Drawing advice

Drawanons Give advice on where to begin with drawing so other anons like me can post progress pics or draw our characters and porn.

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inbf just draw or just practice

go to /ic/

they will bully you toward rapid improvement

I've been seeing a lot of "drawing" threads on here recently. But no anons posting their work...

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Ic is shit, most of the complainers there never even held a pencil. For the little I looked it seems it got a lil bit better recently unlike the last 1/2 years, but I'm not active there anymore so I'm not sure.

Just copy artists you like and you'll learn to learn to learn by yourself.

there are no advices you can't find by googling 'how to draw'
it all comes down to practice, there aren't two ways about it, you have to draw draw draw draw draw

the biggest issue (I at least have) is to find the balance between fun and discipline, because if you only draw for fun then you barely improve, and if you (I) want to really improve, then you gotta do the basics again, and again, and again, and draw them fucking apples and those hands and those cubes again and again and again, thousands, tens of thousands, hundred thousands of times

I don't think anyone really serious about drawing would post their shit here and risk being connected to Jow Forums of all places

>exposed torso
>heavyasfuck pauldrons
>pointless waist armor

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based and armourpilled

>want to draw
>try to join beginner drawing groups
>always full of competent artists just stroking their egos
>try to look up online tutorials
>everything always showing how to draw specific things but no overall tips for drawing
From what I understood I just need to grind until I decide it looks decent. I wish I could find other actual beginners but I'll just keep going until I git gud someday.

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My biggest advice to you as a drawfag is while you should practice, don't ONLY practice and actually try making some legit works, even if you don't feel like you're skilled enough. Big issue with 90% of /ic/ is that they only ever practice, but never actually draw even for fun really, and that leads to major burn-out and a hatred for art. There have been times where I've actually learned more from drawing an actual piece than just studying

Drawing is about learning how to draw specific things. There's not really any tips for overall drawing other than learning how to see shapes in objects. Learn how to draw the things you want to draw first, and your knowledge of other things will expand overtime

Little details make all the difference. These key details aren't easily taught and some people have the gift of naturally knowing them. Unless you spend time actively developing your style while observing others actually draw, you will find it very difficult to get any better.

>where to begin
That depends on the artist. Some artists just feel it out and others have a more structured aproach. Try writing down what you are trying to draw and as many details as you can. Collect some photo references. Create a thumbnail to place everything and map out composition. Then draw.
If you are talking about learning how to draw, I would recommend taking a drawing class.

the last thing i drew was this beaver

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Oh heck please post in my draw thread if you want

This is what helped me most towards improvement taking it seriously.
If you feel like you don't know how to draw for shit, start with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: 4th edition, it's a decent book to get the idea of what actually feels going a path towards improvement. It talks a lot of pseudoscience, feel free to ignore it and focus on the exercises.
Surround yourself with like-minded people that also enjoy drawing and for the love of god stay the fuck away from the mindset of comparing your work to others' be it better or worse, that shit's toxic.

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I ain't a great artist but i'm trying to get better, after all the only way to go is forward.

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Gimme the fucking sauce user pls i swear you pls

pixiv dot me/starkdust
i fucking hate captcha

The Micheal Hampton figure drawing book is quite good. You find a free pdf online by simply googling it.

Yeah I got it recommended at uni, when I've actually put in the time to study it its very simple. He breaks down things very well and comfortably builds up the complexity. But I'd say from the first few chapters alone it'll give you a decent foundation.

100% yes user. I have a few of these myself. But will look into the others, they're constantly on my amazon recommended so its great to see a endorsement

Find what you like (anime ect) and draw that. Ignore the people saying "You need to know the basics of human form first!" Because that isn't true. While it can help it isnt set in stone.
Practice tons on paper and keep all your work. Its good to look back on how you were 2 months ago and see your improvements.

Some of my shit.
Personal advice: try actually drawing for a while; if you enjoy it, continue. Trying to improve through learning anatomy, color theory, etc. is important, but if you start with them straight away you might get burned out.

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get books on techniques, practice the techniques, learn to think in 3D instead of just drawing what you see, do studies, do a lot of studies, learn proper perspective, really study anatomy.

also if you see an art piece you like save it and try to figure out what you like with it (lineart, use of color, etc) and how to use that in your own work.

also just practice user, there is no way to magically get better

that's because the 'beginner' level is anywhere between 1h to 10 000h of drawing
only when you reach that 10 001th hour can you call yourself 'competent'

but you're better off learning from books than from online tutorials, though /ic/ is shit as a board, look up their recommended book list and download a couple of those and start there