Its pretty much over if you are born in a small town holy fuck

its pretty much over if you are born in a small town holy fuck

>everyones poor
>everyone never does anything with their life
>no one ever gets cool lucrative careers or does anything
>everyone i know in college went to shitty community colleges
>have one poorfag retard here i know
>he gets 5 dollars a day begging his mom or scraping up change
>puts gas in his beat up shit car or gets a bottle of liquor and sits inside getting drunk
>try chilling with him
>hes an ass hole
>just let him sit there and poor miserable
>know other retard here
>he manages to get disability money
>blows it all fucks it all up
>doesn't have a single possession
>no clothes
>he just buys beer and cigs as soon as he gets check completely gone in 2 weeks
>runs around mooching and leeching shit off people for the other 2 weeks waiting for his check
>doesn't even pay anyone back or do anything for the people he leeches off of
>just beer and cigs for 2 weeks poor again
>had one friend here
>life got ravaged by opiates
>quit everything
>had 2 jobs
>quit and lost them
>did nothing
>just sat around getting high all day

you are totally fucked FUCKED if you are from a small town. no one is going to be an investor out here. no one is going to be a model or musician or famous. you get that one retard OH THERE WAS A GUY HERE IN THE NFL. no ones going to be a mogul. no ones going to be a SERIOUS real estate investor maybe getting like broken down shit small town houses and rent them out for a few hundred or farm houses or some shit

no ones going to be big out here. its just not possible. everyones poor theres no resources. on top of this we GOT TO MISS OUT ON fucking everything fun. i finally break out of poverty scamming and shit. nope god comes down with ass hole hammer ruins my life. you are destined to be poor here. no way around it. if you are in a small town you are in gods hell and god wont stop torturing you

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Fake news. Rural communities are close knit and white. You probably live in some trailer park. Most small towns are based and redpilled. If you wanna be a race traitor and move to some cucked coty enioy having no guns and getting raped by a pack of negros

iktf dude. im saving up and doing online college to go to a city. maybe nyc.

shut the fuck up you have no idea what the mind numbing boredom is like. and if you have no friends in a small town you're FUCKED. enjoy your alcoholism

>no one is going to be an investor out here. no one is going to be a model or musician or famous
Imagine caring about dumb shit like this

youre a fucking retarded hick if you think any of these hell holes are good kill yourself

I do wanna move but god strikes me down I have to kill god

you cant have friends in a small town

sounds like you're nigger with nigger problems and nigger friends, dont make trouble for the whites


If you have a convenience store and a hardwaee store less than 10km away. A local market with vegetables and meat.
Life can be perfect.

You just need a little income and creativity to spend your time.

I moved from a small town to a very remote rural village and its very cool.

Just join the army like I did you massive faggot. Sure it sucks shit but it's not near as bad as being stuck in the same dreary shithole your whole life.

not him but i can't join because i tried to kill myself once and have been force fed jew pills ever since

>local market

are you fucking kidding me? where are you from, the swiss alps?

oh wow a bunch of inbred autistic neet virgins with the literal form of aspergers think that success is stupid and have this much of a poverty mindset

gee wow the people who sit inside all day and dont even have a cent in their bank account are gonna tell us all about how to be successful. oh thank the lord

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Damn. My recruiter told me to keep all that to myself, nothing on record so I was good. Ended up being the reason I got discharged in the end but that's life. Is there nothing similar you could try and do?

i got struck down by god i dont need any help to leave i just need god to fuck off

I want a career with TS clearance and you can't lie for that, because as soon as they investigate you, you're fucked.

aight; don't go crying to us once you get gangraped by packs of dirty, subhuman incestuous, meth-addled juggalos w/ FAS and shot by drunk, mentally ill paranoid conspiracy theorists who assumed that you are a 'lieberal thug breaking into cars' for having a random rap song playing on your phone once.

Just fucking move lmao holy shit.

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>Just have all these traits you obviously don't have, bro

I wonder if this can actually be called advice at this point. Makes me glad I'm rich, relative to most people, anyway.


I fucking hate liberals like you. I have the right to shoot anyone I want, at any time, without consequences as long as I can lie and say I was doing it in self defense. Degens like you will never understand the joy of defending your God-fearing town against the invading hordes of tourists lost on the way to somewhere else.




Ayy I'll admit: if you are an introvert who genuinely doesn't mind working in small town retail/convenience stores due to being desensitized and lacking a strong ego who will take rude customer's shit - and love living a milquetoast/modest life even on minimum wage all by yourself in an apartment/cheap ass house whilst using the internet, piracy and public libraries for all of your free media needs - and ignoring all the sleezy/hideously trashy dudes it can't be too bad.

