Be me

>be me
>ugly mutt
>try out tinder
>somehow match with a few girls on tinder
>don't know what to say, or either make small talk
>they unmatch or never reply

What am I supposed to say? Cringey jokes are out of the question. I know there are normies browsing this board.

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Just say what Chad does "Let's smash."

>sweet like the song :)
fucking retarded roastie, jesus christ


the key is not trying

>sweet like the song
seriously. white women should have their voting rights taken away

tell her shes gorgeous and that you would like to meet at hers or your place, then fuck her or dip if she show signs of not wanting a quick fuck, i dont even have tinder but its pretty obvious what you're supposed to do

Npc behavior is so cringe. tehee im a gurl who will get 100s of orbiters within 24 hours of making a tinder let me put a cheesy shit one liner as my bio dont hit on me ugly boys chad only

But I'm not Chad and so that won't work.

I feel like that's too cringey as an opener.

> be chad
> smashing lady
> encounters wild manlet who just got dumped
>Chad feel threatened
> Chad sign boobs
> manlet get angry
> manlet signs thighs
> gently washes Chad's name away
> give sweet passionate love to girl
> girl falls for manlet
> no more Chad.

Moral of the story, be confident in yourself and don't be a Chad. Be you, be the big dumb moron that you are. Don't be afraid of expressing yourself to girls, they love emotions. Just don't be a Chad and stay confident in yourself.

what do you propose then? this is a fucking meet up app not an mechanical engineering forum

this is the most retarded advice i ever seen, good b8 tho

idk all of my ideas are bad. What about just asking her to hang out?

do that, see how it goes, not like you have anything to lose

Most likely no, but it will make sure you don't waste time with women who don't want to fuck you. Why would you want to talk to any women with whom you are not going to sleep.

GTFO of Tinder, that shit was made only for you to orbit roasties, better to die a virgin than orbiting.

honestly i dont use tindr because imo its for degenerates who just want mindless sex.

if i did have tindr, and matched with females id literally open up with, "u dtf?"
it def would miss a couple times but its guarenteed to work a couple times

It would be funny if I got a positive reaction out of this autistic message.

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You say hello and ask them about themselves. Make some funny comments and share some relevant stories.

this is all you sent?

No, I also sent "how are you"

Even worse man

>how are you?
>hey, do you want to hang out?
its obvious you're an autist, maybe she'll find it cute

It was the best I could do. I'll let you know what she does.

Well, she unmatched me, naturally.

Guess I'll try Grindr

whatd she say user?

If any guys match you should post results for that as well user

You're not me.
He's an impostor.

Too little too l8 m8

Welp, here's another one. I started out with, "Hey, how are you doing tonight?" Bad move?

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All women, user
Repeal the 19th

Girl has 100 matches why would she respond to that? You have to make it interesting for her not for yourself. Make a joke or just be a funny autist and she might bite

No I agree with him, white women are so pampered.

this is the worst "bee urself" post I've ever seen

desu I prefer trying to get them to talk about mechanical engineering
she'll never reply
where the fuck do you find these qts?
unironically this, you're really better off trying to get them to talk about mechanical engineering than this shit

How are you even getting matches that attractive?

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>everyone in this thread being this autistic.

Here is some real advice.
Just say "Hey, how is your day going?" and carry on the conversation from there. It's literally all you have to say. People who say tinder is only for hooking up have never used it to hook up. Just carry a conversation. After a day, ask for number. After a week, ask to hangout. This formula worked for me multiple times.

Idk. They all go away after a few days though.

Solid advice. I'll do that next time.

Imagine being this assblasted by 4 words. Literally 4 words is all it took to trigger you twats.
Practice openers until they start working. You have to be true to the type of person you are, while walking the social line of not being a hormonal animal. There you go.

real advice here:
talk to her about your hobbies, hopes and dreams, but never sperg. Change topic often.
She will talk about bullshit. Take what she says and run with it. Take it as a challenge to make what she blurts out somewhat relevant.

This also works but autists can't do that

All the advice in this thread is not good.

How attractive would you say you are 1-10?

This doesn't work if you want to fuck the hot ones. Bad advice

what do i sign the boobs with? and how do i win the girl in the end? chad here

it's just bots and even they ghost op, lol

"Hey what's up? Want to go for drinks sometime?"

>be me
>asian male
>living in city full of instagram models and blonde girls
>download tinder, bumble, okcupid and all those apps
>make script to auto-like every girl in 50mi radius
>literally 0 likes back

Looks like I have to get a mail-order bride.

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you are such a fucking incel normfag, you have to start with an intentionally cringy/disgusting pick up line and pick up the conversation from there

"hey girl i just shit my pants, can i get in yours"

Holy shit you fucks are hopeless. Check this shit out. Be forward. Be interesting. Don't be an autist.
First message is you telling her why you swiped on her. Girls don't like faggy recycled pickup lines. If they do, she's a nasty fucking roastie. Make it simple like, "Hey, I swiped on you because we both like *insert some bullshit*" Just make sure it's something about her profile and not "Hey I noticed you have fat tits".
Legit it can be dumb shit. I got a date by saying I superliked her because I wanted to know what her tattoo said. Spoiler alert it was some asinine french bullshit. Doesn't matter.
Do not ask her how she's doing
Do not say "hey there"
Jesus Christ this isn't that hard.

>just be forward bro
>just be interesting bro
>just don't be an autist bro
listen to yourself man

Bro. The barrier to entry is so low bro. Problems don't start until you're actually on the first date. Getting there is easy. If you can't get that far idk what to tell you. bro.

