Want to talk to some guys

Femanon here. I just want to talk to some nice guys who want to talk to me back. I'll drop my Discord and anything you want to know about me down below. I hope I get to meet some of you, I've always liked the attitude of the board's members.

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How old are you and how long is your penis?

Gtfo my board you roastie bitch. Use facebook if you want your attention fix.

Tits or gtfo, meatflap

20, no penis. Sorry if that's your deal.

I wouldn't call myself a roastie. I was bullied out of all joining any popular cliques due to various issues which I can elaborate on if you want. My time on here has risen since graduation and I'm pretty far from a roastie, in my opinion.

you've always liked the attitude of this board's members? I know there are a few genuinely kind people sprinkled here and there, but overall considering this boards history as well people here suck desu

are you from NA or EU

What the hell. Even if this is some larp, drop your discord and I'll add you if you're actually looking for friends.

>I just want to talk to some nice guys who want to talk to me back

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I have a lot of similar negative and pessimistic thoughts. While not everybody is great about their attitude towards others I feel like they'd all be set righr with a little fixing.
Have family in both, currently NA but will be visiting EU soon. Spent more time in NA though so apologize if Euro knowledge is poor.

You are going to kill some of them? Godspeed fellow girl user.

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are you a weeb? gamer girl? are you actually good at games? can we talk about manga or good anime to check out? or are you just looking for some emotional sponge to ghost in a week

What are you like? I'll drop but just tell me some of your interests and what you see me as.
Post more pics like that, please.

Sorry not 52976450, meant

Good way to cry for attention and get some yous you larping autistic faggot, talk if you are lonely tho, but drop the stupid larp and have some self respect

Never ghosted anybody before. Watch more anime than manga but I'm looking for some good ones to talk about. Don't play vidya as much as I used to but if you really wanted to I might.

will you be my gf that doesn't ghost me and watches anime and plays vidya together with me?

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I'd like to have someone to talk to. An irl friend would be the best but right now I'm afraid that's not possible. So an e-friend or at least someone to talk to would be nice. I used to have a binch of irl friends but 2 months ago they all ghosted me, even my best friend. I could see a pink flying rat come into my room right now and I would have no one to tell

anne#9028 btw

No, I have people to play with already, will talk to you about the latest Carole and Tuesday episode tho

Maybe, talk to me anyways.
I'd love to hear about a pink flying rat. I'll be your friend for now, user.
Both of you check

which one is the real op, the world may never know

since people are larping as me i'm doing what i should've done from the start and tripfagged.
Ignore them

I have the trip now and own the discord account. Sorry for lots of posts just anxious that sone larper would've ruined an user's night

Oh okay. Yeah here's the other picture. Describes OP pretty well. Zoomers are idiots.

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Post tits with timestamp you whore, if not you are a fat larper

Raccoon are so cute, reminds me of Pocahontas


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Sounds like trap bait to me

Hey, dudes, my discord is Kongou#2106, looking for people to chat with or maybe play some games with. Currently stuck in a rut in my life and would just like some people to talk to. Maybe take some advice?

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Is it too late to talk to someone?

Probably. Anne is pretty boring, doesnt seem interested in talking despite this thread

You can come in if you want
Can't get into a conversation too well for now, still new to everybody.

already seen pics of her, she's pretty cute honestly. hopefully we can eventually date or something

Shit did she send you pics too? I thought she was the one bros...

she just flew over my house and sucked my cock, holy SHIT

share then

>he didn't get the personalized blowjob-face snap

I'll crop it for yall

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It's ok, she sent me asshole pics. It's pretty cute desu

sorry bros I already made her my gf and I've been watching her message you guys over screen share. She hasn't sent anyone pictures.

lol no pics of me have been sent lads

funny because she was screen sharing you screen sharing because I'm the real boyfriend, what do you think about that you fucking cuck

go to bed you damn jew

Yeah I noticed dude because I'm sitting right next to her. I was watching her screen share me with you showing all the messages. she's just messing with you lad.

Epic meme about going to sleep my dude, you got me real good there

the fuck is going on in this thread, its like an army of LARPers

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Be honest. Do you ghost people who bore you? I hate getting ghosted randomly.

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madman shit going on here. i'm sleeping but if anybody wants to call me a roastie my disc is in the thread

Dont care for the term but man if you dknt wanna talk no more just say you dont wanna talk

man you're pretty good at posting while SLEEPING, looks like this bitch gets off on getting made fun of. Typical.

You wish that was actually a projected hologram of her, I'm right here sitting with the real one laughing at how stupid you are being thinking that by watching me watching you watching me was anything more than an illusion

I see you've been enjoying time spent with the life model decoy of my gf, we've been watching through her eyes all night. We didnt think youd actually put the skirt on when she asked, points for dedication

She's back online bros and sending me dik pics. I wanna fuk that bussy so bad bros FUCK

man that bitch went offline, looks like she was staying awake for whatever fucking CHAD was in the thread.

i swear more and more normies go onto this board

Come to Odessa Texas and be my queen of the rejects GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can lord it over all the NEETs youre baiting on discord

>mfw she put her profile on offline but still lewding with me
Get fucked incels lmao

What the fuck. I've seen you posting this for 4 years or more and not a soul has taken you up on it yet?

You have to be insane or deformed

Orpeople arent as shallow as i think

>I've always liked the attitude of the board's members
I can tell you haven't been here for long

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This thread made me laugh, but not laff, and it wasn't very hard.


dis1 r stuped

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>you haven't been here for long



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Oh, you were referring to those members, I see

> (You)
nana nana nana nana ... nana BATMAN

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Theres a lot of layers to that joke and I appreciate it

Either this is a SIGN FROM GOD


that I will be GETTING VERY LUCKY, or

it's symbolic of my earning back my virginity after being away from v-aginas for so many years.

Answer me this question. Which country do you live in?

we are currently conversing on discord, get absolutely owned


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can't believe my gf is lying to and cheating on me lads. how do I cope?

female too

Pic related was my online GF for a while but she KEKED ME WITH A NIGGER.

Also youre a fucking retard. I moved to Odessa 2 years ago.

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