*appears in your room in a cloud of pink smoke*

*appears in your room in a cloud of pink smoke*

What is thy bidding master?

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I need a monster to clobber that there Kirby

lol. pls win worlds for once

Take off that wig and clothes and suck my dick you skinnyfat fag

Take it all off. We have a race to save tonight

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Summon me a real girl to do my bidding.

Sneaky is a disgusting human being and I wish death upon him.

If this guy is going to keep crossdressing, he needs to lose weight and firm up. So low effort.

kill the jews
take their $$$
give it to me
go away

Massage pls and maybe help me understand Hegel

Become a better League player, Sneaky.

*helps you understand Hegel*

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I heard it, originally

Based EVO tankbeast chad x2

have ur gf do me next

yknow i love traps but this dude does not pass, he's just skinny and has access to a makeup crew

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do u fags never get tired of spamming this garbage

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That's what we do best at N.M.E.

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The irony of this post. How many times have you posted that image...

Vacuum the floor, bitch.

never ever
EU-chads ww@

add me and carry my league games, bring your teammates too pls.

>make me a lich
If it's not actually magical,
>get the fuck out.

That's a boy, user. You can't have kids with another dude.

Maybe user is a girI.

I'd check for a penis, and if there isn't one I'd carry her to bed and hold her against my chest as I fall asleep.

>looks good
>even cuter
Your point fag? If you think i wouldnt smash the SHIT out of the right pics youre tarded