Diagnosed with schizophrenia

>diagnosed with schizophrenia
>Doc wants me to take meds
>Don't want to take them

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Docs get comission on meds they prescribe.
The more they prescribe the more money they make.

Think about that.

You have a lifespan that is estimated to be 10 years shorter than the average person.

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Just get it over with and do. Your life will be shit from now on regardless. No point in fighting.

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I know that, i also know the medication they want you to take is how the FBI controls your mind with MKULTRA, the medication does the bidding for them.

This is why school shooters did what they did, via mind control and it was also a ploy to take away gun rights.

do you do drugs? if so you need to stop them, if not you need to do the healthy shit they tell you to do in /sig/ threads, or take the drugs and numb your brain forever

Dont joke about schizophrenia its a serious disease

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Ok here is a different joke

Knock knock

Only schizos are attracted to these images
Who's there?

That sounds very schizophrenic.

Think about it like this:

Maybe youre right, but if you are people will put you on medication and try to controle you so you cant destroy that autoritarian system.

So dont be so fucking stupid and go tell some doctors about it and keep those toughts to yourself.

Go to your fucking doctor tell him you saw some shitty conspiracy documentary that convinced you of the shit you told him and that you feel better now and you understand that the world is just fine as it is

You are a schizophrenic talking to voices in their head at the door no one was even knocking the wrigglers are in the floor the wrigglers are in the floor the wrigglers are in the floor

Why does the second half of your post do that?

its the fuckin SSRIs man look it up, they mess with the serotonin in the brain and makes em agressive

just do it my friend does this and randomly snaps constantly. hes kicked out of everything a mile radius from his house which is everything hes in a small town

every time he goes off his meds he goes to the mental hospital. he broke shit all over his apartment and got evicted. he constantly goes crazy and pisses everyone off in his town and known as that guy has spent like 5 months in psych centers

idk why nobody called out this bs post but docs don't get comission on meds. That's the pharmacist who fills it and it's a minor one at that. Docs get paid the same whether or not they give you a script at the end.

what did the jew prescribe?
i want neetbux
is there a test for schizophrenia? i think i may have it i know i have aspergers

They are onto you user

Better take those pills or the CIA niggers will get you

He was wrong about it being "commission" per se, but it's a lot like how lobbyists don't directly pay politicians to enact the laws they want. They just get buddy buddy with them, buy them shit they want, and donate to their campaign. The medical industry is very similar.

The ocd is flaring up.

It's so hard to read, is anyone else seeing that?

Reminder that mental illness is not illness, you are who you are and the only reason why it is considered an illness is that you are different from the norm. Do not take your brain destroying mind control meds, do not see a the rapist, do not consult a (((doctor))).

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what are we supposed to do if we can't function in any job?

What are you talking about user all do he did was make not a joke about you look talking to yourself down

No come on quit fucking with me, the second half of his post is difficult to read
>the wrigglers are in the floor the wrigglers are in the floor the wrigglers are in the floor
That part

>what did the jew prescribe?

Fluphenazine, not taking that trash and going to self medicate with weed instead. Fuck that faggot fuck. Thinks i'm fucking stupid, FBI can fuck themselves they aren't going to control my mind because i see through that shit.

no one comment on this hes not going to see whats wrong until they strap him down in the psych center and force feed him that shit and then hes going to be supervised for the rest of the his life and forced to take his meds

it literally always happens. I live in a shit inbred forest town and seen it happen to a bunch of people. it always goes the same. OP would have to live in the woods in a tent to live without those meds.

hes going to get neetbux tho at least so its okay

>Mommy made me see a doctor
>I'm gonna smoke weed instead!
Based manchild

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Do take your meds but demand that they lower your meds periodically for as long you do not exhibit symptoms.

stop posting this on every fucking board

and dont join the marines

>schizos not trusting anything

please don't support donald.

>stage multiple gun massacres over years to take away gun rights
>gun rights don't change at all
how many does it take?
i can't believe american mental health is so deficient that schizos and literal nazis are allowed to dictate political discourse

fuck you bootlicking brainwashing faggot

Are you a paranoid schizophren? I was also diagnosed but I take my meds and meditate everyday, one day I'm gonna stop taking the meds not because I think anybody is trying to controll me but because medications aren't natural and have side effects just like any other drug.

What's annoying is sometimes I'm paranoid over whether or not it's the paranoiia speaking then I realize I'm paranoid right now and it turns into a loop. Meditation works wonders and helps me clear my mind. The trick is to not think

we just want whats best for you op, expect a good-times van to pick you up in a few hours.

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Reconstruct your life and cut out negative stimuli. I've known lots of schizos who get on well enough after they've reprogrammed their brains and changed their environments. Actually as a schizo you should be very good at changing since you have no real identity to begin with. You just need to identify weak points in your life and work with them until your delusions subside. Have some comfort shit or coping mechanisms ready for when you inevitably relapse. You'll get better again.

