Buying e-bf

I can't cope anymore r9k, having gender dysphoria is suffering, especially when I can't transition due to my country. I'm willing to pay someone to be my e-bf.

You must:
>Not call me male
>Not make fun of me for having gender dysphoria
>Treat me like a female
>Not date/e-date anyone else, online, offline or otherwise.
>Be 19-23
>6'0 and above
>White,Korean or Japanese and speak english
>Be available to chat via text or vc from 11 am - 11pm UTC
>Play games with me a few times a week (League, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, possibly other games that you may suggest)
>Preferably have an interest in anime/gaming/finance
>Preferably have no mental illnesses

You will get
> $500-$1000 a month in cash and equivalents (depending on the monthly profitability of my trading) with potential for one off bonuses
>Someone to talk to, play games with and spend time with.
>The ability to neet/live off the allowance I give you
>Potentially enjoy your time spent with me

Feel free to post your application/ask questions about me below.

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>has a mental illness
>wants someone without mental illnesses
Eat ass fag.

why does height matter if they're an e-bf

how do i make money op?

I dont make fun of gender dysphoria but I make fun of people that play League, am I disqualified

>Potentially enjoy your time spent with me

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Go away degenerate piece of shit

op can we play minecraft together, even though im not your e-bf

Are you a nice person? I fit most of these.

Wow I would actually do this if it were real. If you want to fool people try lowering the pay a bit so it seems more realistic.

>not make fun of gender dysphria
had an ltr with a transmale so first three dont bother me
>be 19-23
>6'0 and above
>White,Korean or Japanese and speak english
half white half some part asian. i can tell you privately
>Be available to chat via text or vc from 11 am - 11pm UTC
already a neet so i change my schedule freely
>Play games with me a few times a week (League, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, possibly other games that you may suggest)
hate lol, but i can play blockgame
>Preferably have an interest in anime/gaming/finance
i play vidya but i can try to be more interesting
>Preferably have no mental illnesses
depression and anxiety, but i can try to suppress
i can get to know you more if you want to have me desu

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>half some part asian. i can tell you privately

I'll play some games with you OP, you don't need to pay for real friends.

I fit basically all of these, I am down to be your e-bf but only if we talk for a bit first, kinda want to see how you are like you know, strengthen the experience and see if itll work out

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>Preferably have no mental illnesses
>On Jow Forums

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>Not call me male
>Not make fun of me for having gender dysphoria
>Treat me like a female
>Not date/e-date anyone else, online, offline or otherwise.
couldn't even if i tried
>Be 19-23
>6'0 and above
5'11 :/
>White,Korean or Japanese and speak english
white, fluent in english
>Be available to chat via text or vc from 11 am - 11pm UTC
my sleep schedule is fucked so i can prob vc a lot
>Play games with me a few times a week (League, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, possibly other games that you may suggest)
i already play rainbow six and minecraft, if you wan't i'll get into league for you
>Preferably have an interest in anime/gaming/finance
watch anime, like vidya, i sometimes lurk biz
>Preferably have no mental illnesses

please be my e-gf

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actually kinda racist to filipino people because of my stepmom so no

NEET here. available 24/7 but I'll only be your gaming friend and only strategy games. For FREE

>$500-$1000 a month in cash and equivalents
>The ability to neet/live off the allowance I give you

actually retarded if you believe anyone can live off that, people make more than that in a weeks pay

>Suffers from a mental illness
>Wants a bf with no mental illnesses

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>even trannies only want chad

not surprising originally

no wonder they kill themselfs

Almost all of that, and i would love the time spent with you because it'd be the only time i'd spent with other people.

OP here forgot to add, that you must be at least a 6.5/10 and not be overweight.

I wish I was normal, I just want to feel joy and be happy again.

Cause I hope I am talking to someone who is decently attractive irl. Perhaps I am shallow.

Be my e-bf or get a job.

No, we can play other games as well.

Based sad poster

no u

sure, drop discord but I rarely play minecraft though

What do you mean by nice? Drop discord, thanks.

I'm not joking though, the pay isnt that high I can easily clock the 500 usd in a day or two. Pic related are my trades yesterday as proof.
Will post my bank acc/brokerage acc as proof too in private.

drop discord, thanks.

thancc, post discord pls

are you the avatarfag, if so, dropped.

one can hope, i just wish that someone healthy could make me feel normal and happy again.

post discord, thanks.

sweet, post your disc

Most neets can live off this amount

sad, but true.