Just avoid the peer pressure or talking to the locals/neighbors: and chat/make friends with cool people online instead.

>6k sales over 4 months
>call yourself succesfull


thats only half my sales and thats doing shit from my house and those are low numbers. 90% of here are neet. I am making money inside and constantly looking for ways to invest

you're a regular bill gates. wow $6k, thats insane!!

i doubt you have anything i doubt you are the rare 10% on here that got a job and im not a virgin like you scumbags.

plus i made way more money than that. thats one payment processor. i made like 3.7k in one month. i have thousands of dollars coming in from home and i can work whenever i want

I had southerner redneck neighbors once: and thankfully I moved out of that shit complex. Never. Again. Even ghetto black/latino neighors I had throughout my life were at least genuinely cool/kept to themselves.

Had like 8 tenants packed in a one bedroom unit: an old and disgusting 90's ford pickup with piles of empty beer cans, cig ashes and a maga hat at all times on the dashboard: a morbidly obese fatass with his asscrack hanging out chasing his 4 cats all the time: unit was hoarders-grade shit (dudes smoked meth, blasted shitty nu metal while they fuck around shooting at cans at the back of the hotel across the street) and I had neighbors always accusing me of breaking into cars and walking down outside of my unit's patio and spying/peaking on my windows AND always calling the police/telling on me by the apartment desk lady that I'm a 'car thief'

Nobody took them seriously/gave into their paranoia; I presume they have some deluded boomer grade idea that I'm some 'thug' because I'm an early 20's guy in skinny jeans who wears band shirts and vans. Good fucking lord.

And all of the ghetto latino/black dudes I've known at the places I used to live growing up and before I lived in the complex did was mind their business: most 'annoying' things they did was blast hip hop in their cars/houses and maybe domestic disputes between people they know here and there but other than that they were okay.

That's just sad. I feel bad for you, I fucking hate modern society, take me back a thousand years where everyone knew every neighbor.

But instead of spending your millions you try to convince people on /r9k that they are shit and you are better.


People dump on big cities all the time but I've lived in massive US cities all the time and I've never had a nigger be impolite to me, much less be raped by a pack of them. I think small-town people are just terrified of anything that's not familiar to them.

Its not hard to move.

it is when god strikes you down and born in Africa poverty

That doesn't make any sense. Ogg

Rednecks/Hilbillies are literally just white niggers = the difference is that they are legit extremely fucking nosey, haughty, paranoid and are always being confrontational/invasive and use their politics/paranoid bullshit to justify it.

All the younger latinos/blacks were just uni/college students who were getting by selling pot/getting donations for their soundclouds/instas and jumping from fast food joints for jobs. Legit had both far more academic and street smarts than any monster chugging pasty white degenerate kyle I've ever known.

White trash dudes were disproportionately rapists either unemployed or overspending from construction gigs only to wind up in prison/broke/homeless again and getting nowhere in life at all.

yes it does. i could of left my shit town but god personally targets me and makes it impossible. already lost my whole life to a small town. doesnt matter anymore. god completely killed everything.

i fucking HATE god.

There's always...

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God isn't real dumy

I was born in a small town and now live in a big city making good money.

You have to get out. Drive your far and sleep in it. No car, grey hound and be homeless for a bit. You will at best marry a fat girl who every guy in town has fucked, gave three kids, and the highlights of your year will be some shitty sporting event. You'll become an alcoholic and make okay money destroying your body in the trades, or a poorfag scraping by.

Get out.

>find way to leave town
>only thing that could of happened to ruin it happened
>wasn't even my fault
>all shit luck
>completely ruined my life
>as soon as I find a way to be happy horrible fucking catastrophe perfectly strikes

god is real but hes not good at all in any way. god is actually the ultimate evil. there is no satan. there is just god. god is just basically some ass hole kid staring at a giant planet of shit and throwing firing meteors at us like a kid with a magnifying glass on a hill full of ants. i fucking hate god.

why does it matter what your community does.
you know they're fucked, just do something with your life to spite your circumstances

I wish I did this but I was addicted pot but never did it because weed was the only thing I ever wanted.

god struck me down I got arrested and got a lifelong probation sentence for doing literally nothing at all. I hate god.

im so fucking retarded why didn't I just go and be homeless god fucking damn it

What does any of that have to do with god though

Try being from an island. It's just as shitty only you can't just get in a car and leave.

Literally this.

Even if the city has too much hustle/bustle and action: at least move into a milquetoast/unremarkable but still dirt cheap/affordable cookie cutter suburb/exurb with old/new housing that's within the metro area of a big city with a strong market/economy.

