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I have a home and a Kings sized bed, yet I still occasionally sleep in my car. Way back when I was in the military, I would wait for a phone call or text from my gf in the parking lot because I had to live on the ship, which had no reception. These days, I just sit out in my car and watch the thunder storms roll by.

Oldfag thread, I guess.

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>usually use bus to drive around half-way home and just slowly walk rest of the distance
>just sit in silence once home
I just don't know anymore. I have chances to date 24 y.o. girl, who isn't landwhale or deformed. One of the most beautiful smiles i ever saw. But i'm not sure anymore. Can't feel real connection to anyone, her included. So what's the point. Starting to think that i just gonna spend my days alone, until it all be over.

28 yo fag here and I'm completely lost in life. Travelled halfway round the world to do the "travelling" meme but fucked that all up and have no money so now I'm furthest away from home cleaning toilets. I do have a plan for saving and travelling in a few months but I've seen the other travelling normies that id have to engage with and it makes me want to kill myself.
Might buy a van and just travel in that.

>gf coming over tonight to sleep over because I made a invitation too as a sign of good faith but never thought she'd take me up on it
>she wants to fuck but I really cbfed anymore I'd rather just come home have a beer and play some switch as opposed to spending time with her and hearing about she has no hobbies outside of her job and going out clubbing

don't fall for the gf meme guys. its all lies.

>BS in STEM and still no job for more than a year despite experience
>pretty much given up on searching for work
>too weak to kill myself
>sleeping at 8AM or later
>still have to make doctors appointments for chronic joint degeneration tests

25 F: single, good career, hitting wall, giving up hope on men, may be a lesbian out of pure desperation, not fat or ugly which is good, been thinking about getting botox lately tho. Aside from lack of companionship life is ok

what are you all doing to keep yourselves busy these days?

If you don't like her, break up with her. Don't just complain about her on an internet forum and waste her time.

Games and watching Stargate.

Well, one time I lived with three bronies and shared a room with the one who just happened to piss his bed nearly every night. You could not imagine the smell. Every day of my life I consider it a blessing that I let him live.

You are right user. I needed to hear that. Thanks

33 soon, NEET, I spot some white strand of hairs.
Also hair loss is speeding up.

All my heart and mind is filled with hate and disdain.

I actually haven't spotted a white hair since I began taking vitamin D. Might be bullshit but that's all I have to go on.

Plz be my it nerdy silicon valley Boomer GF. Srsly tho are you in the bay by chance?

no sorry, I'm not in the states.

Sure, m8. It's hard to step outside ourselves and see things with some objectivity, but sometimes it's what we really need.

>page 9

Really struggling with loneliness. No friends, never had a girlfriend, haven't had any meaningful human interaction in years.

Ancient at 35. Focused on work in my 20s to avoid facing my lonely existence. I have a small group of good friends so not all is terrible. Now am so tired of the daily grind that my focus has shifted to retirement. Hopefully by 50 latest i can just stop working and live modestly without needing welfare. Maybe by then with all the extra free time i will meet someone and we can grow old together in a nice a frame near a lake in the mountains.

If not at least ill have more time for brewing beer and vidya.

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Traveled a lot, it wasn't really exciting. As if I needed another reason to believe I am autistic, the best part was usually getting to ride a variety of trains and buses, and not the actual attractions themselves.

>no job
>no career
>no hobbies
>no love life
>no friends
And yet I still don't give a fuck as long as I have alcohol and weed, anyone else in this boat?

yeah, whenever i stop with the weed i'm faced with the wasteland. sometimes there's not a lot you can do either way

so what are we supposed to do? I also feel like if I stopped smoking I'd lose it, it helps me cope with the existential shit

>25 F
>not fat or ugly
Ever thought about dating sites? There's still plenty of hope for you.

>dead end job
>still live with parents (can't afford own place)
>no drive to do literally anything
>just wageslave and dive in vidya when home
At least I'm glad I got away from the pussy need. It is liberating when you truly stop caring about it.

>nice job, phD, nice car, nice bike
>a few hobbies, dedicated to all of them
>almost non-existent social life, crushing anxiety
>feel nothing but depression the second I have any free time (mind goes into paranoia overdrive)
I have given up on ever finding love, so I just spend my non-work time burning rubber on the twisties and devoting time to hobbies.

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A plane ticket is cheaper than a van and the gas required to drive it. Larp?

I failed the first CPA exam I took by a fucking point lmao.

Now I got to pay to take it again, restudy the material for this section and take the 4 hour exam again.

maybe stop being a degenerate and do something else instead?

i`ll be your bf if you let me be a sugar baby

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