18/f looking for someone to play Terraria with, anyone down? Add me on Steam:

18/f looking for someone to play Terraria with, anyone down? Add me on Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/moonstar654/

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You know you're about to get inundated by friends requests right?
I might consider it though, i haven't played terraria in a while, missed many, many updates.

I used to run a server but nobody played with me because everyone just wanted to fight shit and race to hard mode instead of just sitting around and building and exploring for hours

(._. )

im too autistic sorry

Yea maybe, that's okay though. the more the merrier
we're all a little autistic here friend

is it a gay game? ive been looking for someone to play an mmo with for a week but i was leaning more towards diablo or wow or something

Does this feel good to you? Coming to a board full of friendless losers looking for orbiters? Does this make you desired?

Serious question.

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terraria is the tranny game of choice, but its pretty good, not an mmo tho

Whoa there, slow down, why is it the tranny game of choice? I got it on sale many years ago for 1$

I'm not looking for orbiters, i'm just looking for someone to play a game with
I've never heard of it being for tranny's user, a ton of people play it

lots of trannys play the game thats why, no real reason i think, dont let that deter you the game is pretty good, and the devs are based for updating the game years after release

I have on xb1

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Anyways i've added you OP, but since i'm a yuropoor, i'll go to sleep for now.

you dont have terraria

join discord: XSmw7v

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You could have refrained from mentioning your sex like any normal person, but instead, you decide to try roaming in orbiters. I saw 'Terraria' and thought there might be a fun thread, but it's just another bait thread like always.
>Inb4 "b-but, I said I didn't want orbiters!"
Men don't post about their sex or even their age when doing this kind of thing because they actually want to play games. You want to play with people. I don't like you or people like you. Leave.

>I don't want orbiters
>Mentions being female for the sake of orbiters

>Sent friend request
>Realize they don't actually own Terraria
What was the point of this

get an orbiter to buy terraria for her, isnt it obvious

But you obviously know that, by stating you are a female on Jow Forums, orbiters ARE what you're going to get, right? Do you really think you'd be getting any responses if you were a dude?

All of the anons itt are thirsty betas that are hoping you will become their e-gf. Is that really what you want?

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Well she's misguided if she thinks that will happen.

i dont doubt it will, keep checking her profile terraria will probably appear as own games soon

It was a trap, fellas. Add me instead if any of you actually want to play. I actually own the game, but have no vagoo

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Ah shit forgot link sorry

Respect for not being a massive beta

lmao, fbi agent trying to honeypot pedos while also trying to get a free terraria key
godspeed man in black

>but have no vagoo
Well then whats the point

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To play video games you autistic frogposting nigger

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No need to be rude fren

[Spoiler]I don't actually have terraria and came here just to laugh at the roastie, sorry user[/spoiler]

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>tfw you have no vagoo to lure gamers to play terraria

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Nobody has taken me up on my offer, so I guess not. I just want to build comfy houses with some r9k friends but you'RE ALL DESPERATE BETA NIGGERS THAT DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT PUSSY AAAAAAAAAAA

welcome to the lonely male club, but you knew thats how it goes already

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Probably not a good time to play anyway right now anyway with the next update hopefully being around the corner. I guess I'll just make my own thread when that happens h-haha

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>TFW it would be dope to play Terraria with robots, but it makes me look like a thirsty orbiter to play with an 18/f


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>start self hosted terraria server
>no qt to play with

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an female is not an robot and never will be dont delude yourself, read the thread and you'll see what females are all about

How would that make you an orbiter user? I wasn't trying to trap anyone, I really do want to play the game but I'm broke.

Ahh, I see. I'll add that other guy when I get on Steam

Get a job faggot. You're old enough, and it's like 10 bucks

Mods, the OP is underage.

>I just want to build comfy houses
I can't imagine wasting my time in terraria doing that. You build a functional base or something small for fun, then you spend all of your time fighting, mining, upgrading and spawning bosses. Even more so if you install all the good mods. The building is honestly the worst part of the game

dw ban incoming

I will never understand why you would play Terraria if you don't want to build. There are lots of "Metroidvanias" that do combat, exploring, upgrading, and boss fights way better than Terraria and you don't have to build jack shit. Metroid, Castlevania, Hollow Knight, Cave Story, that one new cat robot game Devolver just put out, etc. What makes Terraria good is that it's the only game of this genre that you can build in

And I'll never understand why you don't just play minecraft if you want to build, it's the better sandbox for it with no other purpose.
And to answer, terraria has multiplayer, those games don't. Construction can be fun, but only functional construction like hellevators, skybridges, building paths to floating islands, or making the defenses of your spawn fortress tier with lava pits and all the shit to auto farm mobs for you.
Just building some random shit for no reason however, not really enjoyable