height difference edition

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first for fuck trannys and fuck normie gays

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second for Newport Box 100's

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White and based
Fuck trannies
Fuck whores
Fuck bisexuals
Fuck normies

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>tfw no Aryan SS bf

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>height difference
The most wholesome edition. Where can I find a short bf who I can lift and carry and occasionally manhandle?

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I'm smol but I'm toned and I tried to act dom with this 6'1 guy and he laughed ;-;

tfw no bf to cuddle with while the ac is on full blast

>tfw not manlet but not that tall either so if there is a height difference between me and a bf it'll only be an inch or two probably.

How tall are you user? Originoli

God I love being tall and having a below average height bf

He makes a really cute noise when I grab him unexpectedly for a hug

5'11. I seem to be direct average for my area too, there are guys taller and shorter than me but not by much.

Hello, I'm light, smol, and would love to be manhandled

>tfw smol and qt but consider myself a top and don't like things in my butt (tried fingers and several toys).

Smoking is unhealthy.

i would love for a smol boi to dom me

so is being gay, sadly.

>tfw 30 years old KHV neet
>fat/balding horrible hygiene/deep in closet and pretend to hate gays
>download grindr on burner phone and send dick pics to cute little twinks/fems
>all have blocked me shortly after
>but at least someone other than me has seen my cock now.

I am become the boomer.

how smol user?

Oh is he still around?
I liked his glasses.

Im almost 6ft and my bf is 5'6, i have to bend down to kiss him lol

Cute, but every once in a while just pick him up to kiss him

I do, i also call him a manlet and give him head pats desu

Why not clean yourself up a little and pump and dump some sluts to cheer yourself up? Its not hard. Grindr sluts have real big daddy issues, even if your ugly you could prolly still score a couple.


because I live neet with my mom. I can't invite any over to my place or stay out for too long lest my mom wonder where I've been and start asking questions. Normally all my free time is spent on my computer so any deviation is suspect.

based shorty teasers

Tfw no diaper wearing bf who will let me baby him

there's no point in trying to get bf while bitter and jaded right? If it didnt work before why would it now. I found someone nearby on a map but I doubt its even worth trying.

user dont give up, i thought id always be alone but i found love and now i wanna marry him

god it seems so easy for everyone else but me. Im not even bad looking I get discarded instantly because im a neet

He is my first bf too, i just got super lucky.
I do think you'll find someone if you keep trying

been trying for a couple of years now im sick of it. I see obese slobs get bfs easily and it pisses me off

as a fellow neet I'd love a neet bf yet at the same time, someone has to work to support us. I'd want to live on our own and unless one of us gets neetbux that can't really happen.

Im sorry bro that sounds awful, all i can say is keep trying. Do it for me

I'm short but I'm a top and demand to be taken seriously!

Yeah I get that. A neet who lived would make that a bit easier I guess
Thanks. Ive pretty much given up by now

>tfw bf is about same height as me
>he still has a smol frame
>could carry him around, but it's awkward
I'm not complaining, but there's always something, I think.

Maybe if I stand on your shoulders they'll see us as a whole person and take us seriously!



How about we take turns? We could have a sweet submissive blind bf

This is an acceptable proposition to me.

I will take it under request.

>no message from bf in 3 days
i hate myself and im really regretting waking up today

you see how precious that sentence reads, don't you?
>tfw no uppity little napolean bf to fuck you while you smugly look back at him

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for those who have been in them, how often do bfs have sex while in a relationship? is it always anal or are some nights just bjs or what not?

>bf is literally 5 feet tall

>tfw no smol short bf to do shota roleplay with

I-I'm not a pedo, I swear.


Is there any chance I could get a smart, charming bf who I could be a power couple with?

whats a power couple?

A powerful or efficient couple think successful business partners or partners in a skilled trade generally just a couple that does cool and difficult things

And what would your role be?

The interactions between us have become so dull. Does it always end like this in gay relationships?

poopy poop buttface peepeehead

it ends like this in all relationships.
sorry man.

just fapped with a guy on discord now i think he fell for me

why are 99% of gays so clingy

Yeah that's why gay relationships aren't real. Gays mostly have sex with strangers. To keep the "love" up.

