What's the youngest you would date?

What's the youngest you would date?

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If by "date" you mean fuck, then 12.

thats a good looking sandwich, and iced coffee? whos that person, thats my food

Age doesnt matter so long as they have a job and don't live with their parents. Fucking a schoolchild or glorified schoolchild would be weird

24 years old
i'm 28
maybe i'd date younger idk
older women have just broken my heart

I don't have a limit on youngest, but oldest is definitely six.

im 28. youngest i dated was 18 when i was 25 and it was awful. i dont have a set age but it really depends on the girl

love is love, you shitlords

Why was it awful?

I wouldn't mind having a platonic relationship with a girl as young as 15 but no sex until marriage and no marriage until she's at least 17

Half my age +7

was set into a 'blind' date with her. a cowroker of mine set us up and showed me her ig pics. was a legit goddess and i was psyched. date night comes and i arrive first. she comes and i dont recognize her lol. her body was tight and her face wasnt even that bad but i was so pissed at having being lied to i just drank a few beers and fucked off without asking for her number

Nice try mr. Fbi im on to you

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around my age -1 to +2. If I hit mid twenties, maybe -2 to +4. I don't fuck with minors because I'm not retarded.

There are still gentlemen in this world

I'm 19 right now. Went to a party very early this year with some friends who were Juniors when I met them, but are now Seniors. The host holds a club at school open to all grades so he ended up inviting over two fourteen year olds, one of them was a skinny red head.
At one point she got claustrophobic so I asked her what's up, got her out of the room onto the porch, and handed her a soda. She's been inviting me out to dunkin and jokingly invited me to prom when I was complaining to some bros that I never went.
I hang out with her just fine with the rest of the group but she texts me too much for me one on one and I'm worried everyone will think I'm going after younger girls.
She's kinda of a disgusting stacie in waiting tho, she points out random guys when the group hangs out to call them ugly when they can't hear. She's more mature than I thought fourteen year olds would be, but the MILF fags maybe right that young girls aren't mature enough.

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>there are still gentlemen in this world
Maybe so, but this is Jow Forums user. We are all rejected dickheads here.

No, no! Why would you think I'm the FBI, I am normal Jow Forums like you!!

remember - you are here forever

I dunno man like I usually date women in their 20s tho I've been with women in their 60s and 70s. Figure I'd be just as open to dating a 3 year old if some kind of weird situation happened like that, tho I dunno what kind of shit you'd do on a date with a toddler. Wouldn't be the first time I've been with someone whose diaper needed changing mid-date.

Like 17 but it obviously depends on the girl,
The only thing stopping me going younger is social stigma, otherwise I would say like 14 is acceptable

1/2 your age plus seven is acceptable.
I think a girl of about 17 would be perfect. i'm 23 going on 24.
The sister to my youngest half brother is around that age, I loved her dearly, I remember crying upon the realization that I was going to lose her. Lo and behold she overdosed on paxil. I think it was an ill guided attempt at coping with or escaping the pain of having to be in a relationship with me.
Not to mention when I woke up to find her fornicating with my overlord and superior father, he never caught charges or anything because I kept my mouth shut lest he be charged. My late grandma taught me never to turn your blood kin in and I took that lesson very seriously and literally. That and the bible teaches to honor your mother and father, even when their behavior is abhorrent, illegal and disgraceful simultaneously.

im 19 and I wouldn't even consider dating a girl under 18. Even the 18/19 year old girls at my college are super fucking immature.

16. Would also keep it a secret. L

You people are fucking sick. I hope they catch you and arrest you

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Enjoy it while it lasts. Immaturity is cute, jaded 27 year olds with a million exes are a drag.

no your just to much of a pussy to rape people your age pedo

14 because its legal here owo

not owo. bro


>it's an entrapment tread

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roastie piece of shit

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25+ and he must be a virgin

im 32, i guess like 22.

i'm 18 turning 19 this year so i guess no younger than 17.

I'm 23, so probably 20/21 I guess. I work with a few 18 year olds and they're insufferable.

18. I would prefer to date someone older but beggars cant be choosers

18. I'm 34.

Youngest I've dated was 11 years younger. Lasted 2 years but I had to move away.

I will sleep with roasties my age, but I won't gf them as I want a fertile girl for many kids.

I'm 18 but would prefer my age or around a year younger or older but probably later on it would be younger

>not fertile
what a retard

No preference, but if I liked the girl and I thought I could get away with it, by whatever means necessary, age wouldn't matter to me. It is excessively prohibitive to date girls between 11 and 16, but if it was legap, I would do it.

16. dont care bitch its legal

18, I guess. But I wouldn't be happy about it. 22-35 is ideal.

25 here. My okcupid and bumble profiles filter by 18-25 but I prefer her to be younger than me.

>million exes
You know what that says about you stupid fuck? I hate this modern tinder casual sex age. The norm is ex after ex. Why don't you go open relationship each time? You're obviously not meant for a family. What women would even want a family with you after your million exes.

I'm 35 and I'm about to start hitting on teenagers because I've got money.

pic related age difference

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>God damn Christian feminist reform groups keeping my lolis away from me

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You do realize that was for marriage right?
There was no casual sex with lolis, you would have been lynched

Im 19 and I dont really care about sex, I vowed lifelong celibicacy actually. So I guess I would date a 16 year old, but then its just babysitting. If I could choose, I would want my partner to be 5 years younger than me, so I will wait until I am 23 and then date an 18 year old.

my age +-1 anyone older than me too.
if and when i get older than 30 then anyone 30+

eggs and sperm

>love is love, you shitlords


I banged a 20 year old when I was 32, and continued for several years (pic related). I known her since she was 18 and didn't even consider her a romantic/sexual prospect the first time we hung out. She had different ideas.

