What would femanons do to fix the incel situation? would you put them in camps and re-educate them...

what would femanons do to fix the incel situation? would you put them in camps and re-educate them? force them to see prostitutes? put them in prison and leave them there to rot?

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there is no fix. you either step out of your shell or you don't

I did and I finally had sex, shitty thing is now I want it all the time and spend most of my time trying to get pussy, not sure if it was a net gain

depends what you are looking for I guess

theres a reason turtles have shells you stupid bitch, they need it to survive

spoken like a true turtle

ur not a turtle retard

yes you are correct i am a lizard person. we exist.

ima lizard person too sorry for being mean to you

Shitty bait, but here is your (You) anyway

that expression is stupid though, animals that 'step out of their shell' just go find a new fucking shell.

Femanons do not care about fixing it. If ain't Chad it ain't hot and can rot.

literally all you need is a confidence and social training which can be provided by a strong friend group... but most incels seem to prefer to embrace their outcast lives

Try to help the cute/hot ones.
Encourage the rest to an hero or force them not to bother women.

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yea thats bullshit. ugly people do not get positive feedback for being confident, they get ridiculed and called assholes. you can go ahead and be confident as an ugly person if you want, just don't expect anyone to like you for it.

nah women would rather be the 100 wife of chad than being with an virgin.
its just women mentality don't bother with them , they are stupid af.

>what would femanons do to fix the incel situation?
They'd have us all shot.
Maybe not all of us, they would still need someone to ridicule and if we were all gone some unlucky Chad would have to be ridiculed as the weakest link.

After reading some of the posts on here, can you blame them?

I would unironically pioneer sex/companion bots that can satisfy their desires and help them improve their social skills. Thinking about a streaming service where someone could take control of it like a drone and give counselling/emotional support but otherwise it's an AI that just helps them along

yep, thats why i will have them all shot, woman are worthless and manipulative, the amount of power they have makes me infuriated

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I lost it to a pale, petite qt, I was fiending for short girls like that to ravage for a long time until I had sex with a 6ft 3 volleyball player, now all I want is tall girls with thick legs that can wrap all around me and hold me in place with no hope of escaping as I cum buckets. No luck since

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That is already on the way, what about a more urgent solution?

Incel scum need to be put down, round them up in concentration camps and gas them or make them do forced labour in mines isolated from society for the rest of their lives.

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Femanon and blah blah here...

No. I think incel problem is actually some societal problem. People are too superficial. Introverted ones drop out from society, because they are not required to participate in anything social anymore. Women have become more and more sociopathic due to feminism and just gone all out on its benefits like freedom to do whatever the fuck you want it seems sometimes. I believe too much freedom and have society enable it, can be bad. We've gone from men clubbing and raping women to women out doing men in court and then men being ass raped in jail. Probably after time this all will slowly fix itself, I just hope it won't go back to clubbing ages again. I bet incels would love it though.

It's very complicated.

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Stop neetbux and force them to get jobs.

What if they're already employed but still virgins?

Not a femanon. I would rehabilitate incels. They failed their first chance to habilitate (high school), they just need a second go.

I'd make them groom themselves and get jobs.

That's not an incel, that's an ordinary virgin.

Yes I can blame them because they keep shitting on me just because I'm not handsome and charismatic, even though I don't give a fuck about all that dating shit and just want to be left alone.

Or maybe you constantly raging about how you want to rape and murder them has something to do with it?

I just want a femdom gf so I'm sure I'd be in reeducation or something, either to make me not submissive or to make me okay with being a slave outside of a relationship

>literally all you need is a confidence and social training which can be provided by a strong friend group...
And what do you need to get a strong friend group ? Confidence and social training, yes, just like for girlfriends.

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The only good incel is a dead incel

Not gonna lie, it would be kind of hot if a femanon tried to kill me to solve the incel problem.

Incels don't go clubbing though.

And that was true in the past too. About half the men of history didn't get to reproduce.

Why do you use a singular point of anomaly in prehistory that had zero relevance to today?

The user I was replying to was talking about prehistory, and I'm not using a singular point.
Take the time to read and understand.

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you didn't even offer a solution retard

There already is. People already kinda had enough of sociopathic feminist's bullshit. So in future things will smooth themselves out. You can help of course. Kill yourself and become statistic to male suicide list and we'll nod our heads here and think if you were decent person enough:"it's kinda sad user died." retard... pot calling kettle black.

>tfw no cute femanon to encourage me to kill myself for her amusement

That's almost the dream desu, only way to be better is if she wants to kill you herself

Why did you post a completely unrelated graph? And that 17 to 1 is a singular point, what are you talking about?

normalfaggot here

gas all incels, they're pathetic wastes of human life

Do I have to explain to you how to read, or how to think ?

I am talking about the fact that, as we go back to more violent times of history to which that user was alluding to when she mentionned clubbing and raping, a large portion of the male population didn't profit from it and didn't have children. Incels didn't go clubbing and raping.

The graph is related, it "shows the number of men (left) and women (right) who reproduced throughout human history." It's found in that article and as you can see (but refuse to), it doesn't cover a singular point.
It shows that over history, men who reproduced were far fewer than women who did (see these numbers on the vertical axis ?), even outside of that extreme point of 17-to-1 which the article mentions in its title.

It will swing hard the other way and i can't wait for it.
Gonna club and rape me some whores.

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