lot of guys here want the whole package.

Or this.

I appreciate that, but I am hardly attractive, conventionally or otherwise.

>not a fantasy
>lists all generally desirable traits minus bad eyesight

Bad eyesight is a plus she wont be able to see my micropenis.

She did not say if she was white or not.

I get pussy whenever I want tho so it's all good.

Is it? I have never really gotten any positive attention because of my looks.

understand that 60%+ of men are likely socially autistic as fuck and incapable of showing such attention