smoked my first cigarette tonight a marlboro red, what are the chances ill get addicted if i dont inhale? just wondering

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zero. i just smoked a camel ama i guess smokelet

Does it count as smoking if you don't inhale?

did you even like it

Why wouldnt you want to get addicted
Its not that bad, if you dont smoke more than 20 a day and dont drink the risk of getting a serious disease is pretty low
They will cut you life of 10 years at most. But who gives a shit to die at 70 instead of 80
Just smoke em if you got em

it was ight i just tried it to see what it tastes like

>didnt inhale

You have no idea what your missing.

cunt you aren't smoking if you don't inhale. stop being a pussy and wasting your darts.
and it's easy not to get addicted as long as you don't smoke a fuck ton

smoking without inhaling? nice

you wont get addicted unless you feel the rush, which you didnt cos you didnt even inhale

You don't get much of any buzz if you don't inhale user. Also, refrain from smoking a lot in one day. I keep my amount low and still get at least a minor buzz each time.

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Not how addiction works dumb zoomfag. Smoke a carton and then kys your self.

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you won't get addicted if you don't inhale, it's very doubtful.


DON'T FUCKING SMOKE CIGARETTES YOU IDIOT. Trust me, it's a bad idea, you'll wish you hadn't.

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just switch to a juul already before its too late. not kidding.

i smoked several time already inhaling and holding the smoke in, doesnt do shit for me, have no desire to smoke too

>smoking without inhaling

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Smoking cigarettes is stinky and expensive as hell
Either vape or do rollies

I've read the same shit over and over again about cigarettes. You don't have some mutation preventing you from getting buzzed, you're just retarded.

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Don't smoke user. You will get lung/throat cancer and other problems in your body. It is not healthy and isn't good for you.

Don't give into peer pressure user.

Agree with this guy


But it seems so comfy to smoke on a porch. I've smoked three light cigars and it was nice, but they're too heavy for me. Cigarettes seem perfect.

>easy not to get addicted

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i inhaled a few cigarettes and didn't feel anything