Jow Forums seriously needs more positive transgender representation

Jow Forums seriously needs more positive transgender representation.
Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fuel.
more discussion of the trans lifestyle and community, no more abuse and harassment.
no haters and trolls allowed! if you don't have anything nice and constructive to contribute to the thread, just don't say anything at aII.
you literally have 149 of your own threads at all times.

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Real trans are simple ugly as fuck, no one would post in this thread if you changed that draw for a trans pic.

You only serve as a disgusting fetish that should be hidden. Trannies dont deserve the same rights as normal people

I disagree, I think it needs more fap fuel and more abuse

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I just find out im tans ama

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We actually need more tranny death threads and tranny suicide threads.

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What Jow Forums needs is the report option "this thread belongs on /lgbt/

Anyone else notice that both trannies and anti-trannies hide behind anime avatars?

I don't really give any single bit of shit if you're a transgender or not, my only beef with trans is that your threads in here are always shit
change that and half of the board will see you as someone

Won't ask anything, but gud luck. Remember dedication and remember to get support from elsewhere than just hugboxes.
Hard things are hard to listen, but is sometimes gud

threadly reminder that transwomen ARE women and should be protected and cherished.

unless they are transbians, those are just failed incels.

That's the best part, not even as special snowflakes robots will get some love.

Contrapoints was built for throatfucking

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go back to one of your faggot containment zones
there are literally 7 faggot containment boards on this website and you come here instead
kill yourself
you will never pass, ever. Everyone will always know you're a hideous man and if you stop flooding your body with expensive pinkpills, it'll begin hyperproducing test and what little is left of your hairline will soon fall out, and you'll look like a shitty sad faggot man again

Get fucked, troon. Keep your sick fetishes out of our sports, schools, and change rooms.
t. real woman

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The trannies hide behind them because in reality they're fucking goblins, and the anti-trannies are shallow husks with no soul and need some kind of representation. Everybody loses.

Hontra are you okay, are you okay, are you okay Hontro?

fucking stop with this tranny psyop shit. you aren't passing and you never will. just join the 40% and the net quality of this board will increase.

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Remember when this board wasn't filled to the brim with redditors and bait threads were easily ignored?

it is time to D I L A T E

Curse you, filthy fag.
You are not welcome here

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Am I the only person on this site who is unironically accepting of the lgbt community?

go to lgbt if you want to representation, but stop making it your personality. youre worse than most incels

No, no even you support this unironically

nah i am too. these "MY BOARD" incelfags just scream the loudest

attn cumbrain
see pic

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>more positive transgender representation.
user, if you wanted a rekt thread, you could ask it bluntly, y'know?

Have you tried /lgbt/?

Not really
I can't recall a single time that has happened.

isnt this the reason /lgbt/ exists

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i swear i want to believe this is bait but im scared its not

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Jow Forums seriously needs to ban trap/gay threads
it doesn't have a place here
go to /lbgt/ and make a lonely robot thread and fuck off please
get the gay off Jow Forums

you are nothing of worth
you are delusional
you are far worse than schizophrenic
you are in need of euthanization, not transitioning hormones

>are women

Whats stopping you from going back to ? Fuck off

Mandatory image coming through. You will never pass.

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Nobody actually believes that trannies are making these threads right? Please tell me everyone is just playing along, because these threads are the lamest bait ever.

Just wait until the trans zoomers come through fucko
>started hormone blockers before puberty so never got the masculine features
>doesnt get the brain changing dose.of hormones either
>since they never hit puberty they'll pass 99% of the time
Sure trannies who transition at age 40 are ugly, but all the zoomer trans are gonna havw high quality bussy, im looking to get one for myself once they all come of age.

Literal cope

You literally have your own board.

Wait, I get it. You don't want to post on a blue board.

>B-but muh zoomers
Even the oldest of Zoomers (97-05) are just hitting their early-mid 20s. So let me just tell you
>most zoomers still don't pass
>those who do won't in the next five to ten years
Even those who are taking hormones won't be able to pass. It'll be like what happens when hitting the wall happens for women, except so much worse. They can take all the tranny pills they want, but their body will start trying to take back control. They'll be in the same position every other tranny is in. The only reason a few of them pass now is due to how young they are.

I am. I really don't see why I should have an issue with any of them, even trannies.
>they're destroying society!!!
why should I give a fuck about society? I'm a NEET

That you TERF-bot?

