Do blackbots like paramore?

do blackbots like paramore?

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Admittedly, I haven't listened to ALL of their music, but not a fan of what I did hear. I still remember when Tyler the Creator dropped Yonkers and hearing the name Hayley Williams, so I looked her up. After listening to some of their music I understood why they were called out. I don't know if Paramore counts as pop or alt-rock, but I'm more of a punk or metal fan when I'm in the mood for it.

do blackbots like these people

Hard Times and Rose Colored Boy are pretty good songs but I don't speak for all blackbots.

>just made my lil pale ass's day
if this cracker liked it, i don't like it, sir

why she gotta mention her "lil pale yaas"?

whitey gotta whitey (yikes)
she the non-gay version of faghags but for black people

why she gotta bring ATTENSHUN to that intimate area????

hold up. did she just "muh bbc" but inversely for white women?
>muh lil pale ass

She probably wants the BBC and I don't blame her one bit

she just went MUH LPA

never heard of them but they seem pretty gay

her pale ass probably bony and thin too lol (yikes)
no brotha (whether white or black or brown or yellow) don't want that shit

wow very based hayley

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now hold on fella, summa de brothas can git down with da LPA.

I don't really like black people, but I'm always impressed when you hear one say they like obscure good white music.

Why? No one is impressed when whites say they like obscure good black music.

>P A R A M O R E

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There really is no "obscure good white music" and "obscure good black music," there is only "obscure good music." Period.

I agree, it reveals that there is potential for niggers to think beyond the pale, which is extremely rare for them.

Never listened to them, and I listen to pretty much everything, including
>old country (think fallout stuff)
I imagine they're pretty bad, though, because my friend's thot exGF had a paramore shirt.

>>old country (think fallout stuff)
Very cozy indeed.
(Oregon origami organ)

She's not literally talking about her ass.

not literally. but she is talking about her LPA

obscure music is bad, otherwise it wouldnt be obscure

Thanks, man. It's really underrated, in my opinion.

Do not go to /mu/. We will destroy you there.

I didn't really mean paramore, but I watched this video of this nog liking Iron Maiden and I was impressed that he managed to even get into it
They're impressed at my barber shop when I know what reggae they're playing
get real friends nerd

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lmao stfu fag

I have no idea what you're trying to say. This comment was, not surprisingly, unoriginal, but ah well. I think I still got my point across regardless of what the robot says.

"my lil pale ass" its a visual.

I did back in like 2007. I'm still fond I guess and have good memories and enjoy them when I hear their old stuff but that's about it. Same can be said about a lot of bands from that era. Say Anything, AFI, Fall Out Boy, MCR, Brand New, Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Saiosin, and so on. I could say positive things about all of them but Coheed and Cambria was the only band from that time that really stuck with me and I continue to like and pay attention to just as much as back then.
During Lacey Sturms short loved tenure with them was Flyleaf was the superior female led pop punk group of that era though

I've never listened to them intentionally and I don't think I ever will.