What's your favorite black-centric movie?

What's your favorite black-centric movie?

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gotta be black dynamite
Dr. Doolittle is pretty good as well

well it's not really black-centric, but norbit.

rush hour 2

loved Do the Right Thing

Baby boy

Paid in full, oh and if catch anyone mentioning madea or some other coon shit i will literally rip your anus like kevin nash's anus got ripped in the summer of 92

Boyz N the Hood
But I hate the title.

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Friday, it's one of the only movies I own

theres probably others but hotel rwanda comes to mind

Either this as a bit of a classic or perhaps Dope which is more recent

Has to be Malcolm X, anyone else like it?

I liked it. Haven't watched completely because it was so long, but I watched most of it.

New Jack City is a good flick

Pic related

Wasn't that some weird spiritual successor to The Nutty Professor or something?

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Nice taste but for me it's hardball

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This or I feel like black movies are all a bit samey. They are not bad but once you have seen one, you have seen them all

That movie hits right in the feels
>itll be alright. Itll be alright

That's stoner, not black, user

>That's stoner, not black, user
How about both?

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I've been listening to wu tang so that popped in my head first but obviously this is better

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damn that movie be sad son

One of my favourite movies in general tbqh.