That girl who fucked the teacher because they were genuinely in love, and she wasn't fishing for a better grade

>that girl who fucked the teacher because they were genuinely in love, and she wasn't fishing for a better grade

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she was you huh

shes a whore, the fact she fucked the teacher just proves that

>the Chad kid who was fucking the really hot teacher

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I'm a dude, and the only teacher I contemplated banging was my speech therapy teacher. She was thicc to the biggest extreme, and she as "DSL"

>that black guy who fucked every female teacher he had, then posts it on pornhub

Female teachers don't fuck chads, whenever a female teacher has sex with a student it's always with reasons born of mental illness

Based Banished poster

I fucked my bio teacher but it was years later when I was an adult and we met up again.

Nearly all the teenage boys white female teachers fuck are black students

cope, no one is ever "genuinely in love" people dont love YOU. they love the image you portray or the value u can give

I wasn't in love but had a massive crush on my soccer coach but so did all the other girls on the team and they all were so jealous when he started driving me home because my mom was always late picking me up. At first I knew I stank from sweat and grass so started showering right after practice before getting in his car. I would sit there wishing he'd touch me or keep driving past my home.

divulge the details

nope, my secret the details but we did touch.

i'm sorry you feel this way. but i guess you're not wrong either, but it's like it's a mix of what you say and actual love. because love needs what u describe for it to be of value to a person, and for them to want to give their love

where tho

completely organic comment

I loved my high school English teacher a lot but it got destructive fast. I catfished his wife on facebook with some /soc/ Chad I traded loads of nudes with. Then I started posting the nudes she sent me on /b/ and then told him I saw her online and took a bunch of screen shots of the thread and myself talking about fucking her. Then I leveraged that into a relationship with him but he eventually found out after I left my discord open and the soc Chad started messaging me. He ended up moving to Canada to get away from me.

you gay boys are viscous little fucks aren't you?

>genuinely in love
women arent capable of love dumbass

I fucked my English teacher, K*m L*d*t*n*, after I graduated. This was 20+ years ago, she was 23, I was 16. Lovely titties on her, very smooth skin.

that was a wild ride and a half.

I knew a dumbass high school teacher that did that and he got his ass arrested for cheating on his wife with a minor. The girl was also stupid enough to post to her blog about kissing a teacher. He pleaded guilty to avoid being put on the sex offender list but he's probably never going to work as a teacher again and is on 10 years probation. I felt no sympathy for him when he cried in court saying that "he lost his career, marriage, and home".

I can't help imagine a teacher grabbing that waist and shooting a sticky load of jizz deep inside her. What a rush.