Hahaha ily user

me neither........ i am going to do meth instead once

no its not, youre silly.

better to take meds than wind up one of those raving nuts walking downtown at 3 am, yelling at imaginary people for following them.

I know a bipolar guy who chased his housemate of 15 years down the street with a knife because he thought he was paranoid. Y'all people need to stay on your meds. Seroquel's a good one.

because he was paranoid*/he thought the housemate was trying to kill him

yes they definitely need to stay on meds.

Gay esfs esda fes

classic paranoid schizo behavior. had this random black idiot start waving a huge piece of wood at me once while i was waiting at a bus stop. he thought I was a skinhead Nazi who had been following him for six months. I mean that stuff is no joke. those freaks can cause some real problems. take meds you fags.

Ok have fun with your untreated schizophrenia.

The drugs stop your brain from degenerating but it's OP's choice.

People with schizophrenia can joke about it if they want, you can choose not to.

the wrigglers thing will be playing in my head for the next 8 years

Still your choice to take meds or not but just so you know, weed literally is probably what gave you schizophrenia and will probably make it worse.

Antipsychotics are probably the only mental medicine that I think actually does its job right. I have known a LOT of schizos in my work, and every time one took pills for it they fixed right up with minimal side effects.
The only time they had issue? The few that went a few days without then thought "yeah im fine"
Those ones are always back in the ward a couple weeks later for doing some shit.

If you're not willing to take antipsychotics the least you can do is take the supplement Sarcosine, it's decently effective for all schizophrenia symptoms, and can help with symptoms that antipsychotics don't help much at all, like the cognitive symptoms and lack of enjoyment/motivation etc

I'm on 3 different antipsychotics myself with one of which being a monthly depo (injection) and I've been in and out of psych wards for the past 3 years. I noticed I go into a delusional psychotic episode when I abruptly stop taking my meds, those that are talking about government agencies controlling their mind are understandable because I can speak through experience from the side effects the medication has

So with the whole controlling thing it's a bit difficult to explain to those that don't share the same symptoms but I'll do my best. For me when I go a long period of time taking the meds as I should I get what's called brain fog, what that means is I lose track of myself and think in a different way than I'm use to. I forget peoples true intentions and drop my guard becoming more docile, I even have memory problems. When I get to a certain high or get close to needing my next script or when I start them again after a while everything comes rushing back and you realize how much has gone over your head, then the paranoia kicks in and you believe everyone is out to get you or setting you up, losing pieces of yourself thinking you're under some form of control. For me personally the only thing that brings me comfort is the nice voice in my head telling me everything will be alright, as I said it's hard to explain, some anons will have it different but that's just my 2 cents on the matter

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i'm on 2 antipsychotics and my experiences are way different.
>lurking screaming ghosts eventually appear less and less
>when they do appear its in your peripherals
>the shadow people are gone
>you only hear voices in the music now, and music in voices
>thinking in a different way
my delusions weren't necessarily paranoid though, they were religious like god was talking to me. when i am taking my meds i can keep it down to a "normal" level of religion but when i am off my meds i become a crazy street preacher. not violent but frantic and scared of hell and god and everyone dying and burning because i didn't help them.

So its your fauly we're all going to burn for an eternity screaming in agony because you ignored us for some pills? Fuck you man.

Yeah so you get that it is a very hard thing to balance and I can't just snap out of it without feeling selfish and like i let everyone down and we're all going to hell.

>tfw told doctor my paranoia was gone to get me off my antipsychotic because it was making me fat
Pretty sure I'm right to be paranoid at this point, plenty of people have it in for me where I live

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they probably dont even know you exist. no offense.

Plenty of people know I exist, I used to be fairly popular (failed normie) and also lots of enemies

imagine being such a pussy that you'd rather live with delusions that take a few pills

take LSD and weed user, cures depression in a jiffy.

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I do take my pills user.

user, we know where you live, and if you take your meds we gonna make it a lot easier for you...

>controls your mind with MKULTRA, the medication does the bidding for them.
Nigger take a look around and tell me they dont already have enough control over you. All your electronics, ids, your car, the culture they influenced that your parents grew up with and the one you grew up with.

>recommending LSD & weed to a schizophrenic
Dunno if i should call you evil or a genius. Evil genius maybe?

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>I used to be fairly popular (failed normie) and also lots of enemies
Same, I can't even go out in public without the fear of being bashed or stabbed and the couple of friends I do hang out with just try to manipulate me by attempting to get inside my head

dont hang out with them brotha, I have one friend but he doesnt do that shit. Still wouldn't meet with him due to paranoia that he doesnt actually like me, shit sucks.

Hope things improve for you.