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ITT we discuss Asian women and their natural superior beauty
How will politics change with the increase of WMAF dating and marriages?
Should an official political ideology be formed for WMAF nationalism?
Should discrimination of yellow fever be illegal?
Are liberals hypocrites for being anti-WMAF?

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Race traitorous fucks

>How will politics change with the increase of WMAF dating and marriages?

white women will try to ban it

>Should an official political ideology be formed for WMAF nationalism?

sure, eurasian utopia fucking when?

>Should discrimination of yellow fever be illegal?

I would just avoid people like that in the first place

>Are liberals hypocrites for being anti-WMAF?

for sure

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if any of you are in college with a decent korean intl student population, make friends with korean bros first. they will likely be thankful for your help and friendship and invite you out to drink where you can integrate yourself into your area's korean network and meet qts

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How do I get a Jap gf?

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Be white sdf

Thoughts on mail order brides? How much money do you need to make per year for a pinoy mail order bride to stay with you?

Anyone know why this happens? My dad is really interested in asian cultures and asian girls suddenly. Last time he brought an 18 year old thai girl home. He's triple her age but whatever, he knows she wants him for his money but still. How does this happen?

A smart investment desu

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I'm not white though so pinoys are my best bet
Which sites are best for finding one?

white men are the trophy husband, asian women the trophy wife. Tis' the natural order of things.

where did I say anything about being white? And I don't know.

>Are liberals hypocrites for being anti-WMAF?
A few leftists are anti-WMAF, they get shit from 99% of leftists for it. A lot more right wingers are anti-WMAF.

I was assigned a qt Korean lab partner in my freshman chemistry class, but I wasn't skilled enough to make that go anywhere.

it was fifteen years ago and I'm still angry and regretful

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This fuckin double standard, fuckin roastie, I'm marrying a Thai qt and there is nothing they can do to stop me.

Of course, first we gain the trust of their men, and then as soon as the men have let their guard down, we can steal their women right from under their nose.

But serious, get a foreign bro first and integrate into their social circles via bros. You'll be able to bypass the stigmas since you're now just another one of the bros, and you get Asian bros to be your new friends for life.

what asian whore are making these threads? the whole premise is a lie

lol i agree. its not taking over but just getting into the culture.

No asian whore is making this thread roastie. White women are subhuman garbage who need to go extinct.

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>A few leftists are anti-WMAF, they get shit from 99% of leftists for it.
That's not true, like yeah they're not the crazy hapas types but most left wingers have a problem with guys that have a preference for asian girls. Just tell any left winger that you like asian girls because they're more feminine, they get mad every time

>tfw Asian
>tfw no Asian mommy gf
god pls come back

Is there any media that actually has a prominent WMAF relationship? I'd love for a show or movie to do that.
As much as it'd piss off white liberals.

what if you are not?

Probably, just search that reddit hapas community or something, they're legitimately more obsessed with media forcing WMAF than Jow Forums is with blacked shit

found this in 2 seconds

>discuss Asian women
Asian girls were generally nicer (decent) to me (white American) growing up and I think it triggered my second wave feminist mother. I would rather stay in my race but if my legacy is healthy hapas that's ok.
>How will politics change with the increase of WMAF dating and marriages?
They're mostly authoritarian collectivists so expect californification.
>Should an official political ideology be formed for WMAF nationalism?
Call it Eurasianism and make a Free Cities mod. (In this game you can enslave girls and/or boys of all races and play with lots of fetishes including breeding and supremacy.)
eight ch dot net/hgg/res/348836.html
(ctrl+f: pre-compiled, guide)
>Should discrimination of yellow fever be illegal?
>Are liberals hypocrites for being anti-WMAF?

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Asian men are more focused on their animated waifus to notice the real women.
White women are just straight up trashy hoes these days who mostly wanna suck black cock.

So naturally this was gonna happen.

>grew up surrounded by asian girls (bay area) in all aspects of life
>elementary, middle, high schools as well as college (attended UC in california)
>found them fine, not yellow fever specifically but they're pretty cute i guess
>still ende dup as of now 27 year old kissless permavirgin incel


Its not like the libs will start making their own unwritten social laws about wmaf relationships...

>How will politics change with the increase of WMAF dating and marriages
It won't. Its not illegal.
>Should an official political ideology be formed for WMAF nationalism?
Don't really care but you do you.
>Should discrimination of yellow fever be illegal?
Who. Fucking. Cares?
>Are liberals hypocrites for being anti-WMAF
I've never seen libs who are openly anti-WMAF, so I dunno but liberals are almost always hypocrites anyways.