Talk about non-advice.

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flirting is far too exhausting for its reward i will remain an incel forever i guess

>can you guess the difference between me and my sofa bed
>haha no what?
>my sofa bed pulls out

take it from

Yeah, don't do what that guy said its unnecessary. Tinder is superficial. That's the whole fucking premise. Combine that with the fact that the majority of girls have a really high number of matches and the end result is that its a complete waste of time trying to engage them in a conversation.

Almost 100% of the time she will already know whether or not she wants to fuck you - that decision is made based on your profile. If she wasn't shallow she wouldn't be on tinder. That's not some woman-hate incel statement either, same is true for men, its just the nature of dating apps. The less talk the better.

The more you talk, the more opportunities you create to seem boring or lose her interest. The possibility of that happening is WAY higher than the possibility that you charm a girl who wouldn't have fucked you into doing so. When I match with a girl all I'm trying to do is move out of the app as soon as possible. Ideally get her phone number, snapchat if nothing else.

Sorry, but do you think "hey I noticed we both like that music" or some such bullshit is any better than a recycled pickup line? Think she hasn't heard that before? The only goals with your first message you send should be to get her attention/encourage her to respond with something she hasn't repeated 100 times. Personally, if the girl isn't super hot I'll typically just send a really overtly sexual/fucked up gif (not aggressive or anything). I just keep sending those to everything she says for 2 or 3 messages then I just get ask for her number. No effort.

Hotter girls I honestly will do the same thing with the gif, but I'll throw in some message with it. Just be funny without being a self-deprecating fag.

That's my 2 cents. I'm not ugly, but I'm definitely not the best looking guy on the app and I've been pretty successful. Plus it require basically no effort and can lead to getting your dick wet but also conversations that are actually interesting and not just recycled garbage.

Just ask them something about their profiles or their interests or whatever. Something easy that they can answer when bored.

Then you can go from there, reading if they want just a one night stand or a relationship, if they interest you or are too basic for you and so on

So many girls ASK for a joke or something silly in their bio, and then when I do it, they don't reply. And I try to do it with a self-awareness of how dumb the joke is, so as to minimize cringe, but it still doesn't work. I think the fault lies with them, not with me.

I ignore them until they message me, it takes about a week but it usually works and I ended up getting a 6 month long relationship out of it. And after that relationship I've learned a lot of useful things such as:
>dont text them more than they text you
Look at your text block sizes
>dont respond too quickly
>dont chase then
Let them show interest in you, men always show them interest so the one guy not showing interest seems more intriguing oddly enough
>if you text and they dont respond, dont text again until they eventually respond

Of course this stuff applies to both dating and being in a relationship. I have way more but it would be a goddamn novel. Also DONT TALK TO A WOMAN WHO CLAIMS SHE'S BI OR PANSEXUAL, AND DONT TALK TO HER IF SHE SAYS THAT MOST OF HER FRIENDS ARE GUYS.

no one likes sand niggers kys

kill yourself bro

with nitric acid ofc

>asian male

Dude what?

Seems like you're being way too meticulous about all this to try and create some image of yourself that's different than who you actually are? Why not try to genuinely be the person you're trying to give the impression of rather than make up a list of rules for yourself to fake it.

start off the conversation by insulting her or her beliefs/taste in music/film and etc. roasties will almost always respond if you disagree with them. afterwards just work your way from there.

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Nothing about that involves faking who I am. Are you retarded? I've posted psychological bullshit that women actually follow subconsciously. These are traits I've noticed with a multitude of the women I've dated or been in a relationship with. Nothing in there dictates that you act like a different person, just that you form more timely texting habits. Dont be a retard. If you need to change your core personality for a woman, then you shouldn't be with her

Oops, I was Responding to

>>they unmatch or never reply
Tinder is an exercise of your self will and confidence. If you value your sanity, do not go on tinder. I repeat do NOT go on tinder. It will crush your self esteem and mentally destabilize you. Erase that evil app from your phone user. It's not made for ugly people like us.

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>Deliberately not texting them in a quantity that exceeds how much they text you
>Seeing a message and not responding because it would be too quick

lol I say what I want to say in however many messages I want and I respond as soon as I see. That being said, I'm usually pretty busy with work/hobbies and if its a casual thing I'll be texting multiple girls so I'm not that focused on any one.

That's what I mean about faking. Not doing these things for the sake of not doing them, rather than just living in the way that you're trying to demonstrate with your actions.

You think a girl would gush if she thought about you reading her message, then waiting precisely 7 minutes so as to show the perfect level of casual interest. Fuck that mate.

But you keep doing you.

You are not understanding my post, it's about being too available. Women hate that shit. They don't want a man who is a lapdog and immediately responds to them with large blocks of text when they only sent you one sentence. I didn't say wait a specific amount of time, just not immediately, and like you, if you're busy with work or hobbies thats great, because it seems like you're a man with a purpose which has his own life, rather than sitting around waiting for her to text you. Understand?

tall ugly cyborg here, matched with a questionable 18 year old (superliked probably a mistake)... how do I not fuck this up?

I'm gonna be perfectly honest here. I'm ugly, short and have a small penis. I live with my mom and have no prospects of a future. Lacking a job I spend all day at home masturbating and watching Chinese cartoons. If you're still interested in meeting me I'll contact my mom so we can schedule a date on a time that fits all three of us.

Best advice from this threa, I do the same thing

>Cringey jokes are out of the question
Jow Forums type of autistic jokes works well on normalfags. I was surprised when life forced me to socialize with normal people.
Just don't overdo it.