So devoid of human contact that youtube girlfriend roleplay videos make you cry

>So devoid of human contact that youtube girlfriend roleplay videos make you cry.

Anyone know that feel?

Here are some recently hard-hitting one's that can make me sob.

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Congrats on having the most pathetic post of the night! Everyone, clap your hands for OP and then spit on him!

its literally not hard getting a gf

Is this like, some Dora the Explorer gf bullshit?

I dont watch those and never will for that reason.

I don't dare watch those channels lest I get hooked. I'm.....I don't even know.

>its literally not hard getting a gf

Yeah? For real? Then how come it's hard for me?

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Stop encouraging him.

Yes, but for depressed faggots

If only the faces matched the voices

It's all we have, leave us alone.

No, someone has to tell you how pathetic you faggots are. This is just as bad as camwhore orbiters

These videos are free

Every single one of those youtubers has a fucking patreon.

;-; i cant even watch those female eye contact vids bro

Upvoted on arr four-chan m'redditor!

at least you interact with camwhores. this transcends faggotry

>;-; i cant even watch those female eye contact vids bro
Lame. I don't typically have a problem looking at people but a lot of people are shy about it. It makes me wonder if they're looking away because they're shy or if maybe I'm totes fucking grotesquely ugly or maybe I have something amusing on my face like a giant wart or whatever?

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trust me it's not nice to be looked at, i walk down the street to buy bread and atleast 2 fucking people stare at me, they don't break contact so i do the same and they all are old fucks and sometime young, i'm a male and this sucks

>he knows these videos exist
i propably can't watch because of the cringe of it all and i still obsess over oneitis but holy shit you are fucking pathetic


Right back at you, pal

I don't watch ones on youtube because I generally want to jack off at the same time, so I just browse that gone wild audio subreddit, and some do hit really close and I end up tearing up like a faggot as well
though it did take me a while to get used to the cringey feeling, I mean, you realize how pathetic this is, but then you push past it and you stop caring about it

back to plebbit originalism

Because you never tried.

Nothing really made me cry for years now. I sincerely do not know when was the last time I cried tbqh. Asmr largely lost its power too.

I had this strange experience few weeks ago though:
>sunday, going home from night shift
>very early in the morning, still dark
>taking train
>it's usually empty, just a few people
>I pick empty coupe in last car
>put on my headphones, turn of coupe lights as always, ready to zone out
>first stop, doors open
>this really small, petite blonde girl enters
>she is obviously drunk, she instantly smiles at me for some reason
>decent clothing, really nice face, smells nice, obviously better girl if not for her drunken act
>she lays down on opposite bench, covers herself with a shawl or something
>as she falls asleep, her arm slips towards me, nearly touching my knee
>its a very small hand, gentle, with pearly white skin
>its like she wanted to hold mine
I kept myself from doing it.

It was very strange, somewhat saddening but also pure feel for some reason.

no, I'm good, but thanks for recommending it for me user!

I have thrown myself into the deep end of the social pool, the fuck you mean I have not tried

Let me guess, you haven't done one or all of the following:
-actually went up to a girl and asked her out
-worked on your appearance
-lowered your standards

I have done the first two.

The third I refuse, my only (physical) standard is that she works as much on her body and appearance as I do on mine.

Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe you are just not as attractive as you perceive yourself to be?

It's a moot point in any case, your original statement was that it was hard to find a gf, I just noted that it's quite easy.


>when you thought that millennials are the worst humanity will ever have to offer, here comes the zoomers to teach you a lesson or two

I read stories and books, it's honestly less autistic than asmr roleplay

What you're doing isn't really different that reading a romance novel and imagining you're on it, if you think about it

Those tubers and their fans are almost certaintly millennials, if not Gen Z

Be my overly emotional e-bf.