Look at yourself. Honestly, look at yourself

Look at yourself. Honestly, look at yourself.

Shit, who could ever love someone like you?

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Anyone, provided they get to know me.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest fucking lie on this website

my family, i guess. i've accepted that i'm going to be romantically alone for the rest of my life. it hurts sometimes, but i just deal with it. mostly by drinking.

More likely they think of you as a worry, if not an outright burden.

why u say this user
u dont even know me

I know you come to Jow Forums

That's enough

Certainly not me lmao

it wouldn't surprise me, desu.

No one but guess what I only need myself

everyone leaves in the end

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Who could love me? Absolutely fucking nobody

t. narcissist with a god complex.

My qt girlfriend, of course! :))))

Lots of people actually. I have a loving and supportive family.

You talking to yourself through this post OP?

I'm loved by a bunch of gay furfags in a gay furfag general. It counts for something right?

You forgot the opening ((((, rat

Not sure but to be fair i'd say the exact same thing about most guys who do have gfs

I wonder
>why would any girl date that person?
Yet they have gf's

the only one that actually matters , me lmao , also god need to give me my money like he did to others

Just think, as much as you look down on them, at least they have someone who loves them

>everyone on this board is ugly
Sorry to burst your bubble, but some of us have had sex and experienced love
Next time, dont be so naieve

you're not actually from here then, moron

I would love me. Tbh

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My niggers, they love me, just as I love them. And that, is a more precious love than anything a roast beef can ever feel

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But where you gonna be when your niggas snitch?