Serious question, now

Serious question, now.
If lesbians, who have no penises, can sexually gratify each other, why the fuck do male penis size matter?

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Lesbians usually get big black strapons or get BBC bulls to please their natural melanin receptors

I wish people like you killed themselves. If you could shut the fuck up about black dick for one day this board would be less fucking trash

What's the matter? Your boipucci aching to be TOPPED by a big strong black man with his hard veiny cock?

Most black guys have regular sized dicks. Source: Me

That's perfectly fine. Now let me come over and ride that dick until you give me a prostate orgasm

Imagine if your mum knew what you posted on this website, she wouldn't be able to look you in the eyes. Very sad.

Not him, but my mom is desensitized by my outbursts. I often yell out the classic "niggers tongue my anus" and make a loud train whistle noise with my mouth. She just tells me to shut up, neighbors will hear me. I don't like these posts either, it's gross and disgusting but I can't help but blurt out terrible things and make noises and whistle all day.

Also forgot, there's this meme song of Tupac someone sent me years ago about gay niggers and there's a line "bar full of black dudes". Sometimes when I'm in public even I say the line outloud. Bar full of black dudes. I hate rap and I hate niggers. I hate racebait and trannies and want them hung on crosses but fucking hell, I have something wrong with me that forces me say things over and over again all day long.

>lesbians can satisfy each other


Yeah thats why they all own a 12 inch dildo.

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Is it Tourette's?

Get a grip on your life I guess

I don't know. I've been to therapists but they don't notice it and when I explain to them it only happens when I'm sort of stressed out or really happy, they just don't believe me. It gets really bad sometimes where I have to say it a over and over again for minutes until it feels "complete", like I have to get the inflection correct. I've done it since I was 14 so about 12 years now. At first I'd say "woll smoth" from that old meme back in the day and make a face like pic related saying woll smoth on repeat. I did this everywhere I went. Also rolled my head around and made pterodactyl noises all the time. I sort of go through phases where words/phrases become used for about a year until I move on. I also go into daydreams about absurd scenarios that make me laugh while my body involuntarily starts making weird gestures and I babble. I'm not kidding, what the fuck are these symptoms? They don't seem like Tourettes to me.
Also, I don't know man. Mine looks like that. I suppose you might feel better knowing the ancient Greeks would probably think you're the wisest man alive.

>random outbursts of expletives with intermittent whistling
why is this mental image so funny

don't you get it?
if lesbians can pleasure each other with a dildo, then a small dicked man can pleasure a woman with a dildo just as well.

Don't have girth? There's cock rings.
There's toys. There's oral. there's finger fucking
So why the fuck are a man's worth so heavily on his penis size?
It makes no sense.
even if you have a 1 inch penis you can buy a strap on, just like a lesbian, and pleasure your girl.

It's just a social thing I guess. Like, why can't bald people just wear wigs? Why can't ugly women wear make up? Society praises the idea of "natural".

It has nothing to do with being natural, people don't like being decieved.

unless youre a girl cause every girl wears makeup

You only feel like you were deceived because you value naturalness.

You see someone with nice hair and you think "Wow, that guy has nice, natural hair". Then you find out it was a wig, and you feel tricked.

If society had different values, you would see that same man and think "Wow, that guy has nice hair which could either be real or a wig". And when you find out it was a wig, it wouldn't matter to you because you never cared in the first place.

It only matters to men. it's a pissing contest. you can buy any size dick for under $20 online.

stop philosophizing. it hurt me head

Men don't care do you think men alone at war were comparing their dicks? No it only matters when women are involved cause they only fuck the best of the best and it creates competition

Yes I do think men alone at war were comparing their dicks. Is your dad the best of the best? My dad wasn't. I don't know very many chad fathers.

lmao, just imagine that
>look hans got a bigger cock that adolf does
>that's not fair dude what the fuck
gave me a hearty kek

I mean i have male friends and we never talk about dicks. Because your dick is for fucking and men there's no girls you don't think about it

That's weird, I don't talk about dicks with my friends either.
Well, someone's doing it. Probably Russia.

When it comes to sex looks and dick matter. Why do you think all the guys in porn are huge

I don't know, how come women only watch lesbian porn with no dicks in it? Why are men interested in porn cocks?

That's not true lots of girls watch normal porn

Dude we get it you have autism.

No they don't. There's nothing for women in normal porn. It's just mannequins railing each other robotically, which women can get from their husbands. Lesbian porn is 2 women getting off, something average women rarely experience. google it.