VR Sex Will Never Happen

So after watching Black Mirror Striking Vipers episode, I realized that games that feature VR sex will never be a thing.

Because if you are able to have sex with any other player, these games will be banned. Can you imagine playing Super Smash Bros., Halo, or Warcraft and every game sessions just dissolved into giant orgies?

And even if you restrict purchasing the game to adults, there is nothing to control who plays the game once it gets home. And plenty of parents buy games for their kids.

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you cant stop horny people with money, that sums it up the entire history of mankind. Roasties on suicide watch once vr robot waifus become reality in 10 years

Even if the technology would be there in 10 years, it will never happen. The political and social ramifications would be too great.

You can cut your dick out for free and demand people to call you Charlotte the twinkling princess by law and you think robot sex waifus wont be reality because of politics, are you from earth?

It they cater to straight men, and disenfranchise modern women, fuck yes.

This man is correct, that's why pornhub was outlawed years ago

Holy fuck man you are deadass overthinking it. If there is a demand for it, it will happen. Like if they don't want sexual content from games they just take out things that can cause that (penis and vagina) or better yet I bet if they can figure out the vr shit they probably could have some AI that can detect if you are trying to do something sexual and just reset your character.

Ooh, sarcasm.

Imagine comparing porn to a physical substitute for moral and loyal companionship, sex, and someday reproduction.

>So after watching Black Mirror
Looks like the propaganda is working.

Steam sells illusion games now, that is enough of a proof. Robot waifu will be real and I will have my personal joi from blade runner 2049 even if I have to die fighting for my rights as a ugly Manlet

>physical substitute for moral and loyal companionship, sex, and someday reproduction.
Literally where were we talking about this
The OP post is about vr sex only

Moral and loyal companionship are already broken and meaningless, what are you talking about? Do you live in 2019 or 1950?

OP thought he started a smart discussion

Not if we can create VR or cyborg waifus in the correct image.

as an ugly manlet you have no rights

I unironically believe you have a higher chance of waiting for the robot revolution to have your meaningful loyal, moral and happy relationship with your pristine robot waifu than with a woman from nowadays

kids today can play VR porn theoreticlly
In the future with the a brain synch or whatever, it could be made so the game easily scans the age/id of the player

Or just facial recognition

I'm sure people said the same thing about erotic novels, then erotic videos. This will be no different.

As long as you can point a gun to someone you have rights, I will die and kill for my robot waifu to become a reality, you watch me you faggot, dont try to stand between a sexually frustrated man and his almost conscious sex toy

Also there's a short series called Future Sex that explores this theme too. It feels a bit similar to Black Mirror, except all the stories are about sex and how technology will change the way we do it. Look it up. It's like 5 episodes of 10-15 minutes each.

>the way we do it
Who do it? Not me, sure as hell