How do I learn to not be an autist?

How do I learn to not be an autist?
I overlook the text messages once every year, and I still don't understand why I was in the wrong

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You did nothing wrong op


You seem genuinely retarded, I actually feel kind of bad for this girl

You did NOTHING wrong, my guy.
Fuck you and fuck that stacy roastie. OP is too good for her anyway.

She shouldnt have responded to you. She could have just had somebody beat the fuck out of you. Then youd know to stop being an artist, aka a fucking jackass

Fuck off Chad. This is not the locker rooms, nigger. This is are land, ese.

>Animals Cindy
>Woof woof

Fucking lol, that's too good.

Yeah nice. Im just saying she should have gotten someone to teach OP what harassment looks like

harassment is different to complimenting someone is the point she was trying to make
and then you make light of her saying she was raped and all that
i mean usually people dont like their trauma being made fun of
i dont know how you thought you could be right in that one

woof woof

Fair enough. OP is a jackass.

Sounds like semantics and sour grapes to me

Get over it

>mfw the nice guys are literally the most rude

I don't even know what you're trying to tell her

>deliberately trolling a serious conversation
>what did i do wrong?

i refuse to believe anyone is as stupidly oblivious and unintentionally abrasive as the seething fucking retard known as OP. please tell me this isn't real and that you're baiting.


Alas Tuesday never came!

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is there a chunk missing or some shit faggot.give entire chat log what exactly did you say to piss her off and whats the woof woof about


she can just show that to any stranger and op would get a beating

I just said what I was thinking
Is that so wrong
Must I be punished for it?

Cursed for expressing my truths

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If you were actually punished you wouldn't make the same mistakes. You enjoy being alone.

i think shes a fucking idiot for continuing to talk to you
youre a bit of a dumbass

why are white women so annoying jesus christ

you can hear the vocal fry through the messages

lmao you fuckin idiot. learn to talk to girls they dont wanna hear that shit

you probably could have saved it without going all autism woof woof about it. also never directly insult a woman, not even white knighting, unless you are an absolute Chad in looks, 90 percent chance she will flip out on you and blow it out of proportion. we all know women do everything for attention, that is locker room talk you have with the boys, you dont bring it up with women. theyll label you an incel. you should use what you know to manipulate women into giving it up, not run around calling them on their shit. if their daddy failed at raising them you wont stand a chance at.

Yeah she's retarded. Only context you'd be an asshole is if she said "Someone was groping me in public" but I bet she's a dumb bitch crying about a compliment.

op this was 4 years ago

its time to let it go

Hahahaha this is gold you're actually brain dead

It's like someone who watched way too many redpill videos but has no idea how to actually use it

>Brain dead
I think I made some fair points

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You objectively fucked up but you're right. She's a pompous, entitled cunt who only wants big hunky Chads to look at her and couldn't care less if everyone else just died. She lives and dies by male attention, big jaws and big cocks. She is a useless, vapid whore and you're better off, user. You make good points. Anyone reasonable would feel good about themselves if people looked at them lustily.

Reversing genders, like you said, if a girl went home and masturbated thinking about me, I would feel like a king, even if it was some autistic, smelly pig woman with matted hair and jowls. She's just an entitled cunt whore slut bitch that should get raped over and over until she kills herself. Just never tell women this, they lack self-awareness due to an inherently low IQ.

Thanks user~
I'll keep trying but I'll never do the song and dance even if it's only going to continue in me being regretful later on

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>Fair points

Please kys, half the people on this board probably couldn't get a woman to even look at them and you're here talking about 'fair points'.

Doesn't matter how good your points are or how true they are, you still give off the Elliot Roger vibe.

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This you definetely could have turned around with some big chad ENTP banter after those posts.

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didn't seem that bad till you posted this

what the fuck?????

It doesnt even look like you were acting like an autist, you just exposed too much of your power level.

Ew, you don't find it obnoxious when girls you're not interested in, especially ugly ones, constantly say that what kiss you, fuck you, or suck your dick?

I mean yeah I get it "A female is atttracted to me!" but what does that say about how that person generally acts? I wouldn't want someone that autistic meeting any of my friends or family.

>Why do women get so annoyed at men masturbating to them or giving them attention? When women give me attention I feel flattered
Because you arent a woman, retard. Its mens role to chase after women and its womens role to choose who the right mate is. A lot of men might not have any problem with women giving them this sort of attention because it feels like theyre successfully fulfilling their role, where as this isnt the case at all for women.

Please tell us the outcome of this

top kek OP, you need to just own your autism and keep twisting people's words

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OP is beyond autism holy fuck. OP go look in the mirror and think for just half a god damn second.

Haha thanks for the laugh OP
You Legend

>implying these messages are real
>opens with "it's not harassment, it's a compliment!"
This is the baitiest bait that has ever baited, this coming from a master baiter

Holy fuck there's no way this is real

Did you seriously add the date of this conversation to your calendar so you can repost this every year?

There was no mistake on your part. Good job, user.

2bh, I see absolutely no problem with what you said here
but you sperging out in the pic posted in the OP did seem like a mistake, yet everyone itt is seeing things the other way around

weird how that works

You did nothing wrong modern cunts have gone full psycho, very few sane ones left.

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Stupid fuck OP. ALL girls say that shit. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And some of you wonder why you're still a virgin.

OP, you are a sad autist, and you came here to advertise how much like the other sad autists you are in the hopes of them congratulating and praising you.

I'm trying, but seriously cannot imagine anything more pathetic than this

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You're actually a retard LMAOO

this is bait honestly you aren't even awkward at this point, saged