Without that experience, I don't think I'd even consider going down to the legal limit. 16 is legal in this state. I don't think it's likely I would ever know a 16 year old that wasn't off-putting, but I won't rule it out in theory.

I don't think I'd put a whole lot of effort towards anyone who hadn't finished school and was out in the world on their own... but an under-23 that sought to steal and impurify my precious male essence would probably get what she was after if she kept at it.

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Date? 22. Fuck? 19.

I'm 27.

No younger than that it would be messed up.

Pretty disappointing body for a 20yo. Looks like you got the dregs user

>I banged
>continued for several years

why are you such a degenerate?

Definitely caught her on an upward trajectory.
She was one of those girls who rocketed through puberty at like 13-14, got messed with, tried to be unattractive in hopes of discouraging the attention, and then was finally working her way out of it after highschool.

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Because I do not value your opinion.

u both look like disgusting dregs, nothing to brag about

15. That's the prime age in my opinion. Any older and they're might be extreme sluts (at least where I'm from), any younger and I'm at risk of being branded a degenerate. Also that's the age of my oneitis back in high school so there's some form of allurance in it.

Old as the internet.

maybe so, she had a bomb-ass pussy, though.

I won't fuck it if they don't know how to walk and talk correctly

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if i really liked her, then age of consent is the cutoff.

i'm mid 20s and feel kind old and too young at the same time
anything below early 20s just seems weird in this context

I started masturbating at 7 so the idea of a child that young feeling sexual pleasure is 100% plausible. Wouldnt rape, but i would consensually.
14 is my oldest.

didn't you find it weird as hell that she was so much younger than you? I mean being in a relationship with someone 12 years younger than you. the difference between generations would decrease your relatability by quite a lot. a large part of a healthy relationship is seeing your partner as your equal, that big of an age gap might cause infantilization.

I mean no disrespect, that's just my opinion. I am quite picky in this regard of relatibility, and other aspects too maybe because I had many choices of girls in my life in recent years (was a desperate virgin teenager invisible to women when I was younger though) I'm turning 25 soon and my gf is 21. and I consider that to be a fairly significant age difference. I already see many cultural differences between us (she recently turned 21 so she's kind of a zoomer).

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I don't see what's wrong with her body, she looks fresh

We'd already been online friends for a couple years before we ever met in person, so we had kind of already worked out that we got along on some level. It just turned out we got along even better in person.

I definitely didn't expect it to last and I don't think she did, either... But we liked fucking each other, so, ayy, might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

And then suddenly it was most of a year later and she was staying with me over the summer between semesters while transferring schools rather than going home.

Pretty sure I'd convinced myself that my idea that she was "mature for her age" or whatever was self-delusion... and then when she was living with me one of her friends was in town and she came over. She was 26 and SHE had all that "decrease your reliability" stuff despite being half the age gap.

Granted, it only lasted about four years, but I still think about her more often than my ex-wife or anyone else.

Me, too bad you got a penis fag

Whatever comes my way and is legal (14 here).

Women tend to adapt o the man they like, so you can mold them into relatability if you charm them first.

Anyone had any experiences with a schoolgirl (of legal age of course) ?

>We'd already been online friends for a couple years before we ever met in person, so we had kind of already worked out that we got along on some level. It just turned out we got along even better in person.
makes sense, getting to know one-another might decrease the initial lack of relatability.

>Pretty sure I'd convinced myself that my idea that she was "mature for her age" or whatever was self-delusion
you might've projected the perceived maturity onto her because you got along so well, or because you thought she was beautiful. I have made this mistake too: there was this girl I was REALLY into who was 16 and I was 22 at the time (she lied about her age on Tinder, said she was 19, later my mate did some stalking and found out her real age). I was dumbfounded how many cultural references she understood and her general vibe and level of self-awareness (or so I thought). she had many hobbies and lead a busy lifestyle, played in a band, drove a car. she looked like a model so that clouded my judgment too. unfortunately after the first few meet-ups nothing went forwards and we just stayed friends sort of. she lived a long distance away too. then almost a year later of exchanging memes and shit she invited me to listen to some her concert and I didn't come so she blocked me. really bizarre because I thought the invitation was a joke and there wasn't really anything going between us. then half a year later she unblocked me for some reason. I guess my initial judgment of her maturity wasn't that accurate.

>Granted, it only lasted about four years, but I still think about her more often than my ex-wife or anyone else.
when you've been that long together, the age difference sort of fades away because you can feel empathy on an interpersonal level, not just culturally/socially like in the beginning of most relationships (where age matters A LOT)

fucking christ this was a long post

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go fuck yourself you dumb ho

16-17 if the law of the state alows it

I'm 21, so half my age(rounding down) plus seven is 17

>you might've projected the perceived maturity onto her because you got along so well, or because you thought she was beautiful.
I mean, the 26 year old friend wasn't unpleasant to look at, either, but she was just so much more... dumb, I guess.

The 20 year old is wicked smaht, so that probably had a lot to do with it.

One of those is not like the others hmm...

im 39 looking for a 16yo wife to have babys

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