Fembots, how do you deal with not being attractive?

Fembots, how do you deal with not being attractive?

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By accepting an abusive relationship
I cannot be pretty but I can be quiet

ok I want an abusive relationship in exchange of human contact

yeah that's definitely the only reason he doesn't leave you rather than the reason you're attracted to him in the first place

What you wanted to mean?

The most abuse I receive, the more I love him.

Easy. I dont. But oruginnfqhfgggggally

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Realizing there's no such thing as an unattractive fembot

I exist so yea

yet Jow Forums continues to think women are unreachable when they are literally just waiting ot be used as punching bags. if incels took out their frustration toward women on women they'd probably fuck mad pussy

Most want to be "nice guys", they need to learn that the worse you treat a girl, the more she'll like you.

It kinda hurts to know no one ever loved you or will because of your looks
I just want to be loved and cuddle with someone:.......,..,..,
I wish boys didnt care that much about looks

I highly doubt you are unattractive, maybe some bad experiences unfortunately tricked you into thinking that

No, everyone thinks I am unattractive and I really am. Trust me, i look extremely bad.

>they need to learn that the worse you treat a girl, the more she'll like you.
A certain kind of girl, yeah. Sounds like a miserable relationship for both parties, though.

It's enjoyable, but some don't have the balls for it.

I already accepted the fact that no one will ever fall in love with me so its easy !

I wish someone could enjoy hurting me aaaa

i dont believe it, even the most hideous disgusting girls can get a average looking dude

Tan skin.
Small mouth.
Big nose.
Wavy hair.
Bangs that are not even straight.
Too flat.
Brown eyes and brown hair.
Big forehead.
Roast beef pussy.
Brown nipples.

End my life

just fuck other niggers

As long you're not exigent you can find, it's easy, even for boys

I cry a bit and immerse myself in fictional realities to forget the superficiality of humanity.

im not black, im just less white for some reasons.

by eating ass

Also black guys like their girls thick lol

>im not black
keep telling yourself that, and niggers dont have standards