Asian bots: would you ever date an asian girl who has been with a white man in the past?

Asian bots: would you ever date an asian girl who has been with a white man in the past?

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>wouId you ever date

if i was asian, i wouldnt

i would expect asian women to have dated white men already. since i like her i would date her

Sure. Why would that bother me?

if shes never been with a black guy

what about asian women, would they date an asian man that dated white women?

I dunno if I can't but, I'm half asian.
I hate asian women though so, No.

dont care. asians are

Why would this be a deal breaker but not white men?

sure. i ve been with plenty of girls, most of them asian, and theyve been with other dudes. my current gf was a virgin when i met her though and its nice to know im her first and last. i wouldnt say its the only way to end up with someone but i do see why people think being someone's first is so important

i just get a bottom of the pit reaction when i think of it

You shouldn't date a girl who has been with anyone in the past, regardless of race.
Actually I'd go as far to say you shouldn't engage in any romantic or sexual activity ever but that's my own personal philosophy, really.

>would you ever date an asian girl who has been with...
Based and realistpilled

no, not because of their past. i just don't find them attractive anymore

I would never date an asian

um I'd prefer one with no previous relationships

I guess it's not a black and white issue, it depends on how much we like each other

>would you ever date
do you know where you are?

thats true. when you like each other, the past doesnt matter.

everyone hates asian women so i'm used to it :c

hard to say, the past kind of matters but it isn't the most important thing

>white and black men are the same

both should be the same to asian, as they like to muh dick

Subsaharan african =/= caucasian

They are not the same dude, a girl that dates blacks is fucked in the head

asian girls with white fever are usually fucked in the head as well

why? they're not the same thing, i'm white and I don't care if a white girl dates an asian guy at all, asian guys are usually pretty cool and hardworking. That's not the same thing as dating black guys

not really
im glad someone agrees with me

Why do these threads always bring out cuckolds and race fetishists.

>Implying that I will ever or want to have a gf
Hahahaha very funny Igor, now go to Gulag.

discord or kik? origorigorigzz

As long as it's not exclusively white guys.

But I don't really care anymore. I sleep with white girls and latinas now.