What are you going to do with your $1000 neetbux a month?

What are you going to do with your $1000 neetbux a month?

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But 4 - 5 pizzas, with all inflation.

buy a single subway sandwich for 80 dollars

Fuck you if you fuck ups actually get more money than my mom used to earn as a kindergardner

Buy a gun and shoot myself
You have been muted for 8 seconds

Distribute it randomly among fembots I meet here.

I'm not NEET and I hate NEETs.
I also hate: niggers, trannies, gays, low IQ people, and most of all: jannies.

Put it all on my mortgage

Probably nothing. Maybe save up to go traveling or something.
Seriously I have almost no expenses. I live with my parents. I don't have friends to go out (and hence spend money) with. I pirate everything I can. I spend like $10 a month on wanikani and that's it.

Get my own place, maybe buy a nice shotgun and shoot myself in the chest

I am a NEET and I don't mind NEETs, trannies, niggers, gays but hate all low IQ people whom I would put in gas chambers.

Sit on my ass and laugh at the employers as they bitch and moan about not being able to find good workers because everyone's getting more in NEETbux than the slave wages they are offering.

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Surprise, your rent is now 1000 more expensive.

>not being able to find good workers
Loool, I love it when shopkeepers say this. It's exciting to watch dying grocery stores and malls that have to hire actual retards now just to keep their wageslave empires afloat.

>my mom used to earn as a kindergardner
Ur mom got paid 1000 a month to be a little kid?

I would literally live in my own head on the streets for 1000 a month

You don't know how inflation works, if everybody has 1000, 1000 become the new 0

that's assuming yang actually does just literally have the government write a check to each citizen for $1000 a month, presumably someone along the lines will point out the naive approach isn't going to work.

Yes, them he'll give the $1000 check to minorities and trans.

Give it to my sister so she can stop doing questionable things for money and lead a decent life.

I would honestly keep my job and move out of my parents house.

What city does your sister live in ?
Asking for a fren

Both of us are from Austin, Texas.

NYC. Its fucking expensive here and hard to find job

Invest it so I can retire sooner.

>You don't know how inflation works, if everybody has 1000, 1000 become the new 0
Imagine being this dumb and thinking you are smart

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Econ major here.
that depends on where the funds come from.
If they just print the money , then yes you are correct.
If they use tax revenue then not neccesarily

So what you're saying is the system is designed to keep 90% of the country enslaved regardless of any attempts, or hand outs towards financial improvement?

Ahh fuck you know what I meant

buy plane tickets

More like 99% but year. Though "designed" implies a level of conscious maliciousness that I think exceeds what actually exists

Handouts aren't free and usually people won't give you free money unless they think you're a bitch

>Democrats win election by promising retards and poor people free money
>Upon election democrats declare war on Iran
>Isntreal nukes Iran
>Russia declares war on Isntreal and Americlap gets involved
>WW3 has begun and humanity is wiped out or sent back to the dark ages
The cycle of humanitys fall restarts once again.
The time is near brothers, prepare to be cleansed by flames once more. Just as the prophecies have fortold.

Lmao no free lunch cucks

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open up a pizzeria

donate it to ICE

I believe yang said that a good chunk of the money will come from what was previously welfare (plans to abolish it if UBI because no need) and taxing companies who use heavy amounts of automation as they give no jobs to the people. Given that only multi billion dollar companies use automation heavily i think it wouldnt cause inflation that bad at all.
Issue is, the system wont properly work until its truly needed. Its too early for it, but we cant wait until its too late either.
Im just glad hes focusing on the american working class and how the future will go, he has america in mind and that shows me hes worth possibly voting for.

Honestly, an extra $1000 a month would be really beneficial for me. Maybe I'd use it to focus on my creative endeavors, but do any of us really think Yang boy will win?

>Upon election democrats declare war on Iran
Boland Rump is the one trying to do this, though. Leftists do not want war, we want to fix our country's issues.