Reminder that Neanderthal men were Manlets with small dicks. Their women were probably flocking to get fucked by big human cock.

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femanons obviously have high neanderthal dna

This is what Neanderthal women saw in the hut next to them

They may have been shorter but they hunted with their bare hands and had enough strength to tear weak-ass Sapiens limb from limb. Seriously, if you can't beat a chimp in a fist-fight can you really claim to be more evolved? Throwing shit is just OP, that's all.

hunter gatherers were not shredded muscle heads. go look at modern hunter gatherers, they looked more like that, they're quite lean and wiry.

Most hunter gatherers weren't Chad

>in anyway inferior
Needed too many calories.

Still looked better then Neanderthal men probably.

Lately when I take walks I fantasize about the government secretly cloning neanderthals from DNA and placing the infants in different settings throughout the civilized and uncivilized world. They would check on the child every year and the parents wouldn't know it's a neanderthal but was adopted from an abusive mother (which might explain the possibility of the neanderthal growing up like an ooga booga, which is as likely as the scenario where they are ultra intelligent and empathetic).

I think about raising a neanderthal daughter all by myself, me and her, on a farm in the Ozarks, hunting and foraging when the crops are hard to grow. We would fish and hunt and I would also teach her to build cabins from wood and make furniture and sew clothing from weeds. As she starts blossoming, I would show her the duties of a woman and take her as my wife. We would breed endlessly, once every 8-10 months (not sure of their gestation period), and raise our half human/half neanderthal children to also hunt and fish and build and sew. I will die knowing that my children are blessed with greatest example of "hybrid vigor" to ever exist and when the rest of the world collapses from technology, they will be strong, smart, and proud, multiplying and spreading across North America to usher in a new Golden Age of primitive civilization.

Also, the picture you posted made me rock fucking hard and I'm going to fap now, thank you OP. Pic related is my future half human daughter that I will impregnate quite a bit.

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Let's be honest. Everything that's great about white people is just a pale shadow of our neanderthal ancestors. It's pointless to try and "save" the white race, the real whites are already extinct, and they're never coming back.

Supposedly 12-14 months. I'd reckon 12 months.

Cro Magnons were the last of the Great Men, the builders. Everyone since is living in their shadow, coasting on the dividends invested by the war and toil fought by the first of our kind. But even before the Cro Magnon were the Giant Men and the Neanderthals, our true ancestors and the ones we must pay tribute.

It is only in our modern era of extreme biotechnology that there is a chance, a tiny, miniscule chance of resurrecting the Gods who made us and reuniting with that long-neglected wolf that hungers in the hearts of the Weak Men. Human Man and Neanderthal Woman will build a society on the bones of our current one. I want to; nay, I must take part in this endeavor. I must go where no man has gone for the last 37,000 years, back to the warm, wet caves where my greatest grandfathers were born from.
In this case, I can probably get at least 10 to 15 children out of her, depending on when neanderthals reach menopause. Any speculation on that? I fear at some point we cannot know all the details of neanderthal biology until we sequence DNA and develop a reliable cloning method. I hope it is soon while my seed is strong and my libido ferocious.

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Evolution and shiet.

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Whites and most Asians have a high 'thal admixture. Niggers literally descended from sapiens.

It is only in our modern era of extreme biotechnology that there is a chance, a tiny, miniscule chance of resurrecting the Gods who made us and reuniting with that long-neglected wolf that hungers in the hearts of the Weak Men.

I know this is an erotic fantasy but we've seriously sequenced most of their genome. We'll be seeing at least hybrids at some point in the shockingly near future.

Supposedly Neanderthal women were more fertile earlier and had a somewhat later menopause.

Fuck. Can you imagine being an Erectus? Gay boner jokes aside you'd be mostly sentient but miserable all the fucking time and have no way to communicate it effectively.

Supposedly they could speak.

I swear to all that is holy this is not just an erotic fantasy and I desperately want to be the first man of our time to plunge his cock into the womb of a female neanderthal. Human women have no place in my home. All I want is a to raise a little neanderthal girl and grow her into a healthy woman and a mother of my children. If they were fertile earlier, I'd imagine that is around 10 or 11. I'm certain we don't have laws against this regarding neanderthals. Perhaps later in the future but I'm going to be the pioneer.

