Night Walk Documentary Project!

Hi again,
I'm gonna act like I haven't posted this before.
So we have a project about Anons who night walk. More geared towards the remaining robots and some doomers who nightwalk,
So far we only have about 4 submissions.
No dead line is set for submissions yet,
A couple of Anons have said they would like to contribute and we can wait for them.

If you would like to send us a video of you night walking see the e-mail address above.
__________Do's and Don'ts.
-Do try and have at least decent audio and film quality
-Don't make it all about virgin tfw no gf
-Don't show your face or show the inside of your house or anything that would get you doxxed
-Do have something unique to talk about. Do try and show a unique place along your nightwalks. It doesn't have to be the destination it can be a place you just pass by.
-PLEASE DON'T make it all about one topic, be it incel, drug use, virgin, NEET, god/religion,Trap love or hate.
You can say a bit about those mentioned above but, it should not be the sole focus of your vid.

___________Talking points (Answer all or some of them please)

-Can you talk about a time in your life where you felt like things changed for you?
-What was the favourite time in your life?
-What do you look forward to in life?
-Do you think things will ever change for you?
-Where do you go on a nightwalk? --Like to the liquor store?
--Do you just wander aimlessly?
--Do you go somewhere with any significance to you? etc.
-Why do you nightwalk?

We look forward to seeing more submissions.

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And no, we don't need any money, we have a discord, We are not trying to dox anyone.
I hope this project will be a success in the sense that it will preserve what is left of robot culture,
I know /v/ has made entire albums of parody songs.
I know /a/ has a number of cover songs.
We need something that will show the future that we were here. Even if it's a shitty depressing documentary. It is worth making.

>Night walking on the vegas strip.
>Just got done winning like 4 grand at Bellagio.
>It was a nice summer evening.
>Walked down the strip,
>All these fucking happy couples.
>All these groups of friends.
>Sinks in that I have not spoken to anyone outside of work/business for 2 months. Barely even small talk.
>Not talking to family at the time either.
>See homeless couple,
>They were buskering, he was playing some small guitar instrument and she was doing some stupid dance.
>They had a tip jar, barely dollar in change in it.
>They were both laughing and smiling.
>Walk past them.
>Feel intense loneliness and despair.
>Walked off strip.
>Walked back home.
>It was a long and lonely walk,
>Went from bright lights to burnt out street lights.
>From glitzy signs to ghetto graffiti as I got closer to home.
>Got home.
>Went to my room.
>Dropped all my money on the floor.
>Sat on my bed.
>Head in my hands trying not to cry.
>Didn't cry,
>Fell asleep and hated life just as much when I woke up.

The money stayed on the floor for over a week.

Showing where we night walk would get us doxxed though.

Does it show it show the address of your house?
You can walk a few blocks away from your house before your film I did that on my submission.

Just have to be smart about the angles when near something that could give it away

Nah, it can still fuck you, they now know the general area/city you live in and where you night walk, all they have to do to catch you, is to wait along your usual route.

What if I filmed myself walking on a different route?
How would they know it's me if my face is never shown?
I don't night walk every night either. They don't know what hour it is either.
Maybe I night walk at 8:30? or 11:00? 2:00 or even 3:35? How would anyone know?

Who is 'they' and why would anyone have any interest in finding you just from posting a nightwalk?

Just a warning. Stranger things have happened. And you have no idea what kind of fucked sociopaths browse this site but some of them just want to see people like us burn for some reason. So be careful Yo.

Am I retarded or is there no email address?
Also what is the discord?

What kind of stranger things?
It's true there are some wretched evil fuckers on this board but, It's highly unlikely any of us would get tracked down and hunted.

>If you would like to send us a video of you night walking see the e-mail address above.
Am I retarded, because I don't see an email address.
Would you prefer commentary over a recording of the nightwalk after the fact, or "live" commentary as we do the walk?

e-mail address can be found here.

My bad.
And the disscordd

You didn't include the email/discord

Walk in a new location, nowhere near your place.

For editing purposes the former would be much better.
But, if you want to do it live and not around a bunch of noise and cars you can do that too.
The editor would much rather have commentary placed over it and if you can edit it that way that would certainly help and be more likely to put your footage in the doc.

We prefer commentary separate from the Nightwalk. If you wanna edit it together that's fine too, the main concern is the voice getting drowned out by other noise or a bad angle

Sounds good, I'll do post-commentary over recorded footage. I'll be in touch.

I'm sorry, I'm already paranoid enough out there. Thing is that there are plenty of normalfags out there who're willing to come out, ridicule us, videotape us, and or mess with us because they assume we're pathetic virgins. I'm not scared of some dumb faggots "hunting" me down, I carry a gun for that. I'm scared of further social repercussions and being outed for using this board. I don't want to be bothered along my usual route.

Thank you, We welcome your submission!
Don't forget to edit out street signs or anything that could get you doxxed.

Would love to do this and just talk about my upbringing while walking around but my good headphones got stolen

As I understand it, normies and chads don't really notice or care about us, unless we did spaghetti dropped hard enough to attract ridicule in a very public way.
It's highly doubtful that you'd be identified and targeted for harassment on some night walking footage.
But, it's entirely your choice to not take part in it.
I just hope you'll be interested to see the finished project when it comes out!

Talk about that too

Eh, suit yourself friend, it's up to you if you submit something or not

>I cary a gun
do you live in the hood or something?

>they assume we're pathetic virgins.
We're not?
Shit, I must be on the wrong board.

Pathetic virgin vs just a virgin.

the virgin virgin vs. the chad incel
the got molested beta vs the chad who got raped alpha.

I live in an area with alot of drug dealers, a gang has also claimed that area as under their control, I know this because of their signature grafitti mark and because I see drug deals happen constantly.

I don't want you to get killed over it but, if you could get to some place reasonably safe and try that would be great if not, hey thanks for posting here all the same.

Alignment of stars/moon for time and possibly even location

They dont know when it was filmed though, and if you're that worried about it dont point the camera at the sky

Film on a moonless night, on a lessern known route.
Hell, drive or take an uber to a different side of town. It can't be the worst.

I have nothing to contribute here except for this song. It's called Nightwalks and it's a very good song.

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Can't offer you a video or photo because my camera's quality is shit, but I could tell you why I walk. Does that fall into email catagory or no?

If its more then just a simple "I do it for exercise"
Then maybe yeah it could be good.

Tomorrow night I'm going to send one in. It wont be the full walk, but i have a spot where I can see most of San Diego that i like to walk to at night. I'll send it in with my story and my outlook on life as a former robot. I was a virgin and gfless dude until the age of 26. I hope I have alot of advice that might help people in the situation I was.

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Definetly is, sent my submission from a disposable email ending in
May want to check spam.

Thank you for the email! We received it and will use your story if we can!

I'm not seeing anything in spam or the normal inbox, did you send it to the right email?

Here's some background B-Roll you can use.

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Sure that sounds good mang,
We probably need a little bit of positivity

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