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buying a gf/bf/gf(male) and then not having sex with them can you explain this?

Punk#2077 orginal

>6'0 and above
oof. not even the mentally ill want manlets

i am , discord is user#4432

I'm overweight but losing it, cant speak for my looks/10 tho. I'm probably disqualified

Hi femanon I could give you the affection you want.
>white and English speaking
>6 foot zero
>no other conflicting girls in my life
>vidya (I like dark souls)
>currently watching The Helpful Fox
We should watch movies together over rabbit

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i wish i was high iq enough to daytrade bitcoin

> Hi femanon
this guy whores

The avatar fag? Huh? Just thought that picture would relate with me being glad to be your eboy and having interest in anime

i fit the bill, but i cant whore myself out if i cant fuck some cute boipussy

Hello! I am 18 years old and play all of those! I have no mental illness, and I LOVE anime and gaming! feel free to send me a message on my discord: 99% Neanderthal#6439 if any of this interests you. I am 6'1 and a 7/10

>sweet, post your disc
what games you play though? Don't really want to play with shitters

Shit girl, I'm perfect for you apparently, except for the fact I'm 5'11, sad!

I'm just really sad and want a gf, i don't even care about the payment. You seem like you don't wanna be alone and so do i

ehh why not

>tfw poo poo pee poo skin but interested in trading, anime, and those specific games+more

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So did anyone get a reply?

oh nice. crypto fren. You use telegram? wanna join a group of elite traders, we have pretty cool traps/chads in our group

>i just wish that someone healthy could make me feel normal and happy again.
I don't believe you'll find happiness in other people alone. I say this as a fellow mentally ill individual. Unless you build yourself up as a capable, potent individual with life elements that bring about a sensation of accomplishment and meaning, you'll just be searching for a red herring. People may entertain and distract you from elements of your mediocrity, but they won't cure you of it.

That said, you seem to play cool games like Siege, and are confident enough in your crypto trading skills to make a decent profit. So, you have hobbies and skills that can make you desirable as a human being alone. I would hope you would reconsider paying people to pretend to love you. Plenty of neets and wagies here who'd hang out with you for free, despite your mental illness.

Also, >tfw OP mogs me in BTC trades.
No idea what I'll do with it at this rate.

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Certain this spot has already been filled but I think this could be a lot of fun. Not 6 foot but I am white, will play vidyas and talk finance, single, 23, zero mental illnesses and not an overweight sperg lord.

Here's a recent pic! Add me if you'd like, OP.
disc: Smk33321#5307
kik: Swoppy

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no, pretty sure op is b8ing

loneliness, and if I was outed as a tranny irl i would be dead.

Unknown username


dropped, sad.

No "fembots" or "femanons" fuck off from my board thanks.

Don't need high IQ to trade derivatives , just proper risk management and a systematic style of trading with high% wr

There's an avatar fag who uses that avatar if you're not him, I apologise.

Maybe I will fly you over (eventually if i trust you)


Rainbow six siege, Apex legends, lol , Minecraft, other indie games, looking to get into eve online.


no I trade solo , short term trading. I dont focus on macro and mid- long term events.

This board hates people like me though, so finding friends is hard, plus i can't get a bf irl because of geography which is why i have to find an online one.
For trading, I would recommend starting off with at least 5k in margin if you wanna daytrade to make it a meaningful endeavor.
Learn risk management and paper trade before engaging in any trades.

added on discord

multitasking atm, trading , monitoring this thread and adding people on discord. closing some trades b4 i head to lunch

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I'm short 1 inch on the height.
If that's not a deal breaker do you like the game monster hunter?

yes, it is. and i've never heard of monster hunter

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user are you a paki

Oh too bad then.
You should check it out, it's a nice multiplayer hack and slash

no, i live within asia

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hey op can you help me find a gf

i'd talk to you for free
i'm that lonely

Pakistan is within asia you dumb tranny

Do you like sadboi e-boys

>Preferably have no mental illnesses
I think you're gonna be disappointed there OP

>This board hates people like me though
You have two or three static ongoing generals at any time with people either fetishizing you or being one of you. I do not think finding a like-minded individual is truly out of your reach. Just don't try to buy friends. It's unattractive and incondusive to establishing meaningful, lasting connections with anyone. You will not find any lasting happiness this way.