How do I get a girlfriend?

>How do I get a girlfriend?
>You just wait for one to come to you

This is what everyone keeps telling me

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You'll have to figure out how to attract womyn user

How please

do you talk to any ?

This is women speak for weeding out the uglies. If you listen to this, you actively remove yourself from the dating pool making it easier for her to filter you out. You have to chase to win one.

No, woman speak for that is
>Don't worry user, you're gonna make some girl very happy some day

If you don't have a girlfriend it's cause you don't want one or you aren't ready for one. I was like you coming here every day for years cause no gf. Then I got one and realized how awful it is. The sex was worse than fapping. What you want is to fall in love. Something that doesn't happen too often in todays ever increasingly fake society. My advice is to get fit and wealthy so that you are ready when cupid shoots his arrow.

>tfw when there's no adequate reaction image to communicate the amount of emotional pain you're in after reading that post
Ow, my heart

Sorry I had to be the one to break this to you user, but you deserve to know the truth. Ever notice how women think guys like us will make girls happy, but they never want to be that happy girl?

The last time I tried she told me to stop bothering her or she would call the police


>If you don't have a girlfriend it's cause you don't want one or you aren't ready for one.

Is the world truly so black and white?

bruh that's some bullshit, personally every chance I get I just try to get to know a girl until one really likes me. Only backfire to this is after years of trying I got multiple to like me in one day. Btw this isn't some
>I'm a life long Chad
advice, like literally today for the first time in my life 3 girls show interest in me. I've become paranoid and am slightly convinced this is either a government experiment or anime is real.

Wow, if only we could all be so lucky, chad

You are better looking than you think. 0 girls have shown interest in me

Just be confident on yourself, do your best in everything you do and be mature

No, that's woman speak for "the best you can hope for is to be a single mom's beta provider".

That's basic shit BRUH, OP has probably heard that a lot of times

IDK I'm married, so I wouldn't have a clue mate.

Are you fat as fuck and smell bad?

>Just be confident

Nice meme!

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This worked for me user, being confident and mature. Just always take initiative.

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You have to have a social circle and then yes, you just wait for one to come to you

You need to force yourself to do social activities

I am not sure how to enjoy them if you don't, but normies actually do love it so that's why they say dumb shit like that

>You just wait for one to come to you
I've never sat around and had a girl jump into my lap. I got on dating websites and went at it. I got laid last night where I started talking to the person earlier in the day. I'm like a 5-6/10. This person was 7-8/10. If you literally just put yourself out there and be yourself and want to be attractive then people will eventually connect with you.

>put yourself out there
Never got a match on tinder or dating site

This means:

Robots and you wont be able to you can vet a boiwife on Grindr though or be a bottomboi

Take estrogen and transition you could be a girl OP

>Never got a match on tinder or dating site
Same. Sucks being ugly man :(