Anyone else feel like they're "making it"

God it's 3 AM but and I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop.

On the left is my gf, sleeping softly with her head on my chest. She talks in her sleep, so an hour or so ago she made little chirping noises. It's the cutest thing ever. I feel her hair across my neck and every time I breathe her smell carries memories of first dates and movie dates. God I'm so fucking happy.

Two years ago I was depressed and hopeless, and here I am, with a reason to live.

You will all find love brahs. Believe in yourself.

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Bait thread please don't reply to this normie larper

No bruh this is real. I'm tryna help y'all out cause I used to browse Jow Forums a lot.

You type like a filthy nigger.

You actually made me cry, not that it's hard, but congratulations i guess

I appreciate the kind word but your situation doesn't make it any easier for us. When you're on a board with depressed people, it's hard to inspire hope so for most of us, it will just go over our heads, including me

I used to be making it but it all came crashing down. Now I'm here wishing I could try again.

>neurotypical telling aspies it will be ok
yyyyyyyeaaaa nah

>my lifes good lol
Fuck off and die normalfaggot.

Both of you can make it! My worst time was after I was discharged from the Army. I had no direction in life and no family either. But then I found a minimum wage job, and started lifting. Two years later I make barely $30,000 but I found a purpose and confidence in my self. You can do it guys!

you need to fuck off and stop interacting with us, your life is fine. you don't need us to bring you down again.

No, I dont user, but I'm glad you are. I thought I was getting my first GF, we kinda agreed on it happening when we got back to school, but i talked to her yesterday and she decided it was over before it even happened. i was so close...
Just promise you won't forget about us OP

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Thank you brother I will think of y'all.

Dont. Stop. Trying.

none of this applies to me. i live in a small town. i cant make a girl appear out of matter so none of this matters and your post is just pissing me off.

also all girls have slutty pasts and are disgusting. you are cuddling a cum hole. nice.

We met in high school and I took her virginity

im in a not so good spot at the moment but im trying to get things together before i lose what i have and this is exactly what i needed, thank you user.

can you just fuck off no one here wants to hear this bull shit

>believe in yourself
you can do it because i believe in you

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>On the left is my gf
how long have you been together, user

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that's exactly what a filthy nigger would say

Nah bro it won't change for us , we're destined to die alone brah

heh. see ya after the break-up, kid. brace yourself. the misery will be directly proportional to the joy you now feel.

God i hate how this board became now
Fuck off larper

Yeah, if you're about to be executed, just believe in yourself. I felt bad once too and I'm fine now, so everyone else must be the same as me