>American Asians

Nobody cares apart some catlady on twitter if you have yellow fever and wanna marry some gook, you guys are schizophrenic

Severe case of yellow fever here. Got a cute asian coworker from mongolia or somewhere around there. I'm in my 30's and she's 18. Came here to start university.
I wouldn't even know how to start a conversation and see whether she's interested or not. I escortmaxxed years ago and fuck a hooker every other week. Later today I'll rim that thai from last week again and fuck her. I got my basic asian needs covered but seeing her makes me want to impregnate here. I fucked a early 20s thai hooker raw a few weeks ago and cumming inside was one of the best moments of my life. Way, way better than cumming inside a white girl.

Holy fuck, i can't believe this is real, can you link some websites that deal with this?

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user, you can sign up to philipino tinder or tantant or cupid and get to know 100s of such women, then visit them and/or bring them home

Or just take a vacation there

Even then they are mostly goldiggers, in the sense they want a better life therefore seek westerners

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They want money, you want affection. Think of it as a long-term hooker. There's no love involved, just a great deal for both sides.

just coming in here after finding the holy grail of wmaf vids


Too bad that most asian hookers don't kiss. Only reason I fuck other ones too.


imagine thinking asian women are top tier

>15 years ago

dude how have you not forgotten about that. who still thinks about a girl from that long ago

stop spamming shitty racebait everyday

>35 year old white man who fucks asian prostitutes wants to pick up 18 year old asian girl

yeah that totally doesn't make you look like a fucking creepy pathetic loser. the fact that you have to pay for sex already tells me you don't have a shot in hell in getting a woman who doesn't want money from you.

fuck off and leave her alone for a real man.

>People hate BLACKEDfags for how much they spam and shit talk white men
>Does the same thing as them

you can go through a dating agency. they'll set up pretty much everything for you and you just have to pick out which girl you like.

Only downside is that it costs a lot of money, look to spend more than $1000 dollars for that service but you're pretty much guaranteed to get a wife from it.

I go for hookers because I rarely see asians and I'm addicted to them. And I compare what I can pick up for 50 Euro in a club with drinks ,entry fee etc. versus going straight to a hooker of my choise and fuck her. Hookers are the overall better deal if you just want to bust a nut and are not Chad or at least Chad-lite.

I've fucked 50yo asian women. I'm not a milf-hunter but most thai hookers are around 40-50. I still eat their ass though. Gotta live the life.

Only 1000$!?!?!?? I was prepared to pay somewhere in the 50k-100k range, wtf, how can western roaties even compete anymore.

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You pay that in the divorce and alimony. Asians spent all their money on handbags, shoes and shit. Even more so than white roasties. So get a young one, enjoy the prime asian pussy and then be prepared to pay for the rest of your life.

well that's only the cost of using the agency service. that price doesn't include the money you have to spend when you eventually want to go meet her. flights, hotels, transportation, dates, money for her family (you still have to go meet her family and ask permission to marry and there's usually some sort of monetary contribution you have to pay)

in total i can say you're looking to spend around 8-10k in total and that's only for getting her. Reminder that you to support her and her family forever if you actually get married.

asian women are still total roasties behind their facade but i can't help but preferring them.

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i am the same way even though I know the reality about them.

They're a tough investment but you get more out of them honestly. Here you got a woman who will maintain their youthful appearance well into their 40s or even 50s. You have a excellent care taker, house wife and actual lifelong partner who wants to be with you.

They have huge negatives but I think they balance out with positives.

eating a hookers ass lmfao you're one nasty ass man. i hope you get checked every damn week you nasty ass nigga

Still cheaper than western roasties and with a lower divorce risk while actually loving you for pulling her out of poverty and helping her family out.

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At least they put a facade up and try to maintain a semblance of modesty instead of these western cunt that are in your face about it.

burma is the go to for cheap wives nowdays boys. getting back to a western country is the hard part, dam visas


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My Chinese gf, how did I do bros? Been together for 8 months now, can say we've never fought, she loves me to death and wants my children. She doesnt care about whether she makes more money than me or if I make more than her. Shes sweet, cute and caring.

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I am against long term relationship with asians. Asian girls role is to be the sex slave of the white man. Hapa boys must be exterminated and hapa girls must live to be a slave of another white man.

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>introduce yourself to the holw group
>say "can I talk to you for 2 minutes"
>grab her away from the friends
>tell her you want to have some drinks with her tonight

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do looks matter then? based on the description, 10/10. just marry her if you're happy.

you're lying but very cute user marry her

>how have you not forgotten about that
its not exactly like I meet a lot of women, user.

Do looks matter to her or me? Because quite frankly shes gorgeous in my eyes.

I'm not lying but ok lol

Bro congrats and all but REALLY think hard before marrying her or having kids. Asian women change big time when you put that ring on her finger.

chinese girls are the lowest tier asians
all they want is money and status

Not this one, I can assure you of that. I've went over this with her and status and money mean nothing to her, shes got a bachelors and she will be going for her masters in university because her parents are basically forcing her to go to school because they're paying her tuition. She hates it. She always says that school is draining her.