Why are men so obnoxious and loud?

Why are men so obnoxious and loud?

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And why are they so smelly and sweaty and hairy.

just today I had the misfortune of riding a bus with these two young white women who WOULD NOT SHUTUP. their conversation was just incessant rambling about nothing in particular for like 30 minutes. at least when men talk they have a point to make.


Men ramble about inane bullshit constantly. Vidya blah blah blah Star Wars blah blah I have no life outside of anime blah blah

I know girl user. It pisses me off.

I just want to live my life, walk home from doing groceries and I hear some fucking moid let out sound only comparable to deer being shot. Does T cause insanity?

Ironically, in real life most of the weebs I know are girls.

I'm quiet and keep to myself, I dont like other guys that are so loud. Not sure about other places but women are loud here too. My mom talking on the phone in the next room drowns out the TV at high volume in the living room

Nah its the suburban dude bro white guys that are loud as shit and obnoxious as fuck as if theyre putting some kind of show on. Like shut up, no one cares about you, just eat your food and go.

Why girls are so boring? You know Netflix, pizza, petting dogs are not personality traits right?

Girls really have no sense of humor or self apart from waiting to whore themselves out to chad, truly wonderful beasts

i've only ever noticed this with shitskins, women are way worse though

Because we tend to get pushed to the side and dropped if we aren't.

some people started singing oustide my window as I've read this post

>implying men don't like netflix pizza and dogs

Honestly the more that I browse Jow Forums the more I start to realize that men really are the inferior gender. I actually feel bad for the fembots here who are forced to share their world with us. The worst part is that there's nothing I can do to change things to be better for them.

fucking gay alien skull

I bet fembots don't have gay alien skulls

go eat a tofu hotdog anally

Why are normalniggers so obnoxius and loud? Fixed it for you.

Why are women so vapid and duplicitous?

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Saying you like netflix is like saying you like watching movies/tv shows, it says nothing about you besides making you look like a superficial cunt.

if you are a quiet guy you risk getting picked on. same with women, really. also stacy notices u easier this way desu

It comes from this meme about how we're so important and should always be the leaders of the pack or whatever, so we do primitive stuff like shouting, bragging, trying to look imposing and etc

On behalf of my gender, I would like to apologize for this primitive behavior, which does look pathetic in 2019 and only makes other people uncomfortable and frustrated with you.

You're a fat sad lonely male LARPing as a woman.
You are incredibly pathetic.

I wish my dad would just leave me alone or be quiet. I cut everyone else out of my life who acts like that.

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Most of us have hearing damage.