You'll thank me later. Fuck rural america: unless you fantasize living like everybody in the movie Gummo till you OD on opiates/meth in your 30's (t. literally no one)

work online. take university online or get some sort of certificate if you don't have skills that you can use for online work. the only thing stopping you is you.

no thats not whats stopping me.

the only fucking thing that could of happened to ruin my life happened. like it was nothing. and it was literally the only thing that could of ruined my life. and it happened. and at the worst possible time too.

god saw me about to be happy and does what he does best. be a fucking evil menacing ass hole.

why can't you work online or study online in order to be qualified to work online?

I dont care about money just freedom if I could spend every cent in my bank account for freedom I would do it

this my friend actually died from his opiate addiction. best friend from high school

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>Be me
>Live in a small town ravaged by heroin and meth
>Nothing to do except go to the park and look at the polluted river, see a movie at the overpriced theater, eat at 1 of the 10 or so pizza places, drink, smoke, or play video games
Dear God end my life please. The boredom is too much.

holy fuck thats so much more than my town has. just go to the city and be homeless

>tfw live in boring small town
>plan to move to a big city and just live in a homeless shelter

any tips fellow retarded anons??

>Overpriced drive in theatre that has screenings of 80's/90's christian movies and oldie westerns: then heading on down to the VHS rental store that only exists for money laundering to exchange the dead cats you've robbed then poisoned from billy bob's yard in exchange for amphetamines and toxic glue from the sleezey Vietnamese clerk.

eh I mean its a good plan if its ALL you can do but my suggest. save up a thousand dollars buy a car or van and save up another thousand for gas and dont buy shit except for cheap canned food and a place to shower and send your resume to every single fucking job on craigslist before you can go.

what I would do if I had the knowledge I had now.

>be me
>Live in a small town in Tennessee
>Step dad gets offered a job that would have us living in Arizona
>Happy because I might get to do something with my life
>Realize I would have to say bye to my friends
>Everyone is disappointed that I have to go
>Feel appreciated
>People stop talking to me after I move
>Realise that the reason so many people were upset was because me moving was the only interesting thing to them
>Try to make friends at new school but stop because it isn't working
>Eventually I find people with common interests and start hanging out with people
>Develop crush on this one girl I hang out with
>Decide to tell her
>She seems happy and we keep talking to each other
>Ask her out
>She thinks I'm joking at first
>Starts acting weird
>Slowly talks to me less and less until she just stops entirely
>I'm killing myself tonight

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I love you small-town user.

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>If you have a convenience store and a hardwaee store less than 10km away
I had to convert that to American distances.
That's like 6 fucking miles.
You have no idea how spread out everything is in this country. Even in small towns the grocery store can be like 10-12 miles away from a community. Not worth it if you're poor and don't own a car.

god fucking damn it every successful happy person I see on social media from a big city and so much fucking happier and lived an awesome life I fucking hate god so fucking much

Just leave dumbass, I grew up in a town of roughly 200 people. Once I turned 18 I left with $600 and a shitbox car, no fucking hastle.

Yeah, small towns fucking suck ass. Grew up in a small town on the Swedish countryside with 6k people in it, fuck that.

I'm a massive /tg/ nerd so as you can imagine my options to express those hobbies were very limited.
Now I live in a much larger city and I get to see kids at my local game shops playing card games and board games or whatever, having the childhood I always wished I could have. Forcing your kids to grow up in small towns is child abuse.

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god fucking damn it every single person I know made it out

I had no opprotunities. parents were poor as fuck. could never own a car. had a job in college. parents took all my checks. I was a stoner and just smoked like a gram a day and this fucking ruined me. fuck me

>I have the right to shoot anyone I want, at any time, without consequences as long as I can lie and say I was doing it in self defense.

t. nigger

I live in a shit country and a small village, the only thing you can do here is farming and I hate it. Maybe I wouldn't be a neet if I was born in a city.

>born in a small town
>got a scholarship for maintaining good grades while volunteering
>transferred from community college to a decent university
>got out

you made bad decisions.

CTRL + F + Probation never fails to identify this gay ass thread.

He's the "on probation for being black" guy. He posts this thread every single fucking day.

He also makes threads about how fat he is and how he can't eat healthy because he gets sick if he doesn't eat pizza and junk food every day. See . You can tell it's him by the way he types.

Personally I'm convinced that it's all a larp. He dodges questions like a Jew dodging answer and his story is never consistent.

*like a Jew dodging ovens

Just do what I did to escape, become an armed robber. Check cashing places in smalltown bumfuckistan have no security. No guards, dye packs, trackers, they may have a couple of cameras but literally just wear a balaclava. I made a little over $80k by robbing 2 of them and gtfo to the other side of the country in a nice city. All past statute now so I got off clean.

Cities are worse. Drugs, crime, cost of living.

You could be a bottom on Grindr and get slammed every night