How much money do you have in the bank Jow Forums? I've reached the under 1k mark

How much money do you have in the bank Jow Forums? I've reached the under 1k mark

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l don't even have a bank account.

i have 30 in my checking, 2000 in credit and 1000 in savings. as a 28 yo boomer. feels fucking bad

I have $6160 (less than three month's expenses) and dread starving to death on the streets a weekly basis

you're fucked as I am, I've got nothing

I currently have $78 and only make 500 a month

Biweekly* g

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enough to go get the succ anytime i want

little over 35k

1k in crypto

i've got about 85k in savings, but most of my income goes into my retirement fund now that the house is paid off. we'll see if i live long enough to use it.

What's bank actually, I just hear for that, something like ppl with money use that.. Hm

Lol, I'm several grand in credit card debt and NEET.

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I have about 7k I believe. It took 5 years of work to reach that though, and if I had lived on my own I'd need to take a second job.

Over $30,000.

My living expenses are currently negligible. Worst case scenario, I run out of money in five years. Best case, fifteen years. If I figure out some kind of gig where I can make a little money, I may be able to hold on for longer. Gonna NEET it up until 2035, baby.

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$4k in checking, $12k in savings, $12k in available credit right now if you want to count that
Not sure how much I have in retirement desu, I'd have to check my statements

like 80 bucks
mommy took over my bills last year

I'm around 350k or 400k not sure really, I dont really use the money in the bank at all.

this and I'm getting evicted. yay for being poor

Down to my last 1,500

I had 10k 1.5 years ago
I had to move to Russia to keep myself afloat because my expenses are a lot less

I need to finish a project or something or else I'm fucked

3k in checking and 1500 in savings. It typically stays around that because I have to pay at least one shitty bill a week and I spend a ridiculous amount on alcohol and cigarettes every week.

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60k in investment accounts, 3k in bank account

about $200, my life is falling apart

literally fucking 0. absolutely nothing.

nothing i dont work and live with my parents

~$60k in savings, ~$500 in checking and a little north of $13k in various securities/investments. 27 y/o living with parents.

I have like 100 dollars under my bed

damn, you're fucking balling, what do you do?

I'm 200 dollars in debt off some loan they took out in my name bruh NEVER should have opened that credit union account

DevOps Engineer... I dislike this career somewhat but the cons aren't severe enough to quit and do something else. Also I got tired of living in the city so I moved out to a rural area with my parents. Obviously not great for a social life but I'm pretty introverted as it is so it works out.

I am at about 1k to my name. everything I make goes into student debt payments so I can only manage to save a few bucks a week. My expenses outside taxes and student debt are beer, food, cigarettes, and gas. i have no friends or social group that I spend money on and I never go out. No rent as I live above the garage of my parents house and my vehicle was 1900 dollats so no payments, although insurance is like 40$ a month. Anyway, every few months I'll see that, maybe, if I were to lose my Job, I'd last a few more days of debt payments.

holy shit this is origgginally me

so you sell shitty overpriced accounting programs to dumb boomers, is it hard to get into the industry with basic programing knowledge?

That's....not at all what I do. I would answer your question but I don't know what industry you think I'm in.

4000 in savings due to financial aid and work. I missed deadlines for FAFSA related shit this year so all of it is probably going to go to the upcoming semester