Also, any idea how much it would cost to obtain a newborn female neanderthal? Where would I find a scientist willing to perform experimental cloning? China? Should I start saving money and learning Chinese? Is there some kind of program where I can volunteer to raise the child? How hard would it be to runaway with the neanderthal child and go undetected for the next 60 years if I were part of said program? What else, besides farming, husbandry, basic astronomy, carpentry, and sewing would I need to live in the wild with my primitive bride?

Makes sense considering they weren't polluting their bodies with birth control, drugs alcohol, STDs, 50 different mens cocks

Ridiculously expensive, my god. Around 1.7million Forbes estimates for human cloning. Can possibly bring down some of the cost with artificial wombs as you wouldn't need a surrogate.

Since the procedure is illegal pretty much everywhere, it shouldn't be hard to come by a surrogate through "other" means, right? I'm sure if I found a scientist willing to attempt it, they would have connections to suppliers. The big cost, even then, is ensuring the surrogate receives adequate nutrition and health. No one knows optimal prenatal neanderthal care.

Well now I know what to save money for. And by the time I have it, maybe artificial wombs will be available and cloning will be sort of common place. I suppose I don't need to be the "first" modern sapiens to fertilize a neanderthal, that's just ego.

We already have artificial wombs.

Imagine if this thing tried to speak to you

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Sauce? I want to believe. This is seeming closer than I imagined and money is definitely the issue.

They've already used them on goats, don't see why humans wouldn't work.

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Them hoes be looking for nigger homo erectus bbc

Well this is still a few years away for humans but I'm actually hopeful now. I'm 24 now and I bet we'll have all the ingredients necessary for my dream to come true before I'm 40. My seed won't be too strong by the time I'm 50 and my neanderthal wife is 10 but I will make due. Maybe we won't be conquering large swathes of North America but most certainly we will be strong and proud, living in the Ozarks and breeding like animals.

Any links to evidence of the neanderthal DNA being sequenced to a large extent? I appreciate your help so far, user.

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So this neanderthal was a product of incest? Fucking hot. Doesn't bode well for our children though if I want to breed them.

The plan now, if her sample is the one I inevitably use, is to produce 5-10 daughters. If I have any sons, they are drowned in the river and buried out back. With 5 halfhuman daughters, I will impregnate each of them as many times as necessary to produce 2 brother/sister pairings. This will result in 20 grandchildren/children of 3/4 human and 1/4 neanderthal. At some point, I may pre-order another clone of my wife to introduce some more neanderthal DNA for a few generations down after I die. They might be effectively fucking their own great-great grandmother.

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Here is a furtherance of the plan. A few generations of cross breeding between a and b lines, leading to abIIIiii will lead to a male who gets to impregnate his great-great-great grandmother, reinvigorating the line with some extra neanderthal. This is repeated with c and d lines, while the e line stagnates longer to produce more mutations. Over time, the e line can be introduced in the a, b, c, and d lines to introduce further variance. That's all so far.

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This is evidenced further in this picture as the e line merges with abcd, forming abcde. Another branch of abcd will re-breed with Old Mama, as I'll call her at this point (B), and form a 3/4 'thal and 1/4 human A2B4abcd. This will inbreed for awhile to create necessary mutations and is known as X while A2B2abcde is known as Y. X continues on while Y breeds every now and then with Y forming XY variations that at some point merge with highly mutated X, to form X2Y.

You might wondering if the descendants would be alive at this point considering how much inbreeding is going on and the likely answer is they won't. I haven't found much evidence of what extremely long-term inbreeding looks like. Considering many of the pairings are between very vague half-siblings and the like, I'm not sure it's that bad, especially as variations occur. Also, some of the recessive traits may, over time, become advantageous depending on the environment. Would my offspring and that of my neanderthal bride fare well in the Ozarks? Who knows. It's hard to say even what the Ozarks will be like, climate-wise, in 500 to 1000 years.

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neanderthals were based though, niggers don't have any of their DNA and we all know how that turned out

I think raw intellectual and emotional capacity just wasn't a valuable trait in ancient times and that's why most neanderthals died out. They were clearly the inferior species in that sense but in today's world they would easily be able to adapt, I imagine. In fact, they, or at least their hybrid children, would thrive. This also explains why niggers, the most human, can barely move beyond mudhuts. It seems obvious at this point the more Neanderthal in your blood, the better, at this point in time. The groups with highest amount, Jews and Asians, are also among the smartest. Europeans in general have a lot and are at the same level. I'm not huge into IQ because I bet a lot of scores are faked for nationalist pride (China) but it all fits together.