>3 years ago
>man it sucks that im straight haha cuz im really twinkish and would probably be pretty successful as a gay dude haha

>realized im pretty gay
>completely alone
>nobody interested in me

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i still live with my mommy

anyone else

my bf lives with my parents and me

yikes that sounds awful user

Where are you from my friend, maybe we can be a couple.

Sleepless for two nights in early January, and having not eaten anything in approximately the same span of time, I had just finished watching the anime "Serial Experiments Lain." I was kind of bored, so I decided to check out Jow Forums, a board I had visited only infrequently until that point. I then saw a post that interested me. With an image of a swine, post number 50399999 read:
I had never heard of /r9gay/ before so I decided I'd check it out. The thread was full of gay shit. I made a generic homophobic post. It got deleted by a janny. This angered me so I didn't give up, I kept posting in these threads. That janny is either left or stopped moderating so strictly, but I kept going. I had fun, innovating new and interesting ways to post my anti-gay message my own voice. It became a regular part of my life to post in these threads. But I feel now that I have said all I have to say and so this is the last /r9gay/ I will ever post in.
It's been an interesting experience. I've learned a lot. I now know all about different types of gay deviant and all that they do. I've witness comflicts between fags and bifags, prison gays and trugays, and tripfags and anons. I've been pleasantly surprised, such as when you condemned pedos, or by how you seem to want loving monogamous relationships even though that is something you obviously can't have as homosexuals. I've also been dissapointed by more things than I care to list here.
I wish all you fags the best. Hopefully you sort out your problems, including homosexuality, and live fulfilling lives.
Remember, homosexuality is a choice. You're hurting yourself, you family, and society be making that choice. You can be better.
Have a good one you queers, some of you fags are alright.

pee your pants please

you mean sociopaths?

sorry my friend but i am too nervous and scared of confrontation. my lack of any social involvement whatsoever means i have no idea what to do for just interacting with someone and befriending them
gonna have to stick to being a dumb user im afraid

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>tfw no Kamille bf

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i just came to cute diapered femboys

>tfw tall bottom
You guys don't know how painful this is.

I love tall bottoms but they don't want short tops.

eww why would anyone want a short top

me want tiny top

how did gays in ancient times douche?

they didn't, my niggas had brown ass

I definitely want, who told you otherwise?

if you believe in evolution and homosexuality you are retarded. Christianity is neat

>tfw no boyfriend that doesn't believe in homosexuality

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Can someone on r9gay help me red pill my friend about biscums? I'm trying to convince him that catching feelings for a biscum is a mistake and they shouldn't expect a serious relationship from one, how can I go about explaining this without seeming bigoted?

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>tfw used to always tease my bf for being gay

Animal bladders attached to a tube

bi people usually prefer female features on a male

if you don't look somewhat feminine, or once they see the parts of you that aren't feminine, they won't be interested anymore

little bit of body hair? "sorry i like hairless guys."

getting a little bit chubby? "sorry i only like skinny guys."

facial hair? "shave that please."

biscum are seriously some of the worst people on this planet and need to die

at least straight people are straight up honest about only liking girls. bi idiots lie to themselves and are only in it for the fetish

let him get fucked

i just woke up in the middle of the night hi

go back to,sleep user get good rest for tomorrow

finger yourself till you collapse

whats an anniversery? the day of your first date or what? i thought it was a marriage thing. apparently i forgot...

tfw incredibly starved for affection

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tfw incredibly starved for food

ill cook you a homemade pizza if you promise to say something nice to me

i cant wait for het people to go extinct.

i feel like you two could have a very symbiotic relationship

>tfw no hate filled bf that will not only hate everyone and everything but myself included.

>tfw no cute EU bf to save me from this slavic shithole and enable my hikki lifestyle of mathematics, software tinkering and music making

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I agree with you on every part except for the chubbiness.
Getting fat is disgusting and should be discouraged. If it's happening inside a relationship you should encourage him to get healthier. Everyone looks a lot better with a low body fat percentage

>tfw no bf to turn me into a slut

>implying you'd need to be converted in the first place

I'd be fine with this as long as you earn your own money.

>bf makes me freshly fucked school girl
ii cant

Imagine believing that men stop being attractive after 30

Imagine being a grandpa and coming here.