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>their body will start trying to take back control
with what? masculinization happens due to male hormones, if the body isn't producing any, then the body won't be getting any signals to "take back control". It's like how intersex people work, someone might be born with XY chromosomes but their body is affected very little by male hormones so they develop in the womb as a girl, are born as a girl with a vagina, etc, all because their body never received the signals (hormones) from the chromosomes to express male features

I get that, but /lgbt/ does not allow NSFW content.

>why should I give a fuck about society? I'm a NEET
they also destroy any online community they're a part of

This isn't your board. fuck off to /lgbt/ if you want to talk about trans issues.

okay gay

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>unironically accepting of the lgbt community?
imagine being a 'robot' on r9k and saying this. the LGBT community is everything wrong with normalfag culture times 10, fuck off normalfag

Then go to another board like /b/ and shit that up with tranny porn. Or do what the feminist 'bots did and make your own chan?

I'm accepting of them and think they should be treated with equality but this board has nothing to do with LGBT shit.

Trans lifestyle is a mistake 90% of the time and "gender dysphoria" is overly diagnosed because not diagnosing someone gender dysphoric can be seen as discrimination or a hate crime.
Many teens and youths are confused about gender identity due to the change of gender roles in society and various other factors.
Anyone that allows someone to transition in their youth should be shot, and encouraging bodily mutilation should be a crime.
Actual gender dysphoria is a painful fucking thing that is barely even rectified with transitioning surgery because no matter what you do, no matter how many hormones you dump into yourself, you'll never be the opposite sex. If you want to be a woman, you'll never be a mother. You'll never have a child. If you want to be a man, you'll never know the joy of fathering a child and seeing you and your wife's features in them.
You will only ever be a failed replica and that's why so many fucking trannies kill themselves. They realize it's pointless. The only "satisfied" trannies are people that transition for fetishistic reasons.
It's honestly fucking disturbing.

>Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fuel.
more discussion of the trans lifestyle and community, no more abuse and harassment

Ok guys we took the bait now can we stop replying so this fucking shit gets off the front page THANKS

So what? I forgot to sage. Sue me.

>thinking transhits are worth the attention they get
>not knowing they're mentally ill
sloppy job aero

not in my opinion. I really don't think threads like these are by the "lgbt community" because it's so formulaic (same anime trap every time for the image, same post everytime) that I'm 99% sure this is all the work of one spammer. Maybe that spammer is a tranny, maybe they're not, but that doesn't mean every tranny is like that. Most people seem to be under the impression that the constant spam of shit threads like "take the pink pill" are invaders from /lgbt/ but in reality they hate those types of spammers just as much as we do.
tl;dr I don't see why coordinated shitposting from a few annoying discordfags should make me hate an entire group of millions of people

Welcome to being a woman.
Being fetishized and sorted into porn categories is literally a societal expectation at this point.
>Why should being a transwoman make you exempt from what thousands of women have been complaining is an issue for YEARS?
I'm not saying it's morally right, but at this point it's part of being a woman.

Dont expect transphobes to understand basic biology

>Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fuel.
sexy traps get fetishized, not your average run of the mill ugly tranny

>comparing someone with an actual genetic defect to someone who wants to chop their dick off and take hormones despite being male through and through
Oh ok.

>tl;dr I don't see why coordinated shitposting from a few annoying discordfags should make me hate an entire group of millions of people

i'm not talking about shitposting, i'm talking about actual communities that allow trans people in. They're narcissistic easily offended attention whores that always try to force every community they enter to suit them and their needs. Yes, by the way, they do do the 'take the pink pill stuff' albeit not so blatantly. You could tell any trans community that you think girls clothes are cute and they'll tell you you're trans, they are unironically like a cult.

/lgbt/ is an awful board and the last thing anyone on this site should want is anyone from there coming to any other board. I don't mind the ones that are by all accounts basically weird right wing edgy Jow Forums guys except they have gender dysphoria, but those are a very small minority.

This whole thing Lynchian as fuck

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how do you expect to not be treated like a fetish when you treat you yourself like one?

everyone on this site shits on everyone else i dont know why you think youre any special?
people here pretty much hate everyone else youre gonna get harassed no matter who you are

go the fuck away, you useless reprobate. the more threads that are made about Transgenders, the more people hate them, so take a fucking hint and keep your mouths shut for once in your lives. if you want muh hater-free positive discussion, go to /lgbt/.

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Go dilate faggot

It really doesnt need any transgender representation, you guys have your own board. Why arent we allowed to have our own board to talk about our problems without you guys crowding in on it too?

this post is the literal reason why people want to hang and skin trannies. you dumb fags keep telling people what to do.


>im mad for no reason and gay

Just stop you autistic fuck. You're not going to make any progress with the daily catboy thread. It's just bothersome to those looking for quality content.

wait, arent normalfags all about lgbt rights? r9k is the dead last place youll find any kind of "positive representation"

nah normies aren't into traps at all. normies are straight

You're on 4chuns and clueless about why anons post anime reaction images?

Fucking newfags I swear.

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This thread is why I hate you stop bitching and crying

No matter what anybody tells you, you are a disgusting, mentally retarded, delusional excuse for a human being. Go hang yourself because we all know you will for being such a "misunderstood" individual, and when you die, don't expect to go to heaven because God hates you and all of the other tranny faggots in this world. You pathetic, shit stain on the bottom of my shoe.

how about you fucking kill yourself fag tranny
oregonally, thank god

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fuck off, this is a board for depression, anger and loneliness, kys

Do you have the sauce? these are potent stats if legit

All fucking faggots must hang

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i cant tell if these are headlines from the onion or not

Go to /lgbt/ this is not your board, this is a board for straight men that can't find love not a board for you to manipulate vulnerable men into your perversion.

Gib german trans gf right now

The California one sounds about right considering people here legitimately get offended at the American flag on police cars

>Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fuel.
Okay, but I can still fap to them if I recognize they're women and not just a fetish, right? Because I fap to cis girls too, why should trans women be off limits

What good are you other than fap material? You're degenerated things with no hope for a Future and idiotic reasons to destroy your body and life

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Gonna need sauce on this semen demon, I beg

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>bait threads were easily ignored?

oh boy, another tranner thread

>tfw you run out of hrt in 2 weeks

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What always gets me about this trap isn't that the artist uses it to shill tranny idelogy, rather than the artist seems to be actually Japanese. Like how did a jap fall for the tranny meme so much that he uses his art for propaganda?

>Jow Forums seriously needs more positive transgender representation.
I fully agree, we need more livestreams of trannys killing themselves!
>Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fuel.
Being fap fuel is your only redeeming trait you silly faggot.
>more discussion of the trans lifestyle and community, no more abuse and harassment.
>>/lgbt/ is for that you mentally ill degenerate trash.
>no haters and trolls allowed! if you don't have anything nice and constructive to contribute to the thread, just don't say anything at aII.
"STOP HATING US, WE ARE REAL WOMENZ!!!" your a joke, nothing more or less than a joke fantasy that prison gay faggots fap to from time to time.
>you literally have 149 of your own threads at all times.
Not true hun, and even if it were, you're still less than 1% of the population and you already got a board catering to you so fuck off to >>/lgbt/.

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You know why people hate trannies so much? Because you faggots are never happy. No matter how much you're given, no matter how much effort is made to include you and cater to you, you still keep fucking whining that it's not enough. It's never enough for you. You're like locusts. Devouring everything in your path, your hunger never sated. You got /lgbt/, a whole board for talking about tranny stuff (I.e. dilation methods, where to acquire titty skittles and how you distract yourselves from the knowledge that you'll never be anything more than shallow parodies of women) and you'd think that would be enough but nooooo, you can't just post there and leave us alone, you HAVE to spread your brand of faggotry everywhere you go, even if your presence alone pisses off everyone around you. But you don't care about that. You want everyone to be pissed off at you so you can play the victim card and push your agenda even further down our throats. THAT'S why people hate you. Because you think the world revolves around you and you're entitled to everything you want, which is everything and then some.

Who gives a fuck. You shouldn't need to talk about yourself ever on Jow Forums. Nobody cares that you're a tranny. Go back to lurking faggot

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buy injections desu, cheap and last forever

Fucking faggot gtfo this if Jow Forums not your lgbt circle jerk
No one cares for your lifestyle just do your thing and don't bother other person with your lifechoices

kappu should kill itself

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that's not very nice, maybe you should consider the same

Go to the archive and see how subhuman that tripfag is. He should be tortured and killed